A/N: Hey there! I'm not exactly new to the WordGirl fandom, but I am new to writing for it. This is, in fact, my first fic for this fandom.

Anyway, this entire fic idea was inspired by my little sister with her vivid imagination and unlimited excitability. She's the one who got me into WordGirl in the first place. This entire fic is dedicated to her.

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Chapter One:

The Secret Identity Dilemma

(Psst! Listen for the words expose and infatuate)

"It's a peaceful afternoon in our city," the Narrator announced in his usual way. "Hey, it's a little too peaceful if you ask me. Where are all the villains?"

The Narrator turned the page of his script. "Oh! …They're all at a villains' convention? Huh, how…convenient."

He flipped the page again. "Oh, Tobey couldn't go because he's still grounded for that whole 'Win a Day with WordGirl' incident."

The Narrator cleared his throat and began again, "At Tobey's bedroom lair…."

Theodore McCallister the Third paced his room, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and hands behind his back. He muttered under his breath, not noticing the Narrator was in his room.


Tobey glared at his ceiling. "What? What do you want? I am in the middle of devising an evil plot!"

"Seriously? Again?"

"What do you mean 'seriously'? I am quite serious about my evil plots!" he snapped, adjusting his glasses.

"I think you might be too infatuated with the idea of winning to realize how they never work," the Narrator muttered.

Tobey scowled. "They do work…occasionally." He shook his head and pointed at the ceiling. "Anyway, this plan will work! I will expose WordGirl's secret identity! Then she'll have to get ice-cream with me! If she doesn't, then she'll force me to tell all the villains, her family, and her friends who she really is!"

"It sounds to me that you're just infatuated with WordGirl…."

Tobey's face turned pink. "I am not infatuated with WordGirl!"

"Then why is there a WordGirl doll on your bed?" the Narrator asked.

Tobey's face became bright red as he rushed over to his bed, quickly picking up the doll. "This? It's just here for…practicing clever comebacks!" he exclaimed then glared at the WordGirl plush. "Prepare to be destroyed, WordGirl! Your…cute expressions and your…sparkling eyes have no effect on me! Take this!"

He threw the stuffed plush for emphasis. It landed next to him with a squeak. Tobey put his hands on his hips. "See?"

"Huh…I still think you're infatuated with her."

The boy genius frowned. "Will you get out of here, you aggravating voice?"

"Well, fine. I can tell when I'm not wanted." The Narrator left in a huff, though the camera still focused on Tobey.

He looked side-to-side then scooped up the WordGirl doll. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I won't ever do that again!" he whispered as he hugged it to his chest.

Tobey frowned when he stared into its button eyes. "Don't look at me like that! I still think you're the cutest superheroine ever!"

The doll continued to smile silently.

He hugged it again and muttered, "You just can't stop being adorable, can you? When I expose your secret identity, we'll have ice-cream every day and then you'll be mine!"

He sighed contently then put the doll back on his bed. "And now…." He pointed in the air dramatically. "To expose WordGirl once and for all!"

"Later, at the Botsford home…" the Narrator said, switching scenes quickly. "Becky Botsford is watching another episode of her favorite show, The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour."

Becky sat at the edge of her seat, her hands clasped together as she stared wide-eyed at the screen. The Pretty Princess had thrown a masquerade ball to celebrate her birthday party, and everyone in the land had been invited. Everyone, that is, except for the wicked Count Cloudy, who, angered that he was ignored, decided to go there in disguise.

Pretty Princess, recognizing everyone at the party save for him, ordered him to take off his mask. When he refused, she strolled over and reached toward him with a dainty hand to remove it.

"Will Pretty Princess expose the masked man's true identity? Find out after this commercial break!" a voice interrupted as a picture of the masked Count Cloudy was shown on the screen.

Becky yelled, "Oh man! Pretty Princess was just about to expose the masked man as Count Cloudy!"

Her monkey-sidekick, Bob, squeaked in confusion.

"Oh, well, expose means to reveal or to make something known. Like just earlier, Pretty Princess was going to expose Count Cloudy by taking off his mask."

Bob nodded with a grateful squeak.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Becky sat up straight and shouted, "I'll get it!"

She shot up from her chair and hurried to the door.

"Tobey?" she wondered with distaste. "What are you doing here?"

Said boy genius answered, "Why, hello there, Becky. Or should I say, WordGirl!"

Becky scowled. "Look, we've been through this, what, twice? And how many of those times did WordGirl defeat your robots?"

