First off I want to thank every one who as read, left reviews, followed or favored. They are really appreciated. I know I said in the notes on the chapter that I'd get back to this story in a couple weeks, but now I doubt that is going to happen. I still didn't want to leave you hanging without an explanation. I just got one too many comments re: Michael & the Natalie CIA situation. I honestly thought the reaction would be more evenly mixed about that. When it gets specific it's feel like it's mostly Fiona is always right and Michael is always wrong. He's "making bad decisions" and spoiling Natalie. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and I shouldn't let these comments bother me, but they do. I feel like my favorite is being attacked for something I thought would show him being a good father taking caring of his daughter's needs, understanding her even when others can't, and be would good conflict for him and Fiona. I understand that she would have some good reason for being upset that Natalie is a spy. But that is who Natalie is. She'd be miserable otherwise. Maybe I am heavy handedly on Michael's side in the story, but as I have said many times Michael is my favorite. I'm protective and would try to defend him within the story when I read those types of comments. These have sapped all of my enthusiasm for this story and I don't see it returning anytime soon. If you didn't like that Natalie is in the CIA or that Fiona could be wrong for once then I doubt you would've enjoyed what I had planned to do anyway.

Sorry, but I'm just done. I hope you all understand.