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Talk now – normal talk
What now – normal thoughts
Speak – biju, higher being talk
Listen – biju, higher being thoughts

Chapter 19 : Year IV part III

The scene around her felt like a story her mother used to read her when she was younger, it was a warm peaceful morning the sun was shining outside, light bathing the room through the window, it felt to her as a spring day.

Hinata was sitting at a round table with the others nearby, her thoughts returned to the present as she took another bite of food and watched those around her. Everything is so delicious. She cleared her throat. They eat the same way, every little bit and they don't leave anything behind.

Yukimura turned his eyes towards her. "Yes?"

"I wanted to ask where you learned to cook like this, and why."

The man smiled before answering. "That's actually a funny story."

"It is?"

He nodded. "Oh yes. You see I learned the art of cooking in my first life because Sayaka didn't know how to cook…" he pondered for a moment "well anything."


"Really?" Tenten asked jumping into the conversation while looking between the two.

"Yes, she would eat either sweats or the simplest of things, fried meat and raw vegetables were fine for her, she didn't see the big deal about cooking food. So I took up the duties of making food."

Sayaka nodded not looking up from her plate. "Hmm, as is a husband's job."

He blinked twice raising an eyebrow and smiling. "I think that's the wife's job."

"Nonsense." Sayaka waved a hand in a dismissive manner.

"And the way you all eat?" She asked looking at the two.

Naruto turned to look at her. "Huh? We eat in strange way?"

Hinata nodded. "It's like you're all in sync. You eat everything on the plate."

"Hunger" Sayaka began "is the enemy after all."

The other three nodded.


Yukimura waved her concerns aside. "It's alright, we didn't exactly have all that much food during the stages of our childhood and it's left marks upon us."

"I didn't mean to…"

"It's alright don't worry about it."

"Perhaps a story to lighten things up?" Hinata looked towards Sayaka sending the woman her regard for changing the conversation.

Yukimura scratched his chin. "Well, there's one with a moral in it, and it's a true story."

"About the gods from before?" Tenten asked.

"Yes, it involved one of the smaller gods, I can't remember his full name, he was a minor god from a small country that doesn't exist anymore, it was somewhere around the coast of what is today Wind country. Well this god thought of himself as very strong, he had a handful of people who worshiped him as their only god, somehow that went to his head and he tried taking on one of the first ones."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "That didn't end well for him did it?"

Yukimura shook his head. "No, not at all, the god reacted by bringing out the proverbial mallet the size of a house and then crushing the minor god, who was a small ant."

Tenten's brows knitted. "Wait so…"

Naruto smiled. "Ah no kill like overkill."

"The part of the planet where that happened has a large trench there from the impact; it's between the coast of Wind country and the place called the Endless desert. The moral is just because you think you're a lion that breaths fire and shouts lighting out its ass, that doesn't make it so."

Sayaka shook her head. "That was a horrible story."

"What, it had a moral to it."

"Yeah but didn't the impact destroy a lot of things, and people must have died." Tenten shook her head as well in exasperation.

"Oh yes, they did."

Sayaka took a sip from the rose syrup drink on the table before adding to the conversation. "I believe that the coast of both wind country and the endless desert were battered quite strong. The impact reached and swallowed an island from what would become the Land of Sea."

"True, they still have stories about that event in the land, not to mention what happened to the country that worshiped that god."

"Something very bad." Naruto added.

"The wave hit them quite strong, not to mention the fact that their only god was dead."

Tenten grabbed another piece of the meat gaining herself a look from Naruto to which she responded with a wink. "It became an open buffet huh?"


Naruto shook his head. "The gods were really messed up back then."

"Pretty much."

Sayaka clapped her hands together bring the attention towards her. "Now, now, finish eating your food; we have a lot of things to do in the afternoon."

Naruto nodded. "Right, like sledding."

Tenten smirked while eating another piece of her meat. "Amongst other things, I want to check on Black spot again."

