The Perfect Storm

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Chapter Six

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Previously –

~Near the borders of Hi no Kuni~

Stopping to rest, the two teens stared out at the road in front of them. A few more steps were all that was between them leaving one country, and entering another.

"How are you holding up?" asked Naruto, concerned for his sister.

Karin mentally rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. "Fine. Let's keep moving-"


A voice halted Karin in middle of her sentence.


"Why not? My master could have use for you..."

"Because if your master has wishes to use me then he should have come himself." As both Uzumaki continued to listen in on the conversation, they could both tell the second voice was getting annoyed.

Moving in for a closer view, the two noticed the two males out in the brush; hiding from sight. One of the men was clearly older than them, the other probably a year or two older than themselves.

Naruto eyed the bespectacled man with narrowed eyes. The man was in a simple word, forgettable. He was bland, had glasses, and had an unsuspecting face, but it was those two features that truly made him dangerous. He was the type of person one had to be on the lookout for.

Now, the teen on the other hand stood out, but aloof expression on his face said he didn't care. The two red dots on his forehead gave away his heritage; it was a Kaguya. All the signs pointed to that clan, the straight white hair, his emerald-green eyes, and his snow-white skin. Definitely a Kaguya.

From what the duo was watching, the man in glasses was trying to coerce the Kaguya into going with him to see his master. He wasn't going to let that happen.

Naruto put his fingers to his mouth and whistled, grabbing the man' attention.

The man turned around and looked directly into his eyes and fell to the ground in a heap. The blonde knew the man had to be well trained and took to walking through his mind quickly.

He had been telling the man no for the past few minutes and had been extremely close to killing him, even if he didn't like. He stopped this line of thought when he heard the noise. Instinct told him to avoid it, even if he wanted to turn his head in that direction. The man who was one pestering him fell to the ground unconscious.

Two individuals suddenly dropped across from him. His body tensed, ready to defend himself if need be. From what he could tell, the two were younger than him.

'Who are they? Do they wish to use me as well?' He was about to ask as much when the blonde haired one began to laugh hysterically.

"Hahahahaha! I don't believe it...that crazy bastard."

The blonde continued to laugh as he continued to watch, even hearing him mutter a few names like Kabuto or Orochimaru. He didn't care who they were nor was it any of his business.

"I can't believe he has this planned." he heard the blonde teen mutter. "And it's going to happen in a few years..."

Once more, it was none of his business. He did however note that the female kept sneaking glances at him for some reason.

"I need to take advantage of this opportunity, but I need resources first..." muttered the blonde. Their eyes met.

His body twitched as the blonde walked right up to him, and stuck his hand out.

'Is he offering a greeting?'

"Naruto Kaguya."

His own eyes widened by a small margin and though he showed no happiness outwardly, he was very happy on the inside. It appeared he still had family left.

He took hold of the outstretched hand and offered his own greeting.

"Kimimaro Kaguya."

Now –

~Three Years Later~

A group of four people was slowly making their way southward from Uzu no Kuni, away from Hi no Kuni and towards Nami no Kuni. The foursome consisted of two males and two females. All of them strong in their own right.

At the front of the group was Kimimaro Kaguya. A young adult of nineteen, he originally hailed from the village of Kirigakure but fled due to the extermination of his clan when they rebelled. He was the third strongest and second oldest amongst the group.

In the middle was Uzumaki Karin. In the three years she had been traveling, she had grown by tremendous strides under the right tutelage. She had not only furthered her sensory skills to the point it was subconscious, but her unique ninjutsu had as well. Her chakra chains had served her well in her three years. Amongst the group, she was the fourth strongest fighter along with being the youngest.

Bringing up the rear were the last two people of the group.

Uzumaki Naruto. Out of all the names he could have chosen from due to his heritage, he felt it most prudent to remain as so considering where the group currently resided. It hadn't been an easy choice but in the end he felt it best. And who knew, perhaps somewhere down the line in another life he would choose differently.

