Here is Chapter 2!

Saw Cinderella in a party dress but she was looking for a nightgown.

I saw the devil wrapping up his hands

He's getting ready for the showdown

Allison's uncle didn't object to her going out with her new friend, as it turned out, he knew Evie well. She had brought him many cakes and she said they were, "simply delicious, if misshapen." Allison had left out the Darry Curtis bit, she figured it was best not to push her luck too much.

At five thirty Allison got dressed and left for the DX station. She knew where it was in a roundabout way, they had driven past it on the way from the bus station to her uncle's house. It was just well enough in sight for her to make out a group of young people standing out front when she heard Evie's excited voice. "There she is, that's the new girl, Allison." She made out from the distance.

It was easy to figure out who they all were without being introduced. Evie was holding a hand that must belong to the 'hunk', Steve. And the handsome boy standing next to Steve must be his friend, what was his name again? Soda, that was it. Evie had said he was good looking, and he really was. That meant the young pretty girl holding his hand must be Sandy, the 'riot' according to Evie.

Evie introduced her and her assumptions had been right, Darry wasn't there yet, but she hoped he looked like Soda. The young people were nice, and very interested in Allison, but people always were.

"So Allison, where ya from?" It was Soda who asked, his voice matched his pleasant face, though his bad grammar did not.

She smiled before answering, partly out of manners and also because she was amused. "Atlanta. I am here to visit my uncle." She answered.

"I know your uncle, he's a sweetheart. I use to clean for him." Sandy said.

So this is what it was like to hang out with a maid. Allison grudgingly thought before she could stop herself. She really hadn't meant to think it. Sandy was nice, they all were and she was thankful for the company no matter what their social status was.

"Oh, there's Superman." Soda said pointing to a red truck coming down the road.

The red truck pulled unceremoniously into the parking lot and stopped in front of them. Allison was anxious to see the man behind the wheel, and to pass judgment on him. He was big and muscular. He must be at least six feet when he was standing. He had thick arms that bulged under his dirty shirt. His hair was shorter than the other boys, like he actually took pride in himself. His eyes where icy grey and looked as if they could burn a hole right through you.

She was still staring at him when he put the truck into park and looked over at the teenagers waiting for him. He immediately locked his gaze on Allison. She was appraising him in her mind. Big and dirty he might be, but he looked like just the kind of guy who would be long headed and fun to tease.

"Who are you?" He said sounding like a rude hick.

Allison would have acted taken aback, but she had seen enough of the world that she really wasn't. At least he was honest and didn't put on airs.

Allison smiled in that way she knew she could that nobody could resist and met his rudeness head on. "I'm Allison. Who are you?" She retuned quickly and boldly.

"Darry." He said bluntly but still gazing at her. "Are you going with the rest of these delinquents?" He asked sharply, meaning his brother and the rest of the teenagers.

"Yes. Are you?" She asked still smiling. She knew the best way to get under someone's skin and stand up to them was to turn everything they said back at them. It was working.

Darry looked at her in a way that said now he was apprising her. "You better get in then." He said.

Allison walked around the front of the truck, the boys were already climbing in the back and Evie had made sure she and Sandy waited, so that Allison could sit close to Darry. She climbed in and was forced to sit so close to him his dirty shirt was against her white dress. She could smell sweat and dirt mixed with something, was it Old Spice? Whatever it was, the mixture was pleasant. She discreetly took in a deep breath through her nose and looked at him again. This close she could see that he didn't look like his handsome brother, but he was attractive none the less for it. He felt her staring at him and returned the gaze. Those eyes, they were burning through to her brain, she was sure he couldn't read her thoughts, but it felt like it. It would have made her blush if she had been the kind of girl to be ashamed of them.

She hadn't been aware of the silence until Evie shattered it.

"Will you come with us Darry? It's the weekend." Evie said in a way that Allison knew had taken all of her courage.

Why was everyone so seemingly intimidated by him? Did he have a tendency to go around biting people's heads off? All the better for Allison if he did.