Naruto huffed looking at her. "Night terror, is so ahead of everyone, I already taught her a jumping attack."

The group have him incredulous looks.

"Ok, maybe she can just jump."

Tenten rolled her eyes at him. "Right…. "

"Huh, this is a different mountain from the last time." Naruto looked around as the wind brushed past his face, the snow crunching under his feet.

"Yeah" Tenten added looking around "what's up with that?"

"Hmm" Yukimura scratched his chin "I just thought I'd make it more exciting."

"You didn't…" Sayaka sent his a sharp look.

Naruto looked between two curiously. "So what's up with this mountain?"

Yukimura's smile grew alongside Sayaka's scowl. "This my little ones is death mountain, thirty five people have died going down it, some say you can still see their ghosts down there, likewise a group of students were killed by an escaped patient from a mental institute, lastly is that its believed that this place used to be a burial ground for a bunch of vampires who eat the flesh of children with no eyes."

Hinata, Tenten and Naruto blinked before uttering a single word. "What?"

Sayaka hissed. "Change it."

"Fine." A quick snap of his fingers had the scenery change to a familiar one.

Tenten rubbed her head looking at Yukimura. "Why would you make something like that?"

"Because I thought it would be interesting."

Hinata held back her smile as the back of Yukimura's head made a sharp acquaintance with Sayaka's palm; Naruto grabbed her hand, while Sayaka lead Tenten away.

"Come on Hinata, this is going to be great."

"Is it really alright to go down the mountain?"

His smile was the only answer.

"I…alright then." Gently she took her place in the front on the sled.

"One, two, three and go!" Her screams followed shortly after.

Hinata watched as Naruto and Tenten spared, each moved in a different way trading blows as they neared each other. Sayaka and Yukimura stood behind her watching the spar, Sayaka took a step forward after the last exchange of blows. "It is enough."

The two bowed to each before taking a place near her while Sayaka and Yukimura took their place in the front of the three with their eyes turning towards her. "Now, we've finally decided on what styles to mix for you Hinata."

Sayaka sent her a small smile. "The first is the K'thri; it is a very dynamic and artful form of expression, including expression of anger. Those who face the K'thri stylist will often not understand why their opponent is dancing...until they find themselves kicked from an unlikely angle, or their face bleeding from a vicious head butt. Scholars disagree as to why K'thri relies more on foot strikes than hand ones, but the general understanding is that it is tied into the belief that hands are for creation and feet were for destruction. K'thri primarily attacks with kicks, sweeps, and head strikes. Some schools teach punches and hand strikes, but they are not as common."

Tenten rubbed her chin. "That's interesting, I guess, her normal styles isn't that bad, though it does rely on using their hands a lot more than anything else."

Naruto nodded. "Yes I wanted to ask about that as well, does your style not include any foot strikes?"

She shook her head. "Not that I know of, perhaps training is locked for the more advanced users; I've never seen anyone practice such a thing though, much less for the head strikes."

Tenten looked between them. "All they need are their hands to disable their opponent; since their main form of attack relies on their hands they need a good support for those attacks. Hence the less use of their legs."

Naruto nodded. "Still seems odd."

Sayaka smirked looking towards her. "Well it will be quite the shock later on now wont it, especially if you're able to use juken with your feet."

"With my feet?" She asked incredulously.

Yukimura nodded. "Yes, in theory it should be possible."

"But….the time needed for such a thing…"

Sayaka rolled her eyes. "And don't we have time….."

"I…..yes we do." The impact of how time worked in the god land while using it for training struck her like a hammer.

"The next few are ones that you are aware of" Sayaka looked towards Naruto and Tenten "they are Stava, Verdanaian strikes and Steel Hand."

Tenten waved his hands with wide eyes while Naruto paled. "Wait, wait, wait, you're going to teach her Steel Hand? That includes the death wave? And with her eyes and juken style."

