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Drake was aware that there were many different kinds of shoppers.
There were those who bought almost nothing, there were those bought nearly everything in the store, those who bought only things they deemed healthy and there were those who had young children and a boat load of junk.
Today however he had discovered a new type of shopper, sadly not before he had sent said person to the store without a list.
Now, there were oranges everywhere, in the refrigerator, the cabinets, on the counters and as he disturbingly found out that morning inside the pocket of his jacket.
There were no words.
Except maybe that one.
He barely noticed as an orange rolled off the counter and seemingly disappeared into the floor.

Seconds passed and the refrigerator hummed quietly and its light flickered slightly, it seemed the Styx was ignoring him.
Perhaps this was another one of his games, there was probably tons of real food somewhere in the house.
Now he just needed to find it.
And the Styx who hid it.
Shutting the refrigerator Drake left the kitchen.

As of late things seemed to be going badly for Will recently he had lost poker with Stephanie and in the process his watch, something he was still sore about and he silently vowed never to play cards with her again.
He glanced at his wrist in annoyance now he couldn't even tell the time.
But at least there seemed to be one bright side to his stretch of bad luck, it seemed Elliot was becoming closer to them again.
At the moment they were in the living room and had stationed themselves on the couch, Chester had gone off with Parry, Stephanie was in her room- probably enjoying his watch- so the two sat in a comfortable silence that neither of them were willing to break, yes it was tranquility at its finest.

Unfortunately the moment was destined to be shattered seconds later when Drake rushed through the room muttering to himself about oranges and Styx.

After he was gone Elliot turned to him with a dumbfounded expression to which Will shrugged in response, resting his head back on the couch he stayed like that for a moment slowly becoming aware that the silence wasn't so comfortable anymore.

"Well that was odd.." Will said after a minute.

"Yes it was," Elliot agreed "Do you think he's okay?"


Finally after searching every room in the house with no sign of Eddie, Drake returned to the kitchen intent on removing the mass of fruit in the room, when he entered the room he was greeted by Eddie squeezing one of the many oranges into a small pitcher, to Drake finding him there was no surprise, the Styx had a habit of moving around and popping up places without him noticing it.
"You're back?"

Drake ignored his question as his original quest of finding out why there was a hoard of fruit in the kitchen was renewed Drake was determined to ask the questions instead.

"Why are oranges everywhere?" Drake asked.

"Their not everywhere only in the kitchen-" Eddie started, grabbing another orange.

"And my jacket." Drake put in with annoyance.

Eddie continued on regardless "And the oranges are there because you sent me to the grocery store."

"Well, where's the rest of the food?" Drake asked with a frown not liking the way Eddie cocked his head at his words, Drake was beginning to dread the answer he would get.


The Un-Eddie-ish response told Drake all that he needed to know,
"These are the only things you bought..." this evoked a rare flicker of a smile from the Styx but otherwise he didn't respond Drake stared at the basket of oranges across from him with growing irritation and disbelief.
There were only oranges...
Eddie continued juicing his oranges at a steady pace. "You don't like oranges?"
Finally Drake looked away from the basket a resolve forming in his mind.
"Why don't you return half of these..And get real food?"
Eddie paused in squeezing the orange and looked at Drake blankly "Even if I wanted to, I can't."

"Why?" Drake asked, growing tired with the situation and assured himself he could come up with a disguise good enough to go shopping himself.

"Because its the only store in a twenty mile radius and the employees are upset with me at the moment, I won't go back there for at least a week. " Eddie replied looking, what Drake assumed was indignant for a brief moment.

"Can't or won't?" Drake asked dryly "Eddie what did you do?"

"They said I was depriving their other costumers of options and driving them away." Eddie said.

Drake sighed, he had a feeling this was going to be a long day "How?"

"By buying all their oranges."

"That's it?"

Eddie stared at him for a long moment before answering.

Drake put his head on the counter, he had been right it was going to be long day and it had barely started. Across from him Eddie had stopped juicing the oranges and was beginning to feel a twinge of guilt.
"You're father has deer doesn't he?" He asked "I could shoot one."
Drake looked up it was amazing how one short conversation could leave him feeling so drained, he was ready to reject Eddie's offer but seeing his expression it was obvious the Styx wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Sure...lets go shoot a deer, not like we have anything more important to do anyway." Drake added sarcastically after Eddie had left to get his gun.

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