Tobey furrowed his eyebrows and admitted, "Well, twice, but that's not the point! The point is I'm here to expose you once and for all!"

"Pfft, good luck with that. I'll humor you. What's your 'proof' this time?" she asked, quoting proof with her fingers.

"Don't you mock me! I have solid proof this time!"

"Really?" Becky asked. "What?"

Tobey crossed his arms. "You're the only person in town with a pet monkey."

The plucky superheroine raised an eyebrow. "That's it? That's all ya got?"

He blinked at her lack of reaction then stuttered, "N-No! I also have this!"

He brought out a tape recorder from his pocket. Tobey smiled evilly then pressed the PLAY button.

"…What a pleasant surprise!" Tobey's voice said from the tape.

"You and your devoted robots really outsmarted me this time!" a familiar voice commended.

"Is that…WordGirl?" Becky asked just as Tobey paused the recording.

"Why yes. How very perceptive of you! I wonder how you could tell so quickly."

Becky paused, realizing what he was getting at. "Oh, well, it's because…I talk to WordGirl a lot. Yeah, we chat almost every day after she patrols the city."

Tobey raised an eyebrow. "Hm, yes, I'm sure you do…"

He cleared his throat and pressed FORWARD on his recorder. "Now this is a recording of you from last week when you kept boasting to me about how smart you are."

The boy genius stopped the tape then clicked the PLAY button. "Ha! You really think you can outsmart me this time, Tobey? Good luck," her voice challenged from the tape, followed by her laughter.

Tobey paused the tape. "Do you find it strange that you two sound an awful lot alike? You even have the same adorable laugh!" he shouted while pointing at her.

"We do no–Wait, did you just say my laugh is adorable?"

He blinked. "No, I didn't. I said, uh, deplorable! Yes, your laugh is completely deplorable!"

"Hey, that's not very nice!"

"Well, I'm not a very nice person, in case you hadn't noticed. I am an evil boy genius bent on the destruction of this city and world domination! And I'll crush anyone who gets in my way! Including you, WordGirl!"

She sighed in disgust. "Look, for the last time, I'm not WordGirl! If I was, I'm pretty sure my family and friends would've figured that out by now! I'm terrible at keeping secrets!" she said, waving dismissively at him.

"Spout whatever lies you want! But unless I see with my own two eyes that you and WordGirl are not the same person, I will not stop until I prove I'm right!"

"If the fact that you think Bob is Captain Huggyface and that WordGirl and I sound alike is all you have, then maybe you should just go home, Tobey." She started to close her front door. Bob waved goodbye to him, smiling brightly.

Tobey slammed a hand against it. "Hm, trying to get rid of me? This makes you look even more suspicious, Becky."

Becky put her hands on her hips. "I'm trying to get rid of you because you keep accusing me of being WordGirl!" she yelled. "You claimed you had solid proof, but all you have are silly speculations."

Tobey smiled, leaning forward with his hands behind his back. "Oooh, speculations, hm? Nice choice of words. Further evidence that you are indeed WordGi—"

"Just because my vocabulary happens to be widely-ranged doesn't mean anything! I'm just smart," Becky stated, examining her nails.

Tobey raised an eyebrow. "Not smarter than this boy genius, let me assure you. I highly doubt you understand even the blueprints of a giant robut!"

She crossed her arms and asked, not even attempting to hide her sarcasm, "Why do you even go to elementary school still if you're so intelligent?"

"Because my mother wants me to be around people my age, even if I keep telling her that everyone at my school is an imbecile." He blinked. "Don't change the subject!"

Becky leaned against her doorpost. "Not my fault you got distracted. Besides, even if I was WordGirl, which I'm not, how would you expose what she's managed to keep hidden for years?"

"Like this."

Tobey pushed her aside to storm into her house.

Becky turned to glare at him. "Tobey! You can't just barge into my house like that!"

He paused climbing the steps and looked back at her. "Oh, can't I?" he asked as he chuckled to himself. He continued up the stairs while humming what sounded like the WordGirl theme song.

"Bob, there isn't anything in my room that can connect me to being WordGirl, right?" she whispered to her monkey-sidekick.

Bob tapped a finger to his chin and thought hard. After a few seconds, he just shrugged.

"You think Emergency Plan Number Forty-Seven will work on him again?"

The monkey threw his hands into the air with a squeak of protest. He did not want to dress up as WordGirl and feel ridiculous again.

