"Miss Cordelia? Are ya still awake?" Misty asked as she knocked on the bedroom door.

"Hmm? Whose there?" Cordelia answered back.

"It's me, Misty." She responded.

"Oh, come in then." Cordelia said.

Misty carefully opened the door, she didn't want to wake up the girls and have them make fun of her for sneaking into the headmistresses room late at night. When Misty's eyes adjusted to the darkness of Cordelia's bedroom, she saw that Cordelia sat up lazily scanning the room for Misty.

"It's mighty dark in here, Delia" Misty said.

"Well, it is after midnight," Cordelia chuckled.

Misty carefully closed the door behind her and walked over to Cordelia's bed, and quietly sat on the edge of it.

"So what did you need, Misty?" Cordelia asked.

"Oh, nothin' I just couldn't sleep is all," Misty said.

"Oh," Cordelia said.

Misty regretted bothering Cordelia, she could tell by her voice that Cordelia had been asleep when she came knocking.

"Well, I'm sorry then, Cordelia, Maybe I outta just go back downstairs then." Misty said, and stood up to begin walking out of the door.

"Wait, Misty why don't you just come and lay down with me?" Cordelia asked.

"If ya want," Misty sheepishly replied.

Misty knew that this is exactly want she had wanted Cordelia to say when she came in to her room, but she wanted Cordelia to admit that she agreed with it.

"I'd like you to, Misty." Cordelia said softly.

Misty wasted no time sitting back down on the bed and crawling up to meet Cordelia's body.

"Thank you so much, Cordelia, I don't know why I can't just make myself go to sleep on my own," Misty eagerly said.

Cordelia smiled. Misty laid her head down on the pillow next to Cordelia.

"It's alright, Misty, it might take awhile before you figure everything out," She said and grabbed Misty's hand.

Misty snuggled up close to Cordelia, and pulled her into a spooning position. This change of closeness surprised Cordelia, but she didn't mind it, in fact, she sort of enjoyed the contact. Misty nuzzled her head into the space above Cordelia's shoulder and let out a deep sigh.

"This is more like it." Misty said.

Cordelia smiled shyly at the sweetness of The younger witches words. The room fell silent after Misty said what she said, and Cordelia assumed Misty fell asleep. Cordelia, though, wasn't able to fall asleep as easily. Her mind wandered back to the kiss they shared yesterday. The same swamp witch she had locked lips with last night was now laying in her bed, with her arms around Cordelia. Cordelia realized this and was slightly confused by the complexity of the situation.

"Misty, are you still awake?" Cordelia whispered, and listened to the rise and fall of the other girls body as she breathed.

"Misty?" Cordelia said again.

"I'm awake, Delia." Misty reassured.

Misty was so content with resting against Cordelia that she just hadn't bothered to say anything the first time.

"I was just thinking..." Cordelia said.

"bout what?" Misty asked, still wrapped around Cordelia.

"about that kiss," Cordelia said, and felt her face become red.

Misty giggled at Cordelia's speech, and wiggled her nose against Cordelia's neck.

"What of it, Miss Cordelia?" Misty said.

"I liked it" Cordelia responded.

"So did I," Misty giggled and planted a single kiss on Cordelia's shoulder.

"I liked it alot," Cordelia whispered.

And with that, Misty began peppering Cordelia's neck with soft kisses that set her body a light. Misty peered over Cordelia and met her gaze.

"Ya want some more of that, then?" Misty asked and rolled Cordelia onto her back to kiss her hard on the mouth.

Misty climbed onto Cordelia's frame and straddled her. Cordelia let out a slight moan.

"Oh yeah, ya like that, don't ya, Delia?" Misty said, and kissed up and down Cordelia's neck and collarbones.

Misty's hands fumbled around Cordelia's torso, trying to find the way to remove the fabric that separated the two lovers.

"Let me help you, " Cordelia whimpered and sat up to pull her nightgown over her hair.

"Mm, I sure do like what I see, Cordelia" Misty said, and bit her lower lip.

Cordelia was bare under the nightgown except for the sheer silk underwear that she had on, that had slowly become soaked. Mistys hands wandered down to Cordelia's bottoms. She slipped one hand over the material, to feel her lovers pleasure.

"Oh Cordelia, you sure are nice and wet for me," Misty said.

Cordelia wasn't sure that she understood this sexual side of Misty, but she surely didn't mind it. Misty moved her hands back up to Cordelia's upper body, and cupped one of Cordelia's supple breasts. Misty kissed her lover passionately as she explored the rest of her body with her other hand. Misty let the kiss make its way down Cordelia's body, softly kissing her collarbone down to her ribcage, until she reached Cordelia's navel. Misty moved herself down so that she had a better view of Cordelia's wetness. Misty used both of her hands to pull the silk panties off of Cordelia. Misty hesitated as she looked up to her lover and saw her anticipation.

"Oh please, Misty, I need you," Cordelia said.

"Damn right, ya do" Misty groaned back and went down on Cordelia.

Misty's tongue explored the creases and folds of Cordelia's core. Cordelia let out a much needed moan that let the swamp witch know that she was doing everything right. Cordelia's hands traveled down to reach Misty and she tangled her hands into Misty's wild curls. Misty slipped her tongue into her lover, eliciting a sharp moan from Cordelia, who then moved her hands up to her own chest and cupped her breasts.

"Oh, Misty" Cordelia yelled. Misty moaned back to Cordelia, and continued to explore Cordelia's wet center. Cordelia arched her back as Misty took her to an earth-shattering climax.

"Damn," Misty said as she watched her lover return from ecstasy. "That was good, then, huh?"

Cordelia sighed and let her hands fall beside herself. Misty climbed back up to meet Cordelia in a loving kiss.

"There's always more where that came from, Miss Cordelia," Misty said, and settled back into her big spoon position and wrapped her arms again around her lover.

"Goodnight, Cordelia," Misty said.

"Goodnight, My Love," Cordelia replied.

And with that, The two girls fell asleep in eachother's arms, both exhausted from there love making.