In the three years since he and Karin had faked their deaths and left Konoha, they had both done much. Meeting with a part of his distant family was only the beginning. After meeting Kimimaro, the trio had went to the ruins of Uzu and had begun it's restoration. Money wasn't much of an issue in the beginning, but eventually expenses began to pile up. As a result, the three did as many missions as humanly possible, but soon realized they would tire and possibly get themselves killed because of a lack of energy or sleep. So, they resorted to something else.

Well – Naruto did – not the other two, they didn't even know. Often, when they had been on missions, he would have his clones steal, but always from those who could afford it. He didn't like doing it, but he needed to speed up the process of rebuilding the village. Once the village had been up and running, the small country had begun to thrive as well.

Through his peripheral vision, he eyed the woman to his right. When they had first met, he thought her to be dead, but it just went to show him never to assume things about someone so skilled. It was hard to believe she had only been about one-hundred yards from where they had been residing when they had been rebuilding.

Her name is Pakura.

The rumors circulating around her – from what he had heard – was that she had been betrayed by Kirigakure, but what he learned from her was far different. Indeed she had been betrayed, but by her own village. She did not fully know the reason for this, but theorized that her successful mission against Iwa and her status as a hero of the village must have threatened the Kazekage enough that he felt she was becoming too influential. So he had gotten rid of one of his own, which he felt was stupid of the man, but his stupidity was his gain.

She had told him that it was a valid reason since most Kage fear someone usurping their power, but it was one question she had no intention of ever asking. She was through with that village. Plus, what could one person do against an entire village. When she had told him this, he knew he could gain a powerful ally, so he offered her – at the time – to join his own budding village and possibly gaining the chance to one day ask the man.

It had taken a bit more convincing that that to which he told her of his five year plan for the village and country. Once she had heard this, she had joined soon after. Right now, she was acting as their sensei for their current and future missions.

However, even with such an ally by his side and his village growing day by day, he needed the alliance of other villages. Stronger villages. The minor ones would prove useful, but until he established a treaty with one or two of the major ones then those smaller ones would have to wait. Besides, what village – no matter how small – would sign a treaty with an upcoming village that had nothing to it's name.

Iwa, Konoha, and now Suna were out of the question. That left two, Kumogakure and Kirigakure.

At the time – all those years ago – Pakura had informed him of the civil war within Kiri and how those with bloodlines were being hunted down mercilessly. To him it was barbaric, but it also provided him with a way in.

'You gained much from that war.'

'Oh, how are you doing, Kurama?'

Naruto and the Bijū within him had gotten along much better in the past years. The turning point had been when the blonde had figured out that the kitsune was only at half strength. He had informed the fox he would return him to full power. The fox itself hadn't said anything since it didn't want to appear weak, but since then the two were on much better terms.

The blonde was still thinking up a way to release the behemoth without killing himself. Nothing had come to mind. Although, his chances of surviving had increased do to an incident that happened two years ago.

However, the mighty kitsune was indeed correct, he had indeed gained the most from that war. Not only had he gained the trust of the residents of Kiri, but also it's new Mizukage – Terumī Mei. That paled in comparison though when he had taken hold of their jinchūriki, Yagura. Of course, he hadn't informed Mei of this as he had told her and the rest of the village he had killed the man in combat.

Right now, the man was currently acting as Uzukage for his village, until he himself took over. How had he been able to take control of the man you ask, well, that was in part thanks to Kurama.

When he had informed the fox about restoring him to full power, the Bijū had admitted to him that he had tampered with something within him. It had been years before he had left the village. His Mangekyō had manifested much earlier when he had found out about his friend Itachi, but the fox stated he had held the emotions back to deter the eye from forming. However, when his mother died, all bets were off.

