So I heard the country song Cop Car and I was like, 'hey, that gives me an idea' lol so this is what I came up with.

He looked just like you'd want him to, some kind of slick chrome American Prince. A blue jean serenade and moon river, what you do to me…

When Allison's uncle asked her about her date she skated around the details, only telling him that it went well. She left out the part about Darry asking if he could take her out again. It was going to be fun, having a beau. She would be leaving in two months and she wouldn't see him again, so no harm would be done. It was fun to "let down her hair" so to speak. Here no one knew her and her new friends didn't expect her to be the debutant she was at home.

Evie came by a few days later. Allison was glad to see her, and divulge all the details of her date with Darry.

They were sitting on the front porch swing with a glass of lemonade looking out into the field when Evie said, "Ya know you really made an impression on a certain Tim Shepard."

Evie had said in off handedly way, but Allison knew she did it to intrigue her. It had worked. She had secretly given the matter of Tim Shepard a lot of thought. He was an intriguing subject. She was curious about the mystery of those blue eyes and scared by what they might hide.

"Who?" Allison asked faking perplexity.

Evie's mouth went round. "Tim Shepard." She repeated. "You know perfectly well who. The big guy at the party, I saw him talking to you." Evie said with a giggle.

"Oh yes, the big guy, with the scar. How on earth would I make an impression on a man like that?" She asked and couldn't stop her own shameful smile.

Evie stopped looking so merry, she looked concerned. "Allison, you know Darry likes you right?" Evie asked seriously.

Allison's smile changed to an innocent one. "Yes, he is going to take me out again sometime."

"Well, you don't know this but Darry and Tim have history. I don't know what exactly, but they have, well they have a past. You better not play them."

Allison smiled reassuringly and patted Evie's hand. "Don't worry Evie. I'm sure Tim didn't notice me more than just being the new girl, and I have made no promises to Darry. It is all in good fun."

That conversation had happened three days ago and neither man had made another appearance in Allison's boring and seemingly timid life. She had concluded that neither man was going to be of any consequence. Even though merely thinking about Darry's kiss gave her chills. She was wrong.

A car sped into the drive and there was a crunching of rocks when the driver came to an abrupt halt. Allison went to the window to look out, she didn't recognize the car, but the man who stepped out of it had starred in her dreams. Tim Shepard stopped to light a cigarette and began to swagger up the front steps. Allison froze; she thought childishly about not answering the door at all, maybe if she hid he would just go away. She couldn't move, she didn't want him to go away. There was thunderous knock at the door and her legs automatically took her to answer it.

"Curtis around?" Tim said with a sly smirk.

That cocky remark was his greeting? She found her mouth to dry to speak and her cool was too far gone to reclaim. She could feel her checks turning red. She wondered what he looked like naked.

"Well, I guess if he was he would already have kicked my ass, huh?" He said smiling down at her.

There was something in that smile. Allison still couldn't call words to her command and stood silent.

"Well I guess since you're not gonna talk to me I can do all the talkin'. Alright so you want to go for a ride or not? Me and Steve just gave her a tune up, she purrin' like a kitten and rearin' to go."

No reply.

Tim reached for her hand and she let him take it. He was still smiling, but mischievously. He led her to the passenger side and opened the door for her. She slid in and a second later he was beside her slinging gravel as he accelerated.

He didn't speak, but Allison watched him attentively. She couldn't help it, and the joy of freedom was painted on his face and his reckless smile was so alluring. It was like he was saying, "Hey, we are free. We are young. I'm not scared, are you? Let's beat the whole world at its own game." At this she smiled the same as him. She was ready to take on the world. She wasn't afraid of anything and she wanted him to drive that car to the end of the world and over the edge to explore infinity.

She laughed. For no reason, an uncontainable joyous gay laugh.

She didn't go home that night. She and Tim did drive, going nowhere fast, or so it seemed. They ended up at a lake. There were huge shelves of rock jutting up from the sand, and waves crashed ten feet up the beach. After they stopped Tim jumped onto the hood of his car and stretched his arms out and turned his face up to the starry sky and let out a cry of exhilaration.

Allison giggled, and he looked at her with fiery eyes. Those fiery eyes were the reason she didn't return home. She had become lost in them. They sat on the beach, hands interlocked eyes gazing in deep fascination fueled conversation. She wanted to ask what was between him and Darry, but she refrained. Tim told her about things he had done, some made her blood cold and some sent her adventurous spirit reeling. He told her about fights he had won and lost and stores he had robbed. He told her the story of how he and one of the rival gang members had a feud that built up over a year and a half, when they finally fought, the wager was the other guy's car against Tim agreeing to leave town. Tim won. That was how he came to own the black Cadillac, and why he took such pride in it. He also told her about the homeless tramp he had once gotten into a brawl with that left him with the terrifying scar on his face. The old man was hassling him outside of a bar, talking dirty about his mom. According to Tim, he and his mom didn't get along that great but that didn't give a stranger the right to talk badly about her, so Tim upper cut him. The man retaliated with a broken bottle.

The stories Allison told were much different. She told how she met the Governor the summer before, and how her dad took the family on vacation to Mexico. She told how she had a scholarship, and she was going to Sarah Lawrence College in the fall.

"What are you going to do now that you are out of jail?" Allison asked.

Tim sighed deeply as he gazed out to the star speckled lake.

"Well I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on. Sky's the limit right?"

Allison couldn't help but feel admiration for him. Compared to her he had no prospects, yet 'the sky was the limit'. She had the whole world opened up to her but she only saw a narrow tunnel with no light. She wanted to be as wild and free as he was. Her thoughts were interrupted by the circulating blue lights.

Tim was evidently a quick thinker. Before the cop had a view of their spot, Tim was on his feet with her hand in his, and they were running behind one of the boulders. She flattened her self against the stone and he stood in front of her.

"I'm not supposed to be here, I'm on parole." He whispered breathily in her ear.

"Why not? Where are we anyway?" She asked realizing for the first time she had no idea.

"Texas. I'm not supposed to leave the state. Shh." He said biting down his own laughter.

This whole crazy situation struck Allison as funny. She had forgotten Tim was a con. She had never done anything as rebellious as this. It was thrilling. She laughed unthinkingly. Tim quickly cupped his palm over her mouth and applied just enough pressure to startle her. The laughter was gone immediately and replaced by a remarkable stillness.

"Shh." He breathed leaning down to her ear.

She gazed up at him and he was looking at her with a soft but powerful blue eyed gaze. He removed his hand and replaced it with his lips in a tender kiss.

Allison's knees became weak and neither of them noticed the cop walking feet from where they were concealed, shining his light and yelling. The cop gave up.

Tim's kiss was not at all like Darry's, he tasted like cigarettes. Her lips had no need to react; he was kissing her in a way she didn't even know was possible. It was like he was taking over her mind and all her senses with his mouth. She wanted the euphoric feeling to last forever. She wanted Tim to wrap her up in his arms and pull her close to his body. That was just what he did. She could feel the contrast between them. He was tall, and his large body was like stone, he held her in a vice like grip that would have been painful if it wasn't so wonderful. She relaxed against him, and the next thing she knew they were laying on the sand fighting and aching for closeness.

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