"Weekend or not, I gotta work tomorrow." Darry said in a deep voice that had underlines of agitation.

Allison wasn't going to miss her chance; she turned the charm up to twelve. "Come on Darry, go with us. I don't know anyone here and I'm sure you can show me a good time." She said, her expression was left for interpretation.

Evie and Sandy looked at each other and poorly hid a giggle. Darry was an adventure Allison didn't want to miss.

He looked her hard in the eyes and sighed. "Fine," He said. "After I shower."

Allison smiled triumphantly. She knew she could win. He was ready quickly. She sat on the couch looking around at the messy house while everyone else made themselves completely at home, adding to the mess.

She rode close to Darry on the way to the party. The smell of dirt and sweat was gone, but he still smelled good. The party wasn't what Allison was used to. Usually her 'friends', for lack of a better word, threw parties in big expensive houses that they left completely trashed and usually there were hundreds of teenagers that hardly knew each other if at all. This house was small and definitely not expensive and there were only about thirty people and everyone seemed to know each other. Everyone seemed content and happy, whereas the parties she was use to were thrown because the drinkers were angry and looking for a way to drowned it.

Evie and Sandy ran off with their boyfriends, whether because they wanted to give Allison alone time with Darry, or because they themselves didn't want to be around him, she wasn't sure.

"I wouldn't have come if I knew it was here." Darry mumbled as they walked in and he looked distastefully at the house.

"What?" Allison asked a bit confused, she didn't think he would be the kind to be too good for someone's house.

"Nothin'." He said offhandedly. "Do you wanna' beer?" Darry asked loudly leaning closer to Allison's ear so she could hear.

She answered with a smile and a nod. Darry hadn't been gone more than ten seconds when another man was standing in his place. This man was different. He had a scar on his face and oily brown hair that looked in need of a comb; his eyes were blue and he was even taller than Darry. He was intimidating. Allison knew right away he wasn't a man to play with. He was a real man, so real that he scared her in fact, but snagged her attention just the same as a lordly lion would. She wanted to touch him and run from him at the same time. She compromised by standing still and meeting his gaze. It was the first time she had ever thought someone was looking through her arrogant fa├žade, right at the spoiled, selfish girl she was inside. It made her feel naked and she quickly lowered her gaze.

"I saw you come in with Curtis." The scarred man said loudly in a deep voice. "I aint seen you around before. I'm Tim, what's your name?" He said and surprisingly he stuck out his big rough hand to her.

Allison hesitated for the tiniest moment before she could regain composer, "Allison." She answered over the roar of people, and she put her tiny pale hand into his large tan one.

"Allison, that's nice. How do you like my party?" He asked boldly surveying the room and not letting go of her hand.

"Your party? What's the celebration?" She asked.

"Me. I just got out of lock up, had to throw my on welcome home party." He said and smiled.

She didn't expect he could smile, not without his face ripping apart along the scar that went from temple to chin. Darry came back at that time and offered a glass of cold beer to Allison before turning his attention to Tim.

"I didn't expect to see you here Tim." Darry said conversationally.

Tim glared at him, "It's my house aint it?" He bit out, not exactly rudely, but it made Darry change track.

"Have you met Allison?"

Tim turned his attention back to Allison, he was still holding her hand, be bent down and kissed it then said, "Yes, she's a real doll Darry," Tim punctuated by letting go Allison's hand and slapping Darry good naturedly on the shoulder. "Watch out." He said then walked off with a challenging little grin on his lips.

Darry gazed after him with a snarl and Allison with nervous awe and wonder.

Allison was barely able to make it through the rest of the party playing it cool. She was quiet and not as witty as she could be when it came to conversation with Darry. He dropped her off at eleven, an hour past curfew, with plans to take her to a movie soon. She hoped no one noticed, but the other man still held her thoughts. He wasn't one to metal with; it would be like playing with fire. But the thing no one ever suspected about quiet, polite, meek little Allison, was she liked playing with fire, even getting burned by it.

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