"….well shit."

"Language!" Sayaka's palm accompanied her words as they met Naruto's head. "Though you are correct."

Tenten hugged her with a dreamy expression on her face. "You're going to be so kick ass in the future."

Sayaka cleared her throat getting their attention again. "The last are Goutfang and Whispering Claw for stealth fighting, and of course the favorite of learning how to fight while blind. Now the second style relies on…"

The apartment was ill lit with all the windows being covered with curtains to ensure to no one could see inside of it. Small bottles were scattered all around the room with bags and boxes scattered around it as well, three men stood looking around the place.

The tallest of three with broad shoulders with blue eyes and short cut hair cut through the silence. "I can't believe it took us this long to get to this place."

The second member of the group had greasy black hair pulled into a bun. "I can't believe Yujiro was such an idiot to have a drug lab in his damn apartment. We're lucky nothing blew up."

The first man shrugged his shoulder. "There just steroids, there isn't anything to blow up here."

The last member spoke quieting the other two. "Double check, we don't know what else he was working on."

"Understood captain."

"We're really lucky he notified the building association about being gone and long missions and that no one's gone inside yet."


"Get to work you two, remember leave no stone unturned."

"Yes sir!"

"Are you alright Naruto?"

Naruto nodded looking towards Shikamaru. "Yeah, I'm fine, just never been to a sleepover before, I'm not sure what I should do."

"Troublesome, don't worry it's not much, well just play games and eat food, there's nothing to be nervous about."

"Right, thanks." Not like you noticed the looks I'm getting from some of the clan members, especially the old guy.

"Come, on Chouji's waiting for us down stairs; he said something about rabbit stew."

Bastard, don't worry Night Terror, you won't end up like that! "Right, lead the way."

Both Naruto and Tenten stood wrapped in a blanket looking towards the night sky from the window in their apartment. "So tomorrow?"

Naruto grunted looking towards her. "Yeah, are you ready?"

She nodded. "As I'll ever be."

"Remember the objectives?"

Tenten looked at him bewildered. "How could I forget? Disable the viewing orb, and get our hands on as many scrolls as possible."

"The forbidden one first amongst them."


"Let's go to sleep and get this over with, we're going to put on our best acting faces tomorrow."

Naruto closed the drapes around the window while Tenten prepared the bed, she had barely closed her eyes before his voice rang out.



"I'm going to make Night terror breath fire one day."

"What?" She asked as her eyes snapped open and she turned towards him and finding his back towards her, having taken his usual sleep position.

"Just saying."

"Go to sleep already brother, I think you're hallucinating."

The day had passed quickly enough and the two soon found themselves in the Hokage's office. "Hey old man."

"Ah, Naruto-kun and Tenten-chan, it does this old man's heart good to see you, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Naruto smiled and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, see we, I mean I got really, nervous, and Ten-can said we should come to you."

The Hokage's brows knitted looking at him. "Oh, about what Naruto-kun?"

"Uh, well those guards guys, the um…"

"The Uchiha."

The Naruto nodded while taking note of how the Hokage's face seemed to turn to stone at the mention of that name. "Yeah, those guys, they've been following me around a lot more then usual lately and it got me freaked out."

"More than usual? What do you mean Naruto-kun?"

He smiled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well after I pulled a prank they would usually keep a closer eye on me and stuff, but I haven't even done one recently and they're still acting really strange and stuff."

"I see."

"Yeah." Naruto nodded and received a nudge from his sister. "Tell him about the shop."

"Of right almost forgot about that one."

"Oh." The Hokage asked. "What shop?"

"Well, see, I went to eat at a shop of theirs, but they where really odd today, it all felt, uh what's the word."

"Tense." The Hokage supplied.

"Yeah, like that. I was full from the food, but they said I could get an extra free bowl and stuff, but I was full and didn't want it, but they still wanted me to eat it. I uh, ended up refusing the bowl and left, everything felt so odd there. Ten-chan thought we should come over and talk to you."