In a way, Kurama was partially responsible for his mother' death. If his eyes had manifested back then, perhaps his mother would still be alive till this day. But that was the past and it couldn't be changed, not unless a person had the means. He had appreciated the information from the Bijū, but perhaps the most informative piece he had shared was the fact that something had been planted inside of his body long ago; another pair of Mangekyō eyes. When he had asked Kurama the who's and how's, all he got was two answers. Ask his friend – Itachi – and the eyes were those of the other Uchiha.

When he had thought of who, the answer came to him immediately – Shisui. They were his uncle' eyes and now they were apart of his own. From the knowledge provided by the fox – who had allowed the melding of the eyes – he knew exactly what they were.

Eien Mangekyō Sharingan.

His original eyes had changed to accommodate the new ones. No longer did his resemble a flower blooming. Now they resembled something different. His iris had been a six pointed star but now they resembled a triangle with three finely pointed ends while the flower surrounding it had morphed. Before there were six petals surrounding the six pointed star, all six had melded and become a total of three different shapes. If those three shapes were put together they would form a regular iris, so in a way it was almost like he had another.

With those new eyes came the new technique he had gained from his uncle, with it he was able to fully put Yagura under his control. And for the next few years as well. He had felt somewhat bad for what he did to the man, but figured being controlled by him and not the other psychopath who made him kill his own villagers was the lesser of two evils.


"How are you feeling, Naruto?" asked Karin, voice full of worry. It had been a few days since Naruto had collapsed covering his eyes.

"I'm doing fine." grunted the blonde. The melding process was something he didn't want to experience again. If he had the choice, he would have rather someone numbed him and then removed his eyes and switched them.

"I'm going to remove the blindfold."

Naruto nodded. He waited with trepidation, wondering how his eyesight would now be.

"Can you open your eyes."

The blonde slowly started to blink his eyes, adjusting them to the light.

"It's incredibly clear..." he commented, slowly looking around.

Before Karin could run any tests to see just how well he had adjusted, the flap of their tent opened and in came Mei.

"Oh, I see you're feeling better." Mei hadn't shown it, but she was indeed concerned for the young man in front of her. One, he was handsome and would only get more so, and two he was their best infiltrator and scout. Which is what she needed him for right now.

"Yeah, I just got up."

"...I see." paused Mei. "You good enough to do a mission?"

Karin was just about to give the woman a piece of her mind but was silenced. "What's the mission?"

"Infiltrate Kiri and locate Yagura' exact position. Once you do, then we flank him, driving out his army and then he's alone we bombard him from the sky."

Naruto kept quiet as he processed their plan of action. He didn't care how they planned to attack from the sky nor did he think this plan would work. He looked at Mei' lone visible eye and could see that she was dead set on this plan.

"If I do locate him and the chance for me arises, do you want me to assassinate him? Or would you just rather I return with the information?" Pakura had told him to follow orders from the leader but not always to the letter. Doing so would most likely end in death, so it was best to ask questions since a mission never goes as planned. They always have to have contingencies.

Mei thought for a moment. "If the chances arises, then take it. Doing so will stop any further bloodshed."

"Understood." said Naruto, nodding. "When do I leave?"

"Tonight." Mei said, leaving the tent.

Naruto had ditched his usual clothes and went instead with all black garments with a dark gray flak jacket. He currently had his mask on.

Adding chakra to his eyes, his Sharingan activated. Pushing even more, his newest eyes were glowing for the world to see. His vision had enhanced beyond belief.

'It's time to get to work.'

Muttering, his body began to turn intangible as he sunk through solid materials and made his way over to the location provided by Mei and her group. He could only keep the intangibility up for a while before he could use it again, even if the time frame got longer because of his new eyes.

Traveling unnoticed, he made it to his location and spotted his target. It would have been easy to kill the short man, but something else popped into his head.

'...I can use this man. It would be a waste to kill him because someone else is controlling him.'

It was then that Naruto made his decision. Taking a silent breath, he positioned himself around to the point that all he needed was eye contact and it was over.

