The wilderness holds many dangers, from poisonous plants to wild animals. You never know what you might stumble on especially when you don't know the land on which you travel. For this reason many hire a guide to lead them over the unfamiliar terrain, but you must be cautious when choosing a guide for many will lead you astray.

Zoe was such a guide. As was her father and his father before him; it was the family trade you see and sense there were no sons to teach this trade to the father taught it to his only daughter. He was a good man with a strong morals and he prided himself in the fact that he had never led a man astray. As they say the apple never falls far from the tree. Zoe grew to be much like her father, strong willed and stubborn with strong morals and a great pride for her work.

One eve a group of men came to her. They were seeking a guide to lead them through the mountain pass. She observed the men they seemed flustered and scared as if they were running from some great evil. Zoe thought herself a good judge of character and these men were not of good character. She refused to guide them. Angered they marched into the woods alone.

Not a day later she was sought out again this time by a young women. She asked of a group of men that passed through. Zoe answered her for she was of good character. She told the women of the men who passed through not a day earlier. The women smiled and went on her way following the men, but the men were skilled hunters and knew how to cover there tracks and cover them well. Soon the women came to her for a guide.

As Zoe led the women through the woods she recognized her for what she was, a deity, a goddess in disguise. Zoe left the matter be for who was she to interfere, she a simple guide. Her job was to lead travelers safely across the pass, nothing more nothing less.

With Zoe's knowledge of the land and the goddess's tracking skills they made quick work if finding the men. They caught up with them in a cave that many travelers rest in. In the days that they spent tracking them, the men had lured themselves into a false sense of security. They had convinced themselves that this goddess was no threat. So when the deity and guide entered the cave the men pulled out their weapons and made to attack. At that moment Zoe forgot that her companion was an immortal goddess and stepped in front of a mortal blow.

The goddess watched the young women she had become so fond of fall to the ground and became blinded by rage. She through off her disguise to reveal herself as the goddess Artemis in her true form. When the men gazed apon her their eyes burned and their body's turned to ash. The goddess smiled in satisfaction at her revenge then turned her attention to her fallen friend.

She looked sadly at Zoe knowing that even with all her power there was no way to preserve her life. So she knelt by Zoe and lifted her into the sky where she became a star, the brightest star in the sky. To guide her hunt and mortal men for centuries to come.