A storm of emotions played across the man's face while he maintained his friendly disposition. "I understand, that was well thought my dear, don't worry I'll look into the matter, why don't you stay here for now."

"Really? Thanks old man, we can play games and ugh." A quick elbow found itself imbedded inside of Naruto's kidneys.

Tenten supplied. "We can do our homework."

Naruto nodded while wincing. "Or we can do that." He closed his eyes thinking back at the conversation they had while in the god realm.

Yukimura had been the one who explained the plan. "With the little play, the Hokage will be lead to believe that the Uchiha might want to capture Naruto to use the power of the Kyuubi. With that he will let the two of you stay in his office until news reaches him of the massacre, once that occurs he will leave the two of you under guard in his office. If you sense any guards in the shadows using your magic, I'll use a spell to confuse their sense for a brief period."

Naruto nodded. "Alright, and then we use magic to get the goods and disable that pain in..."

Sayaka hissed at him. "Language."


"What about if he has any security measures for the office?" Tenten asked.

Yukimura waved her concerns off. "As long as you are inside it shouldn't matter."

"And if they have something to paralyze the people inside?"

Sayaka squeezed her shoulder in comfort. "Well be keeping an eye on the situation through your bodies, if that's the case we'll use magic to accomplish our goals, it will be more difficult, but not impossible."

"Well, alright then."

The plan, to their joint relief, went as they expected, news arrived by an Anbu agent and the Hokage left the office in a hurry. "Stay here, children my guards will protect you!"

Right after the door closed behind the Hokage, the two felt a seal array appear outside the office covering the room. Using their magic the two found the few guards that remained, a quick pull let Yukimura know to deal with the agents still in the room. The two felt the signal that the spell had been cast, they waited for two minutes before they acted.

Naruto went and touched the orb letting Yukimura work on the object to help give him peace of mind. While the process was complex in short it would give both him and sister a bigger warning about whenever the Hokage tried to use the orb on either of them. The more important aspect was that it would slowly nudge the user away from frequently using the item on him or his sister, the spell would leave a few empty spots for later companions and more importantly for him was the fact that it also added a spell that would destroy the orb later on, when an excuse existed as to how it could have been destroyed.

Tenten for her part, quickly went to the cabinet holding the forbidden scroll, she placed both hands on it and channeled her magic into it. She didn't know if after the seal around the office became active if another seal didn't activate around the cabinet as well, she couldn't feel such a thing, however it still felt strange for such an important item not to have more protection.

The two made a game of touching the items and describing them, if anyone checked the Anbu's memories they would remember seeing them propose to play the game inside the office, after finishing their homework and getting bored.

Once done with their respective tasks, Naruto went to the book shelf on the right side in the room while Tenten went to the Hokage's desk and repeated the process. Neither knew what they would find however they believed that something of value might still be found. They remembered how knowledge was power.

The entire process took five minutes, after which the spell over the guards was broken and the two continued their game with other objects in the room, they went as far as playing hide and seek in the office with the goal of one person to correctly guess from the first time where the other person had hidden.

Hinata awoke with startled gasp, sweat covering her; she wiped her forehead with one hand looking towards the covered windows in her room noticing that it was still dark outside. Ah, back here and the night terrors return in full force, wonderful. I miss the god realm.

She got out of bed and exited her room heading towards her little sister's room, the moment she took a step outside her room she noticed a difference; the guards were more numerous around the compound. Briefly she froze not knowing what had occurred before her body moved towards her sister's room.

She felt a weight being lifted from her shoulders when she found her sister sound asleep, quickly she managed to get her breathing back under control, she didn't know how long she stood guard over her sister before deciding to head towards her father's study. She blinked and covered her eyes with a hand. Dawn is near, did I stay that long in there?

