A/N. Hi. This is my very first SwanQueen story so please go easy on me. Also, English is not my first language so I apologise beforehand for any mistakes. Thanks. #SwanQueen.

Chapter 1: You're loud, but i'm so proud.

Emma ran to the school's library where she knew her best friend would be. She had just found out that she made the girl's hockey team and immediately took off. Emma burst into the library, earning herself a glare from Miss Lucas the librarian.

She saw her friend sitting at a desk elegantly with a lot of books open in front of her. Emma rolled her eyes, but zn affectionate smile graced her lips.

''Regina!'' She yelled, getting a few looks from other students, but Emma couldn't care less. She had to share the news with Regina.

Regina looked up when she heard her name and saw how dishevelled her friend looked. Emma's ponytail was hanging off the side of her head with a few blonde strands hanging in her face. She also had a huge smile on her face.

''She looks beautiful'' Regina thought as her eyes softened at the sight.

Emma sat down across from her and Regina raised an eyebrow when Emma threw her bag on the floor letting it land with a loud thud.

''Emma Swan why are you disrupting the library?'' Regina asked making Emma cringe at the tone of her voice.

When Emma saw the glint in Regina's eyes she knew her friend wasn't really angry.

Her grin got bigger, ''Guess what?!" She said loudly.

''Shhhhh'' Regina said as she looked around. ''You know I don't like your silly guessing games, Emma. So just tell me.''

''Ugh you're no fun sometimes,'' Emma said with a dramatic eyeroll.

''And you're so loud,'' Regina quipped back as she gave an apologetic smile to Miss Lucas.

Oblivious to her surroundings, Emma announced. ''I made the hocket team!'' she said and jumped up and begin doing a victory dance which included the robot.

Regina started to giggle and grabbed all their stuff and dragged her friend out the library. ''Emma you're gonna get be banned from the library... again!'' she hissed.

Emma just grinned and repeated, ''I made the team''

Regina laughed and pulled her in for a hug, ''Of course you did! I told you you would.'' She stepped back with her hands still on Emma's shoulders. She looked at her friend proudly and said. ''Congratulations, Emma.''

''Thanks, Gina. Now you don't have to worry about me bothering you about how i'm not good enough to get picked. Turns out i'm awesome.'' She added smugly.

''Looks like your head is getting bigger, dear. Better watch out before you block the entire hocker field with it.''

Emma rolled her eyes and took Regina's hand, ''Come on, Fancy Pants. Let's get out of here.''

''Where are we going?'' Regina asked.

''I don't know, but we have to celebrate. Thanks for waiting for me by, by the way.'' she said sincerely.

''Like I had any other choice. You are my ride home, Smarty Pants.'' Regina replied teasingly.

Emma took Regina's bag and handbooks and threw it in the back seat of her car and went around to open the door for Regina.

Regina wanted to snap at Emma for throwing her stuff so carelessly, but decided to thank her for opening the door for her instead.

''Soooo what are we listening to today?'' Emma asked as she got into her yellow beetle. ''Beyonce? Imagine Dragons or Taylor Swift?''

''hmmmm tough choices. I think i'll go with Imagine Dragons today.''

Emma laughed as she put the cd in, ''What a surprise!''

They both laughed as they drove off in search of someplace to celebrate Emma's news.