Demigod Drabbles and Magician Mischief:

Chapter One – A Fascinating Discovery

Disclaimer: I own neither these characters used in this drabble fic, nor the stories they are within. Both are owned by a man with a wonderfully vivid imagination named Rick Riordan. You check out the books, or do as I prefer, and listen to the audiobooks. The excellent narrators really help an already fantastic story come to life.

Rant: This isn't much of a rant, really. I am just telling you guys that this random drabble fic will updated whenever I am needing to write something lighter than normal, and isn't really as long as my usual tales. These drabbles will involve some of my favorite character's from Rick Riordan's tales, and I hope you enjoy them, I sure did.


Cleo sat in a crevasse between two enormous roots, warm from the sun, and read. The book, if anyone had bothered to peek at, was not written in English, French, or German. Few but her could have read the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and many of those who could have done so lived with her in Brooklyn House.

As she followed the Path of Thoth, and in fact had once been the Eye – the human incarnation – of the god of wisdom and knowledge, she found such tomes fascinating. It smelled of other texts, somewhat musty and with a hint of mildew, but underneath that was the enticing and ever so faint scent of desert and power. Within its papyrus pages was a spell book, of sorts. The old volume taught not only ancient and powerful spells, but the methods and formulas for creating new ones. The ability to create her own spells of that nature was something she had been trying to find for years, and finally she'd found this old work, tucked away in a pawn shop in Manhattan. So elated with her find, she had immediately gone to the park to devour the knowledge contained within it.

She was thoroughly engrossed in the text when a loud screech interrupted her contemplations. So, she looked up, only to have ice cold water jettisoned into her face. Naturally, she gave out an indignant screech. "Hah!" The voice came from above her, and her glance upward was filled with irritation. Hanging upside down from a tree branch was a blue-eyed boy with wild brown hair and a mischief-filled grin. "Missed me you idiot!"

He then raised his orange water pistol, yelling "Take that, Travis!" and fired. Return fire came from said Travis, along with a "Screw you, Connor!" and once more she was soaked with water.

"Otário," she yelled at the idiot above her, "What in the name of Osiris are you doing?"

"Engaging the vicious enemy in a battle of honor," replied the hanging boy. Seeing as the 'vicious enemy' was nearly identical to the fool in the tree, she guessed that the two must be siblings. "Really," she replied cooly, "What, did he steal your t-shirt this morning?"

"No," Connor stated harshly, "He stole our sister's diamond necklace!"

"The bastard!"

"I know, he didn't even let me in on it," he replied seriously, shaking his head sadly. "Such a deplorable state we brothers are in, not telling each other of the important things that are going on in our lives."

She looked up at him with narrowed eyes, informing the young man that he was about to come down with a case of most likely terrifying feminine justice, when she swiftly turned her head. Looking in the complete opposite direction, she began to squint as if looking at something far off. Connor turned his head to see what she was looking at, when a pinecone smacked him in the face.

"Idiot," she muttered.

He glanced down at her, and laughed. "Brilliant."