Hinata moved as stealthily as she could until she heard the voices coming from her father's study. "Yes, it's been confirmed, the clan is down to two people." She blinked recognizing her father's voice.

"How tragic." A bored woman's voice sounded out, shortly accompanied by the voice of a man. "You can show some damn emotion, they were our comrades in arms."

She recognized the voice as being those belonging to two of the clan elders.

"Yes, they were, some of use had friends in the clan, but they where also our rivals and potentially responsible for the Kyuubi incident."

"Bah, stories and rumors that started with the traitor and ended with him, the Kyuubi disappeared after that, if it was involved in the fighting in the first place. Do you think that the Uchiha somehow kept the Kyuubi under their compound all this time?"

"We have a jinjuriki now, don't we? Perhaps they had one as well?"

"Oh? And what the Shodaime would have given them the biju? Preposterous!"

Her father cleared his throat interrupting their conversation. "Such things do not matter now; their clan is all but extinct."

The woman's voice was heard again. "Yes, something that will allow our clan to reach new heights."

"Will it? We were already far more active on the field then they ever were."

"Ah, perhaps we could take over the police force; we could always use some of the branch members as officers."

"Talking about such a thing at this hour is a sign of disrespect for the fallen." She could detect the exhaustion in her father's voice alongside the anger, small traces that they were.

"It's practical." The woman pressed.

"The idea has merit, however that duty had been traditionally held by the Uchiha clan, do to such a thing may tarnish out reputation." She wasn't certain if she heard her father grunting while speaking the words.

"Well said, we are also not considering what giving the branch members more freedom could do to the balance in the clan. It would weaken our defenses as well."

"Enough, the hour is late, we will pay our respect to our fallen comrades at the funeral, talk of this nature can occur at a later date."


"A shame, so goes another clan."

"Far too many are gone."

"We will need to keep a closer eye on the young ones for a time, once word of the event spreads."

"I am certain that the Hokage already has plans to deal with the situation, we will of course do our duty as we have done before."

"Of course."

So this is the event they warned me about. Slowly she started making her way back towards her room before a voice froze her in place.

"Daughter, what is it that you have to say about the matter?"

Ah….stay calm, breathe in and breathe out. Slowly she opened the door and bowed to the people there. "Father, honored elders, I awoke after hearing noise outside my room, after noticing the guards I went to ensure Hanabi's safety."

She met the group's gaze with her own. "Once confirmed and with no change to the guards I made my way towards your study, I arrived and overheard the end of your conversation."

"Your thoughts." The woman pressed.

"I will prepare sister when the time comes for us to pay of respects to our fallen comrades."

"Dismissed, all of you."

"Good night, father, honored elders." She bowed again before leaving, briefly she heard the words exchanged between the two retreating elders.

"Hm, more steel in that one then I thought."

"Given her parents I'm not surprised, perhaps there's hope for her yet."

"If she inherited anything good from those two, we've already seen the less desired qualities."

The following week had been tense; the Anbu guards had stuck to him and his sister like glue. From the time they woke up, during the academy and finally back at the apartment they had guards on them all times. He figured the guards were there in case some of the citizens of the Konoha decided that he was responsible for the massacre, somehow.

The entire village was in a state of shock because of the massacre. Out of a clan of hundreds only two had survived, Itachi Uchiha who had reportedly single handedly slaughtered his own clan before fleeing the village and his little brother Sasuke, who was in the hospital because of mental trauma. Their return to the god realm was a welcomed change.

"Ah finally no more constant surveillance!" Naruto cheered.

"Here, here." Tenten added just as enthusiastically.

Sayaka gave each a hug. "Glad to have you two back."

Tenten looked around puzzled. "Huh, where's Hinata?"

"Training with us in another part of the realm." Yukimura let out a sigh. "A shame, she couldn't been brought in earlier, she might have understood what we did. It's for the best, in time we can reveal it, just not now."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, so what did we get? I figured you could use what's in the scroll to make some kick ass attacks."