His intangibility dropped. Immediately Yagura reacted to his presence.

"Who are you!?"

Naruto saw the jinchūriki drawing on his Bijū's chakra, looking him in the eyes, and he muttered one word.

"Kotoamatsukami(Distinguished Heavenly Gods)"

The blonde knew his uncle Shisui was very talented at illusions, but not that he had such a technique hidden away. A technique such as this would be highly coveted by many should they ever find out about it's existence. Even he wouldn't have known about it if not for the melding.

Looking at Yagura' prone form and glazed over look in his eyes, he entered the man' mind and began to rearrange things for his benefit. It was a deplorable thing to do, but the short Kage would be better off with him under his control than the other psychopath who had been doing it.

He later returned to the rebel camp and had informed Mei he had taken the opportunity and had killed Yagura. She hadn't asked many questions of his body or head nor would he bring it up. For now he let the camp celebrate their liberation from the mad tyrant.

~Flashback End~

'I am doing fine, Naruto.' responded Kurama. He remembered the day Naruto had used his eyes after that lustful rebel leader sent him on an infiltration mission.

'That's good to hear.'

'Where are we headed now?' asked Kurama. The giant kitsune was still surprised at how well he could get along with a human, let alone an Uchiha. But he guessed stranger things have happened. 'Is it going to help getting me at full power or my freedom?'

'No, not yet I'm afraid, friend. We're currently going to a small island country at the behest of a client to help her.'

'I see...' Kurama wanted his power and freedom once more and could almost taste it. But he figured that a few more weeks or months – whatever it would be – wouldn't be that bad if he got what he wanted in the end.

Yes, unfortunately his friend would have to wait. He needed more allies first. Wave was only the first country while Kiri was the first village. Kumo was his next big target, especially after his meeting with a particular group of Kumo-nin during the civil war.


Naruto sighed. He and Kimimaro had just returned from a reconnaissance mission that had turned ugly. As the duo had been leaving the area to return back to base, they had run into a four man cell. The shock of running into another group quickly dissipated for the two teens and they immediately put down the enemies.

This had been the most action either of the two remaining Kaguya had seen in months since they had come to Kiri. The missions at first had been few, which was mostly do to mistrust. The rebel leader had said it best.

"Why am I going to sent out two men – albeit handsome – who's clan is partly responsible for this entire mess?"

She had of course been referring to the Kaguya clan since it was their own rebellion that had planted the initial seeds of mistrust within Kiri and it's people. However, that being said, the more successful their recon missions became, the more battles the rebels won. Which in turn earned them trust, little it may be.

Things became even better for them when it was found out that Yagura was being controlled by someone. So while their clan was still partly to blame for this mess, it has since shifted onto another. It also helped that Karin was a somewhat skilled medic, what with her own unique healing powers.

The only person of their small group who had seen battle directly was Pakura, who was currently using an alias.

"Hey, how did it go out there?"

Naruto looked up and met Pakura' eyes. "It went well at first, but then we ran into a snag." He explained just what had transpired a few minutes ago. "My blood is beginning to boil after this fight. I can keep myself under control, but I feel I am better suited for combat and not recon." he vented his frustrations.

"I understand your reasoning, but you need to understand that you are not in charge here, Mei is. She is leader of this army and you agreed to follow her orders to fight in this war." she lectured. "That means following whatever order she gives you, even if you don't like it." She often found herself giving out little pieces of wisdom to her students. It felt nice to teach again.

"I know this..." sighed Naruto. "But it just doesn't make things easier." he muttered. He needed to think of something else, anything. "Has anything happened while we were away?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, something has happened." she began. "An envoy from Kumogakure arrived not to long ago."

Now that caught his attention. This could be a golden opportunity for him and his village. "Really now? What do they want?"

"They are offering shelter to those who wield bloodlines."

