"Misty?" Cordelia yells in a dark unforgiving hallway, the only sound to respond being echoes of herself crying out.

"Misty, please come back to me!" She yells even louder.

This is the second night she has found herself trapped in a land that knows no mercy, each time she slept she dreamt of forsaken places where she was once again alone and in search of the Woman she loved, yet had never told.
Cordelia awoke in her own bed, to the smell of sweat and agony of the dream she had just endured. She sat up and held herself to quietly cry out. Cordelia had to bear in mind that the girls were next door and if she were too loud with her emotions they would surely come to assault her with questions, and given her current state, she didnt want to deal with such things.
And so, Cordelia spent another night crying to herself with little sleep. Eventually, she knew that the situation would take a toll on her well being and she wouldn't be able to hide her distress anymore, but for now, she just put on a smile and hoped the girls wouldn't notice, though she knew that they had to have sometimes seen how certain things affected her, like when one of the new witches asked about Misty Day last week.

By Morning, Cordelia was able to dry her eyes and clean herself up enough to get by through the day with any questioning. She knew that the Day didn't hold much for her, just small lessons with the new young witches, but she usually let Zoe handle that, since Cordelia, being the Supreme, liked to pretend she had alot more on her plate. In Reality, Delia would just return to her room and occasionally let Stevie Nicks play to honour Misty, after all, this would be what Misty would be doing if she were here.

If she were here

The Fleetwood Mac song, "Dreams" play softly in the background.

Why couldn't she be here? Cordelia didn't understand why if she were oh so powerful, she couldn't just bring Misty back. When Cordelia had briefly spoken to Myrtle before she had been burned at the stake for the last time, She was told that it was a waste of time to dwell in the past, but Myrtle never did say if it were possible to bring someone back from Hell.
Late that night, Cordelia let the thought of bringing back Misty run through her mind, just the idea sent her heart racing. If I could bring Misty back, I could tell her how I felt, and...

Cordelia stopped herself, she knew that it was most likely not something even the Supreme could be capable of, but for some reason, the thought lingered, and she didn't think she could bear it, if there were a way to bring Misty Day back from Hell, she would much rather try than let herself wonder if she ever could have. Cordelia decided to take to the books, She went downstairs to the living room and she spent awhile skimming the titles on the shelf, in search of anything that could be in relation to conjuration.
Hours past by, and Cordelia grew frustrated, she had checked several books, and looked through shelf several times over, but to no avail. It was late, and Cordelia was getting tired

She had stood to go walk back to her room when she noticed an old red book on a nearby nightstand. What is this. Why didn't the girls put this back...she thought to herself.

She grabbed the book and gently closed it. As she turned back to the shelf to find where the book belong, she glanced at the title.

"A Guide to Conjuration"

Cordelia felt her face flush. Could this be it? Could this be the book that brought her one step closer to her Misty.

She took the book back into her room and shut the door. Cordelia sat on the bed and opened the book to the table of contents. Conjuration: A Brief History No, that wasn't it. Conjuration: Summoning lesser spirits. Cordelia wasn't interested in bringing back someone's lost pet. "Conjuration: Summoning Greater Spirits" Was this it? "Shit!" She felt the excitement rush through her. She quickly turned to the listed page and began reading.

The next day, Cordelia woke up with her face in the old red book.

"Ugh" She scowled, brushing the dust off of her face.

A sudden rush of excitement went through her again when she remembered what she had read last night. According to the book, if she had a cherished item of the lost and recited a certain set of words, she could conjure Misty's soul, but that was only part of the idea. She needed a body for Misty to come back to, but Unfortunately Cordelia didn't read anything in the book about conjuring a body that had turned to ash in her hands.

There was, however, a small amount of salvaged ashes that Cordelia collected and placed in her room. She hadn't left it in the Living Room in fear of someone asking why it was there, and she just didn't really trust anyone with her beloved remnants of Misty. Cordelia knew that just ashes weren't enough to summon a soul into, and she only knew of one spell that could even recreate a human body, which she would need more than just tjhat to do.

Suddenly, Cordelia thought of the Swamp, and the Mud that Misty swore by. Cordelia knew it was wishfull thinking that the mud could help her in any way, since Myrtle said that the Mud was only a metaphor for Misty's power, Yet something about the idea sang to Cordelia.