"With explosions." Tenten added.

"Yeah, with explosions."

The two shared an amused look; it was always funny when Naruto and Tenten acted their age, desire for explosions not included.

Yukimura produced a copy of the scroll from the ground, holding it in his hands. "Well, it contains quite a few interesting jutsu. We still aren't sure, about the origin of the scroll though."

"Huh, wasn't it made by the first Hokage?" Tenten asked.

"Why do you think so?"

Tenten scratched her head. "Um, I just thought he made it and stuff, no real reason, ah, my mistake, I made assumptions. So did he just find it or did the second Hokage make it?"

Yukimura shrugged. "Unknown at this time, unless you feel like asking the third about the matter."

"No thanks."

Tenten looked at the copy with a curious eye. "So, by the name, it contains, forbidden techniques, right?"

Sayaka nodded looking over the scroll as Yukimura passed it to her. "Yes, quite a few have been added to it over the years."

"Which" Naruto began "brings me back to my original question, what's written in it?"

Sayaka handed the scroll back to Yukimura who opened it as the two knelt on the floor. "Something that stands out is the Shadow Clone Technique."

Tenten raised an eyebrow at the name. "That sounds interesting, is it something from the Nara clan?"

Yukimura shook his head. "No, it's similar to the basic Clone Technique; this technique however creates copies of the user. The difference is that these clones are corporeal instead of illusions."

Both Naruto and Tenten shared a look between them before Naruto spoke up. "Alright, now that sounds good, the question is how does it accomplish something like that?"

"Simple, the user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force. The clones can also disperse on their own or be dispelled by the user of the technique."

Naruto smiled. "Sounding better with every word."

"Indeed, another advantage is that shadow clones can't be distinguished from the actual person even by dōjutsu because the clones have the exact same amount of chakra as the original, and aren't made from any other substance like water clones are for example."

Tenten looked puzzled at the two. "So what's the big downside, I mean it sounds like the chakra requirement would be the biggest hurdle for technique?"

Sayaka smiled at her. "You are correct, because of the manner in which the clones are created, the user must divide their chakra among the clones, potentially using up all their chakra fairly quickly if the user is low on chakra, or makes too many clones. This is especially problematic when the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique is used; whereas the normal version will only create a few clones, the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique can create hundreds. "

Naruto let out a small whistle. "Well, damn."

Yukimura shook his head. "Still, we must mention a unique characteristic of the shadow clone is that any experience the clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. This makes the technique ideal for spying, since the user can simply send a clone to spy on a target, and then have the clone disperse itself without returning, to pass the information back to the user. Similarly, because they are clones of the original, any chakra that the clone possesses will return to the original after being dispelled. Conversely, the reverse is also true and the original is still able to manipulate the chakra of the clones. It's also useful for training purposes, since the total amount of experience the user gains is multiplied by the total number of clones being used to train. For example, if a user creates one shadow clone and trains together with this clone for one hour, then dispels the clone, the user gains two hours of training in one hour by adding the hours of clone and the user together. "

Both Naruto and Tenten palled. "Ok, I'm sensing a major problem here, or else you two would have handled the conversation differently."

Tenten nodded as well. "Yeah, it's tied to the learning feature isn't it? Chakra wise I think we would both be able to deal with the matter, eventually at least. "

"True, few people are able to use this technique effectively, due to the large amount of chakra it consumes. However, this weakness is not an issue to Naruto, due to his massive chakra reserves. Having such reserves would allow him to create hundreds of clones while maintaining a decent supply of chakra in each one." His gaze shifted to Tenten. "While you could still create a good amount of them. The problem is the memory transfer feature. I believe that because most of the users simply didn't have enough chakra to create too many clones for the issue to arise."

Naruto let out a sigh feeling how the air of using the technique vanished. "I'm guessing creating as many as possible and having them run around the battlefield would be an issue?"

