Moving Forward:

Hey all! So this is a sequel to Aftermath…For those of you who don't know or forgot, Aftermath followed the episode A girl in a Flower Dress (when Skye warns Miles about S.H.I.E.L.D. and then ends up getting a bracelet that tracks everything she does electronically, and also works as a leash so she can't do certain things online.

Moving Forward, is exactly as it sounds, it's right after Skye's decision in Aftermath and how everyone moves forward from it, and it will tie into episodes that have aired from Agents of Shield.

AN: Italics will be lines I copied straight from the episode.

AN: This was also taken from Repairs BTW!

CHAPTER 6: Game Night

May was busy flying the plane and Fitz was taking a nap somewhere.

Ward and Simmons each sat on one side of the scrabble board. Skye had sat down to referee when the game had started, and Coulson came in midway through the game. He smiled munching on some pretzels. The game was almost over.

"Ta-Da!" Simmons said smiling as she played 'AGLET'

"That isn't a word in our language!" Ward said his competitiveness coming out.

Simmons gasped at Ward for suggesting such a thing as her cheating.

"I've never heard of it" Coulson said backing Ward. Skye sighed…

"I'm checking…"

"OUR language?" Simmons asked looking at Ward accusingly "You mean the ENGLISH language. First spoken in ENGLAND?" she asked emphasizing English and England.

"Aglet: A plastic or metal tube covering the end of a shoelace" Skye said chuckling

"Oh COME ON!" Coulson said smiling

"She used her Britishness against us" Ward complained.

"It's a word!" Simmons said smiling.

Just then they all looked up as Fitz walked in. All of them started laughing. One side of his face and hand was covered with whipped cream

"It's not funny. I was sleeping peacefully" Fitz said seriously

But they all just continued to laugh.

"Very clever Simmons" he said accusingly looking at her.

"I didn't – I didn't do it." Simmons said defensively.

"Well. Ward. I don't appreciate—" Fitz said moving on

"Don't look at me!" Ward said raising his hands up chuckling at the end.

Coulson shook his head to indicate it wasn't him either.

"Okay. Well, Skye—"

Skye laughed…"No" she said imitating Ward and raising her hands,.

"Well who then? Look the bunks should be off-limits okay? Don't laugh! Because I know it was one of you!"

Up in the cockpit May smiled to herself.

"Come on, clean up and then we can play a new game. I just beat Ward at Scrabble" Simmons said smiling.


"Alright so what are we playing?" Coulson asked looking into their game closet.

"How about we make up a game?" Skye asked.

"Really?" Ward said skeptically.

"Yeah plus I already have it made" Skye said excitedly.

"Okay" Simmons said smiling.

"Okay so it's kind of like apples to apples S.H.I.E.L.D. addition." Skye said before dealing out cards.

"I'll be the judge first"

"Wait we don't even know how to play" Ward said confused as he looked at his cards that read: Ward, Fury, Telekenisis, Bunny, Unicorn, and Marshmallows.

"Okay so here's what happens I pull a card…" Skye paused as she pulled a card. It read: Coulson.

"Okay now so what each of you do, look at the cards that you have and you pick one that you think works with A.C., You also get a chance to explain and make your case as to why it works with A.C., and then I get to judge and see whose card I think is the best that matches, or who made the best case. You each have thirty seconds to say why though."

"Well this is awkward" Coulson said laughing

"Okay Simmons you're first!"

"Okay so my card is dad. Because he is kind of like a dad to us all." Simmons said quickly. Skye and Coulson both smiled.

"Okay, Fitz?"

"Mine is sexy" everyone burst out laughing.

"Ummmm" Coulson said going a little red in the face.

"Got something to tell us Fitz?" Skye asked laughing

"No!" Fitz said frustrated "It's because a lot of women at the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy think he's sexy, plus that's the only card I have that works" he said defensively.

"Sure, alright Fitz…Ward you're up". Ward looked down at his hands, sighing before pulling a card.

"Mine is Marshmallow….because he has a major sweet tooth even if he won't admit it" Ward said lamely.

"Psshhh, Okay and finally last but not least A.C.?" Skye asked. Coulson drew out his card smiling before placing it down on the table. Everyone looked down and read: Lola

"No fair!" Fitz said frowning

"His was so easy!" Simmons said groaning.

"I just got lucky with the cards!" Coulson said smiling.

"Well even though it's a good card and all I still get to decide...and I'm actually gonna go with Simmons card. Dad" Skye said smiling at Coulson before picking up the Coulson card and handing it off to Simmons.

"Okay, now its Fitz's turn to pick a card!" Skye said smiling, happy that they were all enjoying her game.


It was hours later, the game had been put away and everyone had headed off to their rooms. Skye walked up to Coulson's office, knowing his bedroom was also in there and knocked tentatively.

"Come in" Coulson said

Skye walked in slowly and was surprised to see him in a pair of dark blue pajama bottoms and a Captain America shirt.

"Wow finally out of the suit and tie" Skye said smiling.

"Yeah well I can't really sleep in it can I? Anyway, what I can I do for you Skye?" he asked sitting down on his bed.

Skye moved over and sat down next to him.

"I just wanted to thank you, you know for all that you've done for me. I mean you took me in even though May and Ward thought I was a risk which I turned out to be when I betrayed you guys and warned Miles. And then even after that when he took me you still fought for me. I mean you broke the rules and told Stark about me and I—I just want to thank you and you're really like a dad to me. You know I've never known my family, never really had a real mom or dad or anything and I just wanted to say thanks…Dad."

"You're welcome sweetie. You know I've never had a daughter and with this job I doubt I ever will but I want you to know that to me, you're my daughter and I'm your dad. And I will do anything for you, protect you from anything, or anyone"

Skye smiled a tear running down her cheek. Coulson wiped it away quickly before pulling her into a hug. After a minute or two he finally let go.

"Now go get some sleep kid, you're going to need it" Coulson said smiling.

Skye got up off his bed and headed towards the door. Before she closed it however she said.

"Night dad"

Coulson smiled to himself. He knew it had taken a while for everyone to get back to normal and he was happy that everyone seemed to be moving forward.


The End!

AN: Hope you guys liked it! I really love the father-daughter stuff that Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennett do with Coulson and Skye so I thought I'd add that in. Anyways please please let me know what you guys thought about it!