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Caffe Crema: Italian Cream Coffee

Maybe it wasn't unrequited love, I thought as I gazed dreamily at the Italian youth.

"Hey! Apologize to the tenth!" He demanded.

He was so brave for defending his friend, taking a stand against what he thought was wrong.

He was just so noble.

Toshiko glared at him, "The heck? I didn't even touch him!"

"Gokudera-san, I'm fine! It's not her fault." A voice cried. I glanced at Sawada, the guy was still a cutie-pie after all these years. He looked like a scared little bunny, hiding behind the tall black-haired boy.

What was his name again?

Yamada? Or was it Yamato? I shrugged, I didn't bother remembering the names of average guys.

The Adonis continued, "Tenth! You're so honorable, letting yourself take the blame!"

"What." The sole female student of Namimori Middle School, hissed.

Tsuna took a hesitant step back and lifted his hands in the air defensively, "T-that's not what I meant!"

Cheery laughter interrupted the tense atmosphere as the tall Japanese teen spoke, "Maa, maa Gokudera-kun. I'm sure Sanada-san didn't mean to bump into Tsuna."

"He tripped on his own! Are you listening to me? Hey!"

Her friend's protests were largely ignored.

The Adonis continued, "Shut up baseball freak! It's simply inexcusable, to ram into the tenth while he's so tired from training."

Toshiko glared menacingly at the boys as she advanced on them, "Is this the same training that sent Ryohei-senpai to the hospital? Because of that he can't compete in the next boxing competition!"

Angry silver eyes met with furious dark honeyed eyes, "Turf-top's win is far more important than some stupid school competition."

I flinched upon recognizing the look on my friend's face that promised impending doom and shoved myself between the two angry teens. "Toshiko doesn't mean anything bad, she just really loves the-"

Silver-grey orbs were staring intensely at me, and I choked on my next few words.

"B-boxing club."

Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe how close I was to him! Why would Toshiko deny me, such a beautiful creature? His flawless pale skin, his sharp jaw bone, and-


A high pitched scream escaped my throat as a mass of black and purple whizzed past my face. My butt connected with the sidewalk as a little kid scrambled on top of my Adonis's face.

"The great Lambo, found you!" He hopped off the Italian's face and skipped towards Tsuna, "Tell Mama, Lambo was good! She hasn't played with Lambo since Papa came back!"

Gokudera flew towards Tsuna's side, screaming profanities as the young child clambered on Tsuna's legs and proceeded to wipe snot on his pants.

I sighed. Such a beautiful moment ruined, by a bratty little kid.

"Are you okay?" I blinked out of my musings and smiled gratefully as the tall Japanese boy offered his hand.

I nodded and he hauled me up with surprising strength. I was about to thank him when I heard a startling murmur behind me.

Toshiko stared at the little boy as she mumbled to herself in a trance. "He's wearing a cow suit. He's a cow. Cows go moo."

Apprehension rose in my chest, I knew where this was going and it was not going to be pretty. No amount of pretty boys would be worth Toshiko's frightening outbursts concerning her irrational fear of cows. I gripped my friend by the arm and forcefully pulled her away from the scene as she stared at the child with the afro.

"Sorry!" I said as I rushed my friend and I around the corner and out of view.

I left leaving one extremely confused boy, one frazzled boy, a loud child, and a boy who couldn't care less.