The next Morning, Cordelia drove to Misty's swamp. With nothing on her person besides her keys and a few Jars, she wandered into the old Shack Misty used to call home. The sight of all of her belonging's brought tears to Cordelia's eyes.

"Misty..." She said "I'm sorry.."

Cordelia decided it was in her best interest to stick to the plan, and so she left Misty's shack and walked around the swamp in search of some good ol' Lousiana Swamp Mud.

When Cordelia got home, Zoe greeted her.

"Where have you been, Cordelia?" Zoe said.

"I can't talk now, Zoe, just please, let me be..." and with that, Cordelia ran up to her room. She grabbed Misty's urn and the Jar of mud. Her plan was to use the Mud and Ashes in a combination, since Cordelia didn't have much else, to recreate a body of sorts, and use her powers to perform the conjuration necassary to summon her Love, Misty Day.

She cleared a space on the floor, set down an old tarp so as not to ruin her floors with the muddy mess she was sure to make. First, she opened up the first jar of swamp mud and plopped it onto the tarp. She then used her hands to shape the mud into the beginnings of a body shape, and then she opened the next jar, and the next, and so on, until she had created something that resembled a body. Cordelia then grabbed Misty's ashes and opened the Urn.

"This better work," she said, and wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve. She hadn't noticed that she had started crying.

Cordelia spread the contents of the ashes onto her man made mud being, and once there were no more ashes in the Urn, she turned to the spell book she had recovered the other night.

She opened it to the correct page, held Misty's gifted shawl, and recited the words written.

"Quod caeleste est, duc me spiritus eius"

Cordelia sighed, and read the next line,

"Conjuro, mortuus in anima sua"

And with that line spoken, the whole house shook. What was once a pile of mud turned suddenly into a pale girl, who sat up gasping for air and screaming,

"You can't make me kill a living thing!" She cried.

"Misty!" Cordelia cried.

"I won't do it! You can't make me!" Misty yelled with tears pouring from her eyes.

"Misty! Listen to me!" Cordelia yelled back.

"No! You can't make me!" Misty cried and collapsed into Cordelia's arms.

"Misty...I'm here. I'm here with you, you are safe." Cordelia softly spoke. "You are safe, I am here now."

"Miss Cordelia..." Misty whispered, crying.

"I'm here, Misty."

"Oh God, it was terrible..." She whimpered.

"I know, I know, but you're safe now, Misty." Cordelia told her.

Misty held tightly onto Cordelia, and Cordelia didn't mind how long she sat there in her arms, because all that mattered was that Misty was with her, her Misty was back. Cordelia could sit with Misty for as long as she needed.

Just then, Zoe barged into the door.

"Cordelia! What the Hell was that, did you feel the whole house shake?" Zoe said, "Did you do this?"

As Zoe spoke she looked to the woman Cordelia was cradling in her arms.

"What the fu-" Zoe spoke, "Misty?"

Misty didn't look up, she was too busy sobbing in her Cordelia's arms, but Cordelia looked up and met the eyes of Zoe. Cordelia simply nodded her head, indicating that she would explain later what she had done.

"Leave us." Cordelia said.

"Yes M'aam" Zoe said with a puzzled look, and walked back out the door, carefully closing it behind her.

"Oh Misty...I've missed you so much." Cordelia said, and kissed the top of Misty's head. Misty softened her sobbing when she spoke.

"I'm so happy you found me...I don't know what I would've done.." Mist said, and looked up to Cordelia.

"It's okay, Misty, I know, I know how much this must be confusing to you, but trust me, I would never let you stay in such a place..." Cordelia said, and brushed Misty's hair out of her face.

"Miss Cordelia?" Misty said.

"Yes Misty?"

"Whys' that?" Misty asked.

"What do you mean?"

"What made you decide to save me?" She asked.

"I...I don't know, you didn't deserve to go out that way, Misty..." Cordelia knew the real reason. She loved her, Cordelia was head over heels in love with the swamp witch. But she wouldn't admit it to herself, let alone Misty-

"I love you, Miss Delia..." Misty whispered and wrapped her arms around Cordelia.

Cordelia heard this and wondered what Misty meant by it.

"I..I love you too, Misty" She said and returned the warm embrace.