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Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fireā€¦

Allison was standing over the sink looking at plates in murky water. She had never washed dishes before, but she had seen it done enough she thought she had the general idea. She picked up the dish cloth and stuck her hands into the warm brown water. She involuntarily made a face of disgust. Always before Jenna, the lady who cooked and cleaned for her family had taken care of the dishes. Allison was scrubbing a desert plate, she never thought cheese cake could disgust her, but the crust crumbs felt like dirt under her neat nails. It made her want to gag. Her uncle Rodger was sitting in the living room with a book, he did that a lot. Allison didn't mind though, it gave her a lot of free time. She didn't like being asked to do the dishes though. Thank God the phone rang just then. Allison practically ran to the receiver and hesitated for just a moment over her wet hands. She wiped them hurriedly on her skirt before answering.

"Hello?" She said into the gadget.

It was a moment before she heard an answer.

"Hi. Are you free Saturday night?" A deep and bored voice asked.

At first she didn't know who the question had come from.

"Darry?" She asked.

"Yea. I was thinking we could go to the drive-in. How's Saturday?" He asked.

He sounded a little impatient and bared. He was strong and handsome in his own kind of way, and his ice gray eyes held her interest, so, she thought, that made up for his tone.

"Yes Darry. Saturday is fine. A movie sounds like fun." She replied.

"Ok, I'll pick you up at six." His deep voice said.

She stifled a giggle at his mono tone.

"That's great Darry, I'll be ready."

And she was. Saturday evening Darry pulled in to the driveway two minutes early in his best white shirt, and what looked to be ironed jeans. Uncle Rodger greeted him, as it turned out he knew Darry too, and liked him well. Uncle Rodger said Darry was a hardworking man with a good head on his shoulder. He reminisced with Darry about the old days when he and Darry's father had worked together, and the unfortunate accident that took their lives. In this conversation Darry's face took on an odd look. The expression fascinated Allison. She thought Darry looked like a Greek God enduring a painful fate. But the look suited him so well she couldn't image seeing any other on his face. His voice had changed too, it had gotten deeper and more hollow. She thought that Darry belonged in a museum just the way he was then. She remembered how he had looked and smelt the first time she had met him. He wore his current expression and the smell of sweat naturally she thought.

Allison was glad to be the center of attention once again. Apparently it was an odd thing to see Darry at the movies, people kept coming up to him and acting as if they hadn't saw him in ages. The movie was the kind Allison liked, a romance. She was interested in it but kept looking over to see Darry in the driver's seat looking away from the screen and staring off into space. (A/N: "and they bore Darry to death.") Even with his pained expression absent and smelling like clean soap, he looked handsome and she felt privileged to be the girl sitting in his truck. He was innocently holding her hand, and other girls kept giving her jealous looks.

"What's the matter Darry? Don't you like the film?" She asked innocently looking at him

His attention snapped back to her. It made her think he had forgotten she was there all together.

"Huh? Oh, yea. It's really great. Neat songs." He said looking back to the movie.

Allison knew he hadn't been paying attention; there had been no songs in the movie, only some corny music in the really dramatic scenes. She slid a little closer to him and slowly laid her hand innocently on his thigh. He looked down at it then back up to her with a wordless expression of vague hesitation. She had saw boys look at her like that before, and it always made her feel triumphant. She smiled one of her award winning smiles at him. She knew the things to do to make young men's heart skip a beat while still remaining a lady outwardly.

She laid her lips on his softly in what was meant to be a small, casual kiss; but Darry's lips took hold of her and she didn't back away. The kiss lengthened and intensified in motion until there wasn't space between them. Darry was quite a good kisser to her surprise and pleasure. She closed her eyes and moved her lips with his. The kiss reminded her of the way he looked, like he was unworldly and scared, like something that had been chiseled from stone. Before she regained her composer, horns began to honk and people made loud inappropriate cheers.

Allison quickly found herself and pulled away with an unladylike gasp to catch her breath. She looked at Darry nonplussed expression. She hadn't quiet expected her heart to beat so fast, or to want to kiss him again immediately. His expression echoed hers, and she wondered if he was thinking the same things she was. Had there been a burning in his chest too? She smiled in the bliss that followed the zealous kiss. Darry smiled at the sight of her smiling. He slipped his arm around her and looked at the movie playing in front of them. Allison nuzzled down with her head on his chest, and did the same.

There wasn't much conversation after that, but Darry wasn't much of a talker. He dropped her off after the movie and asked if he could take her out again sometime. Allison agreed happily, not knowing she had just stuck the match that would lead to a raging firestorm.

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