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Chapter 5...

Together, Booth and Bones hit their favorite restaurant. Conversation is easy and light, fun and cheerful. Bones had ordered a salad, and for Booth it's his usual burger. Since they got their food, Booth noticed Brennan merely poked at her food, moving it around with her fork instead of eating. Not normal for her.

He stared at Brennan, watching as she continued to poke around in her salad. "Bones, what's going on?" Booth raised an eyebrow when Bones only looked at him wearily.

"Nothing," Brennan said, trying not to sound guilty. "What should be happening?" She looked down and just pushed the salad from one side of the plate to the other side. She'd lost her appetite, honestly.

Booth watched, concerned. Bones not eating—now that bothered him. He almost took the fork out of her hands, to force to quit the pathetic display and look at him. He didn't, though, he just sat patiently and let Bones do her thing until she was ready to talk.

When she remained quiet, alternately pushing and then stabbing the wilting lettuce with her fork, he sighed. "You're... different than usual," Booth pointed out. He paused, thinking."Did something happen?"

Brennan put the fork down. Her thoughts wandered briefly. 'Should I really tell him that I slept with his ex-girlfriend? No, I think I leave it,' she thought. Instead, she forced on a pleasant smile and replied, "Last night was all a bit to much for me, I think. It was really nice but I have no recollection of what happened after about two in the morning," she admitted; a half-truth seemed safe enough.

"So, you can't remember last night? Does that mean you had a male visitor?" he asked, a little amused and trying not to poke fun.

"No, I went home alone... And I got up alone!" she insisted. This was a big lie! But what she should tell him now? She and Cam had still not talked about things - how would run between. What could she should say to Booth?

Booth just nodded, willing to drop it. "Today we could do it directly after work, so I can take you home!"

"No, we go to the Jeffersonian Institute I still have a bit more work—I was on vacation. And I need to talk to Cam!"

"About what?" He raised an eyebrow.

"What does it matter?" she snapped, her tone a bit harsh. She knew she shouldn't take it out on him, but it was an unusual situation for her. Brennan didn't want him asking any more questions, poking his nose in. But she didn't know how to deal with the new situation. Or, rather, how things should be between her and Cam now. How could she possibly tell Booth what she didn't yet know.

When she looked at Booth again, she noticed he'd put the money on the table and was standing up. She stood as well and together they left the diner.

After he dropped her off at the Jeffersonian Institute, she went directly to Cam. With a look, they decided to go to the relative privacy of Brennan's office—the Institute's walls had ears. Both wanted to discuss how it should work between them. They sat down on the couch and Brennan feared an awkward conversation.

Cam didn't know quite how they should start and crossed her legs, slightly nervous. "I... I guess... We need to talk," she stammered. "I just wanted you to know, not that I didn't find it beautiful, but this was the first time I've slept with a woman!" she blurted out.

Temperance thought it was good but that it was now opened themselves to it and read it first briefly swallow. "Me neither," she admitted. "I've never— with a woman. Until yesterday!" she added quickly. She paused, thinking. "And, I must say, that I didn't think it was that bad."

She didn't regret for a second the time she had spent with Cam. Clearly it was unusual but it did not scare her. She wanted Cam, but she didn't know if she loved her not not... She just didn't know, it was too early for both of them to know. But if it continued? She really could imagine entering into a relationship with her...

Still she was not the woman for feelings.

Cam looked at Brennan. "I mean, we could take the chance? After what happened... we could just let it run it's course, maybe. See what happens? I want you to know that I do not regret last night, though, whatever happens. I'm sure we will wait a bit, first off, and talk more... if we're aware of our feelings for each other. Make sure."

"I agree," Brennan said, smiling a little at how closely their thoughts ran. "But still, I'd like to kiss you now," she said, and leaned over to Camille. She laughed heartily and kissed the young woman tenderly when Cam didn't back away or refuse.

The kiss became more passionate and quickly developed into a snog. The two realized the tingle that was caused when her lips met and wished they could rush into Tempe's bedroom again.

To be continued?