This didn't really surprise him. He knew how much Kumo greedily wanted more bloodline users to add to their ranks. The village wanted more power, and didn't care how it went about getting it. Even if it meant poaching other villages in their times of need.

'I do believe I can use the Raikage' greed to my advantage.'

He finished his talk with Pakura and went to see if he could have a few words with the Kumo-nins.


Naruto stopped in his tracks, a few feet away from Mei's tent. He had heard the rejection, it wasn't loud or anything, but the force behind the words were loud and clear.

"But surely you would allow those who do not wish to fight the opportunity to leav-"

"You already have my answer." growled out Mei. "I have been courteous enough to listen to your fantasies, but I must return my attention back to the war. Have a good day."

The blonde was impressed with the woman's take nothing from no one attitude. Even if her village was doing poorly. He could respect that.

The flap of the tent opened up and out walked the Kumo team, and he was stunned at just who exactly had been sent. It was a genin team.

The first two out of the tent were a male and a female, perhaps a few years older than him. Both of them dark skinned, each of them carrying blades. The female had crimson hair that reminded him so much of his mother' while the other had hair as white as snow. But it was the next one that took his breath away.

Her hair was a rich shade of gold. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, cream-colored skin. Her eyes, framed by the bangs of her straight blonde hair, were a cold sky-blue that seemed to penetrate into your very soul. A straight nose, full lips – she seemed the picture of perfection.

To him, she was perfect. She was someone who took her role as a kunoichi seriously, judging by her gear. A short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and a tantō strapped horizontally to her lower back. She was perfect.

He tuned out everything around him, solely choosing to focus on her.

"What're you looking at, shortstuff?"

Until his focus was broken by someone making fun of him. He scowled, looking for whoever said that about him.

It was a woman, a much older one. She must have been the one leading the team and mission. She was a bit similar to the other girl he had been looking at. Straight blonde hair tied in a ponytail but instead of blue eyes, this one had dark colored eyes. She was wearing a short-sleeved black and purple shirt and black pants.

"Well, I'm waiting?" She didn't like the look this teen was giving her friend.

Naruto ignored her.

"So, you guys came from Kumo?" he asked, speaking to the girl he was focusing on.

The young woman merely remained silent, a stoic expression on her face.

"Did our hitai-ate not convey enough info for you? Would you like it spelled out for you?" mocked the team leader.

He still ignored her.

"Don't ignore me..." she growled out. She hated being ignored, it reminded her of bad times growing up.

"What's your name?" asked Naruto. He frowned a bit at how she wasn't answering his questions, but it didn't bother him all that much. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto." He had decided to take this name a while ago as the name which everyone was going to call him from now on. He would still use the others when different situations called for them.

The older woman sighed, rubbing her temples. "What do you want? We're on a tight schedule."

Now he turned to the older woman. "Can't you at least give your names? I don't want to have to refer to you as "hey" or "it" which I'm sure you don't want."

The woman rolled her eyes. "Whatever...I'm Nii Yugito; Jōnin of Kumogakure." Naruto eyed the woman with a critical eye. She couldn't have been a few years older than Kimimaro and yet she was already such a skilled kunoichi. He nodded.

"It's nice to meet you...Yugioh-san."

"Not Yugioh..." she gritted out. "It's Yu-gi-to."

He ignored her again and looked at the others.

"My name is Omoi." said the now named teen, looking apprehensive for some reason.

"Karui." It was all she said, not trusting the blonde teen. Even if he was a cute pretty boy.

Naruto patiently waited for the one he wanted to hear the most. "...Samui, and your pretty cool."

He didn't know what she meant by that, but he took it as a compliment considering the two shocked faces of the genin on her team.

'It must be a very rare occurrence.' he thought.

"There must be something special about this guy for Samui to say that so boldly." muttered Karui. She had known the blonde for a while and she had never seen her say something like that to any of the other guys who talked to her.

