This is the story of how I died.

Not literally of course but it sure feels like it.

Let's just start from the beginning, shall we? From the moment I first laid eyes upon him I was entranced. Eugene Fitzherbert. Even unconscious he looked handsome. After thwacking him with my trusty frying pan not once but twice and stuffing him in my closet we soon made formal acquaintance. Flynn Rider is how he introduced himself, with a cheesy smirk and his trademark eyebrow raise that he called 'the smoulder.' From that moment I knew he'd change my life but at that point I was hoping for the better.

Mother, if I can even call her that, forbade me from leaving the tower in which I had spent my whole eighteen year lifespan but she wasn't around right now so I sought my opportunity with this stranger.

At first I thought Eugene just wanted my hair, like the rest of them out there did but I was sorely mistaken. If he had have been one of those people then maybe my life wouldn't have turned out quite as despairingly as it had. There's no use dwelling on that now though, is there?

No. It is entirely my fault. "Mother" always said I was useless, ditsy and vague amongst other things and she was right. Who would want a girl like me? I should've listened to her. I should have never left the tower.

On my adventure with Eugene I learned a great many things. I learned of my true origins, that I was a princess, I learned independence and the value of friendship and most importantly, I learned how to love another human being. I learned how to place my trust, my heart and my soul in this human being's hands only to have my heart broken and my soul crushed...'like a grape', as he would say.

Yes, that's right. Eugene betrayed me. Mother was right. He only wanted the crown like she only wanted my hair's magical properties. But now he's dead. As is Mother.

He got executed for his crimes and after Mother attempted to bound and gag me, I reached my breaking point. I pushed her into the mirror, glass shattering, the rope and her dagger skittering across the tiles. With one fluid motion I sliced off my hair, the remaining strands darkening, just like my mood, and lunged at Mother, causing her to stumble backwards and fall out of the tower window. A mighty shriek rung in the air and then all was silent. Unbeknownst to me at that time, she had Pascal trapped in her cloak pocket and I doubt he'd survived the fall.

Now I was completely alone. Then I noticed a glitter. It was the dagger.

As I lifted the dagger to my throat, I had but one thought – he was my new dream and I wish that I would've been his.