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Cappuccino: Equal ratios of milk foam, steamed milk, and espresso

I sipped my cappuccino slowly and drummed my fingers on the cafe's table, as my best friend complained about school work.

"Seriously I'm not a machine!"

"Yup, totally." I murmured as I scanned the crowd of boys walking down the street.

Pass, too nerdy, would look better with a haircut and if he lost the glasses.

"Chiharu are you listening to me?"

I started to nod when something silver caught my eye.

Oh sweet and heavenly creator of man. Who is that beautiful boy?

I grabbed Toshiko's arm and demanded, "Who is he!?"

"What? Are you boy hunting right now? The one time we get to finally hang out and you do this?" She yelped as I poked her hard. "Alright alright! He's Yamamoto Takeshi."

I smacked her arm, "Not the Japanese one!"

"Ha?" She craned her neck and looked affronted, "You better be talking about the foreigner and not dame-Tsuna, because I swear your tastes are getting stranger each year."

"The pretty boy." I said quickly, she didn't need to know I had a crush on the cutie-pie on April 10th in the third grade.

"He's Gokudera Hayato he transferred last year from Italy."

I sighed as I stared at him dreamily, "If we get married, do you think we would live in Italy or Japan?"

Toshiko banged her head against the table.

"Not again," she groaned.

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