Omoi heard her. "Maybe he's secretly a super strong ninja who's creating a village to rival the five major ones!? And what if-" He was stopped before he could continue.

"Shut up Omoi!" Karui hit him.

Naruto had kept his cool when the other shinobi had literally brought up his plan and just played it cool, ignoring them.

Samui likewise did the same as her blonde male counterpart. She meant what she said earlier when she called him cool. She liked strong people, it was as simple as that. It not only showed they took their role as a ninja seriously, but that they would one day – if they survived – be something.

"Er...Thanks for the compliment, Samui." replied Naruto, awkwardly. "I think your pretty cool to." It was the only thing that had entered his mind. Plus, he didn't know how well she would have reacted if he had called her hot instead of cool.

Yugito sighed. "Listen, we really are on a tight schedule. What do you want?" she asked.

This time, he did not ignore her. "I would like to make an alliance with Kumo."

Now that had caught them off-guard, they weren't expecting that. "You want to align Kumo and Kiri-"

"No." he interrupted Yugito. "Not Kiri. Another village I am apart of. I am only here to help with the efforts and possibly gain another ally." he admitted.

"Which village do you hail from?" asked Samui.


Yugito snorted. "No, really, what village do you come from?"

"I speak nothing but the truth. The village is slowly rising up."

"...Why Kumo?" asked Yugito. She could tell this wasn't a joke anymore. "Why not Konoha? Are they not your closest allies?" It was a valid question in her mind. Especially when she thought about the history of Uzu and Kumo.

"Our reasons are our own." It was all he said on the subject. "I figured Kumo would like to benefit from an up and coming village."

"What would Kumo even gain from this alliance? Your village is nothing yet. What's to stop me from simply giving my Raikage this information and him sending his forces to squash you?"

"Well, we will share some of our seals with Kumo for one." he told them.

"That's not enough." retorted Yugito, knowing her leader would state so himself.

Naruto was quiet for a bit as he thought. "Let me ask you something. Is your group going to partake in the Chūnin exams held in Konoha in two years?"

"It is a possibility, but the choice lies with my leader. Why?"

"Give this message to your Raikage: I can get him what his village has been yearning for since the end of the third shinobi war."

Yugito' eyes narrowed as she knew exactly what the teen in front of her was referring to, the other three did not. "You realize that if this deal between you and the Raikage is struck then you will have to deliver. If you do not..." she trailed off.

Naruto nodded, he knew the risks. The event in Konoha would be the only time to get the man what he wanted while he handled his business.

"I do."

"...I will inform him of your offer. Where may he contact you with the details if the arrangement goes through."

He gave her small tidbits of where to meet him should he agree. "Also, I want the four of you or two of you, it doesn't matter, to be the messengers. I don't want to deal with others who I'm not accustomed to unlike you lot." He had said, shutting up Yugito before she could retort about not being a delivery girl.

"Your preference has been noted."

The group left the rebel camp and went back to inform their Raikage of the offered deal.

~Flashback End~

The group stepped off the ferry that had taken them to the secluded island nation and once more began their trek to the client's home. Continuing their walk, they began to notice a trend within the small nation. It was poor, very poor.

Their were beggars every place they turned, the streets were lined with trash, children ran about without shoes, some even begging for food. Then there were the bodies.

You couldn't see them physically, but nothing could hide the smell. Then there were those that were strung up, meant as a message.

"I didn't know things were this bad here." commented Pakura, softly. The things seen here reminded her of the previous war, only not as bad.

Naruto didn't say anything, instead choosing to continue forward. The client had reached out to their village specifically but did not say what she wanted them to do for her. Stating she would inform them when they arrived.

They stopped in front of a small home. This was the place written on the instructions.




Opening the door was a woman, late 20's early 30's, long blue-colored hair, fair skin, and dark eyes. Her attire consisted of a short-sleeved pink shirt with red sleeves and a blue dress. No man would have any qualms about calling her beautiful.

