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Having a child was something that for years seemed unobtainable for them.

To Celia this may have well been the end of her world, Roger of course was far too in love with his work to share much if any of the heartbreak his wife felt, but she liked to think he cared.

After giving up on conception their life had slipped into a painfully predictable loop that never seemed to end: Roger would head to the museum staying until nightfall even though no one ever visited anymore, Celia would spend countless hours in front of their new television watching her dreams play out behind the glass screen.

This routine went on unhindered for little over two years until one day after Roger had left for the museum Celia was surfing through the channels looking for something that caught her eye finally stopping on an old soap opera.

She followed along with the show loosely her attention only being fully drawn from her thoughts to the television when the commercials began to play Celia did not like commercial breaks and normally she used them as a chance to get food or visit the bathroom, but that day she was halted in doing either when pastel colored bars suddenly exploded across the screen followed by little playing children.

The first thing that crossed Celia's mind was how cheesy the ad looked and it wasn't until several minutes after the commercial had ended that Celia realized it was an advertisement for an adoption agency and in that moment her dreams for a family were rekindled as she eagerly reached for the phone.

The process was surprisingly easy both Celia and Robert had expected to have to wait at least a year to be approved for a child much to their joy it had only taken a few months to be matched with a caseworker who happened to have not one but two young children available for adoption a four year old boy and a two year old girl.

For Celia this was a match made in heaven even Robert was showing some excitement in something other than his work and the caseworker, a tall and unnervingly thin man had all but promised they'd get the children.

Everything else flew by in a blur background checks were done, the house was checked and approved, by far Celia and Robert found picking names for their new children the hardest thing in the whole process.

Celia had fallen in love with the name Will, shorter than William but more mature than Willy then reluctantly she had allowed Robert to pick the girl's name, much to her relief and he seemed put more thought into it than she had assumed he would, taking days and the suggestions of their caseworker to pick a name and when he did Celia was able to breathe a sigh of relief and even the caseworker seemed pleased because Rebecca was better than Mafic any day of year.

When the day that they would receive their new children finally arrived Celia did not watch a minute of TV and even though Robert still went to the museum he was sure to arrive home before five.

They waited for what seemed like an eternity for the doorbell to ring.

The moment she laid eyes on them again her life was perfected, both draped in thin jackets two little Snow whites.

Or better yet Jack frost and a Snow white she had jokingly thought to herself when she realized just how pale both her children were,Will was a bumbling giggling bundle of unbridled joy and for a two year old Rebecca seemed very aware and knowledgeable carrying on a brief conversation with her case worker-one that Celia didn't quite catch but it involved transportation and time cards- before marching forward and introducing herself by her new name Celia saw a bright future in front of her daughter and son too and it was in that blissful frame of time that Celia knew these children were truly the missing puzzle piece in her- their family.

And she promised herself then she would never ever let either of them go.

Not for the world.


Ten years later..

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A few explanations Rebecca was talking to her caseworker- The person who deals with adopted and foster children's 'cases'. This person is someone you know from the book too :) - about when she and her sister would be switching places and what transportation they would be using.

Also having a lot of adopted relatives I know this isn't exactly-or even closely- how the system works but the adoption was Styx organized so it probably didn't follow the rules very closely. Also I don't know if the UK has a different system than the US so heh yeah.

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I'm also kinda sad all the Styx had to die, but that's what fanfiction is for right?