Becky sighed. "I thought you wouldn't be up for it…. Fine! Then we'll have to figure out another way to get him to leave!"

"What dull ornaments," Tobey said as he picked up one of Becky's prized ceramic unicorns. He set it down and looked at her bookcase. "Although, I must say, she has good taste in books. The Princess Triana series, Romeo and Juliet…. Hm, what's this one?"

It was a worn-out green book, the golden title chipped away so he couldn't make heads or tails of what it could be. It seemed to be the oldest among all the books there. Carefully, he slipped it off the shelf and began to examine its contents.

"Tobey! Get out of my room! You have no right to be here!"

The boy genius flinched and the book dropped from his hands. Becky looked at the fallen book and gasped, "My Perfect Learners' Dictionary!"

"Hm, you seem to care an awful lot about dictionaries, Becky." Tobey took note of her looking over her book to make sure it wasn't damaged and her carefully placing it back on her shelf.

"Well, of course I do! I mean, it's one of the first dictionaries I've ever read!" she replied, forgetting herself despite Bob's frantic waving.

She slapped a hand to her head. "Oh…."

Tobey chuckled at this, shaking his head. "Becky, Becky, Becky." He spoke as if she were much smaller than she really was. "When are you going to admit that you're WordGirl? Enough games. I've exposed you!"

The plucky superheroine scanned the room anxiously to find something to distract him. She couldn't find anything, so she blurted out, "Well…why don't you send a few of your robots out into the city and see for yourself that I am not WordGirl, only a regular girl who's infatuated with words."

Just then, the monkey squeaked twice and she knew he had no idea what infatuated meant. "Oh, to be infatuated means to be completely carried away by a strong love or affection. Like how I'm infatuated with words or how Tobey is infatuated with WordGirl."

"What? N-No, I'm not!" He laughed as he pulled at his collar. "D-Don't be silly! I'm not infatuated with that overrated superhero!"

"Yes, you are," the Narrator cut in.

Tobey glared at the ceiling. "No, I'm not! And nobody asked you!"

"It's sort of cute when you keep denying it," the Narrator teased.

Becky and Bob had been giggling as they watched the little argument, which Tobey only began to notice. Tobey scowled at this and decided he'd had enough of people mocking him. He snatched one of Becky's prized unicorns off her shelf, stomped to her open window, and dangled it outside.

Becky immediately stopped laughing. "What are you doing?"

"Well, what does it look like, WordGirl?"

"Angelface has been broken several times already! Please just give him back to me!"

Tobey smirked, sensing that he was going to win. "Interesting that you didn't deny you were WordGirl that time…."

Bob's eyes widened. Sure, Becky would sometimes blurt out things she shouldn't about being WordGirl, but this was different.

Just then, an idea popped into his head and he walked out of the room. This went unnoticed by the two children, who continued their little standoff.

"I am not WordGirl! I don't know how many times I have to say it! Now give me back my unicorn, Tobey!"

She took a step towards him and he let it slip just a bit. She put her hands over her mouth. Her heart dropped when she thought he was going to let Angelface shatter into pieces.


Tobey raised an eyebrow, a little bewildered that she cared so much for what he saw as a fragile piece of junk. Sure, it was possibly a fine…decoration, but c'mon, a prized possession? What could possibly be so special about a ceramic unicorn, whose only purpose was to forever have a cheesy plastered smile on its face?

While he stood there struggling to comprehend Becky's fascination with unicorns, someone had snatched said object right from his hands. Bob stood on the roof, clutching the unicorn with a satisfied smirk. He then squeaked in triumph and hopped off the roof.


He had been so close! He knew she would've blurted out everything if only that stupid monkey hadn't gotten in his way!

When Bob came back, he chirped once and handed her Angelface.

"Nice going, Bob!" she said and placed her unicorn back on her shelf with care.

Tobey pushed past them to leave. She held Bob back from leaping onto the irritating young boy. "I'll handle this, Bob. In the meantime, you can rest up here and I'll bring you a big snack before dinner as a reward for saving Angelface. Okay?"

The superheroine patted her friend on the head then frowned as she glared out the doorway.

She was going to have a little chat with Theodore McCallister the Third.

A/N: So, what do you think? Is everyone in-character? I'm not so sure since I'm not used to writing for this fandom.

Also, in case you guys are wondering, Emergency Plan Forty-Seven is when Captain Huggyface has to dress up as WordGirl in case Becky can't. This showed up in the original shorts, or at least, the ones with Tobey in them.