"Are you Tsunami?"

"Yes, may I help-" Recognition passed through her eyes, knowing exactly who these people were. She broke down crying. "Thank you...Thank you for coming...Please, come inside."

She ushered them inside.

After she had calmed down, she got to work on making some tea for her guests.

"So, tell me, Tsunami-san...What exactly do you wish for us to do?" asked Pakura, wanting to complete the mission as fast as possible.

The woman was a bit taken aback by the other woman' abrasiveness but calmed herself. "I want you to help liberate wave."

Pakura gave the woman a long and hard stare, looking to see if she was being serious. "You do realize that liberating a small country is no small feat, yes?"

"I know, which is why once the country is liberated, we will pay you what you deserve."

'So she doesn't even have money yet...'

The scorch release user shook her head. "I'm afraid we cannot take this mission if you do not even have half of what we would be asking for. I'm sorry-" A hand landed on her shoulder. She looked to see it was the blonde who stopped her.

Naruto had stopped Pakura before she said too much. Even if they didn't have the money right away, they could always get that after they did their job.

"We will do this job and we will expect payment after it's completion." Tsunami looked up in hope. "I also want to add something as well."

"What is it?"

"When we free this country, your country will form an alliance with ours. This country is known for it's shipping of commerce and trade. This will benefit Uzu and your country in the long run."

"You want a piece of the shipping business?"

"Something like that."


Tsunami saw this as a good deal. She had been afraid they would have asked for much much more than what the country could give.

Naruto nodded. "Very well then, we have a deal. How do you wish us to free this country?"

She hesitated for a moment, feeling very uncomfortable all of a sudden. "There is a man, his name is Gato..."

"You want him killed."

"I didn't say that!" Now she was incredibly uncomfortable with this conversation.

"No, you didn't, but your body language suggests otherwise." Naruto commented before frowning at the woman. "Is there something else you wish to tell us?"

She shook her head.

'She's lying.' thought the group.


The woman looked up on instinct and into the hypnotic eyes of the blonde.

Naruto searched her most recent memories and found something he did not like. He got out and put the woman to sleep. When she woke up she wouldn't remember ever looking at him.

"Is there a problem?" asked Karin. She knew her brother did what he felt necessary, especially if she was indeed withholding info.

"Yes. Her father – Tazuna – went to Konoha to ask for help and should be back any day now with shinobi."

This brought up a situation. On the one hand, he didn't want to deal with the Konoha-nin but his own village needed this alliance though.

"It's your call."

Naruto thought about it for a moment. "We can make this work." he said. "Put on disguises and hold any interaction with them to a minimum while we accomplish our task, which is in fact different from her father'."

"Oh, what does the other group have?"

"They are protection detail for the old man while he completes his bridge. We stake our claim on our objective to them and we go out and finish it."

"Very well then, that sounds like a plan."

Pakura, Karin, and Kimimaro went outside to scout suitable living places for them since they did not want to share a home with other shinobi. Naruto meanwhile once more entered Tsunami' mind and erased the knowledge of Uzu. All she knew was that they were there to help her and her country.

End of Chapter Six

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I know it was just basically a glorified summary that detailed what he did in the past three years. So I figured that since I made you wait long enough for this chapter that you wouldn't want to slog through certain parts. So I made the call for what I felt would be best. So it's done now, and let's all just move along.

Hey, he finally met Samui! And I put a small section of the relationship regarding him and Kurama as well. He also got his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan as well as Shisui's technique. – If you want to see what his eye looks like then I have a picture of it on my profile under another story of mine. Look for "Into the Cosmos!" and you will find it there.

What did you all think of Pakura getting added to the group as their "Sensei"? Also, another character will finally make his appearance next chapter: Haku! And I know what you're all thinking "Ugh...the Wave mission again..." well don't worry. I don't plan on staying there for long since I have something planned directly once that mission is finished. Plus, even the mission is going to be different-ish.

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