Yukimura chuckled darkly. "Yes, consider what the memory feedback would be if the clones are killed in combat? Especially in such large numbers as you suggest? Believe you me, dyeing always sucks, and I've died in a lot of ways. Considering the ways shinobi have come up for killing people, you could be on the receiving end of all sorts of nasty memories."

Naruto paled. "Oh."

"That doesn't sound pleasant." Tenten shook her head to rid herself of that scenario.

Sayaka conjured two cups of tea for the two. "True, now it looks like the creators of the technique took some safety measures for such an event. We think that there is a filter built in the technique for such an eventuality that stops the memories from clones dispelled to soon from returning. Given our unique nature we couldn't find an exact answer."

Yukimura continued after making sure that the two had regained some of their color. "Now another problem is the use of shadow clone technique like a horde as a standard battle strategy. Some of them will inevitably be destroyed, and each time and every time the user would get the memories of the situation but without the actual pain and death. "

The two spat their tea as the implication of such a thing blossomed in their minds. "Oh, shit!"


Naruto shrugged of the blow to his head. "Those memories would just pile up on top of each other and we would think what ever insane strategy we used was alright as we are still alive and kicking!"



Tenten rubbed sore head thinking about the matter. "Wouldn't careful analysis after battle, isolation of bad habits and intentional correction carry on the improvements to any subsequently created clones, if handled with the appropriate attention it could have been a positive cycle rather than a negative one. That said, the stress it would put on the mind is not something that could be dealt with in any way."

Yukimura nodded. "True, it something that would need a study of the technique and its use."

Naruto let out a sigh. "Well that's something we can scratch of the board. We could still be able to use a small number of them in non-combat roles right? "

"Well, yes, but there is another problem with that."

The two blinked with Tenten asking the question on their minds. "What?"

"You remember the memory technique that we showed the two of you?"

The two nodded.

"Now that normally could have been a great boon for you and this technique."

"So why isn't it?" Naruto asked.

Sayaka smiled and ruffled their hair. "We are still the ones keeping the memory partition going, while you yourself are slowly taking over, it will still take years before you completely do so, not to mention actually finish mastering the technique. "

Naruto rubbed his temples. "Ah, wonderful, so it would be like throwing stuff in a house that isn't even built yet."

Sayaka shrugged her shoulder. "More or less, yes."

Tenten snapped her fingers. "Hmm, wait, with the technique we could have simple send the memories of the clones to a portion correct, maybe make it a library of sorts!"

Yukimura nodded. "Yes, now think about the other matter."

"Hm, ah, what would we do when the room was full? Create a new one? Or somehow destroy the contents of the room. Either which would require mastery of the technique."

"Indeed, and how many room do you think you could create inside your minds?"

"Um, that's a good question."

Sayaka conjured a set of cups for them as well. "There's also the matter of how you would access the memories of the clones, if you used them for training you could go into the room and target a specific memory, the problem is that this would still take time."

Tenten let out a sigh as well. "Ugh, and if he used it out on the field for scouting it would be rather odd to have to stand still while going into our minds for the information. "

Sayaka nodded. "Exactly."

"Now, with the memory partition you could gain an advantage, the problem of the sheer mental constraints it would take to use it still remain, the mind can only take in so much data and in turn process it. For example if a person was to make two clones and have them read two books, he would receive both clone's memories about the books they read. The user would then have to go through both memories and commit any and all information from there to long term memory, thus taking up not only short term memory space but also long term."

Naruto let out a sigh turning towards his sister. "So if we didn't have the memory partition, and both clones dispelled in a short time period..."

"We could have a brain aneurisms kill us. Wait; with brother having you sealed inside of him, wouldn't that give him an edge for the technique?"

Yukimura nodded. "There's a possibility of that yes, as a side affect it could offer him an increased healing system."

"Would this be Active or passive?"

"Huh, well passive sounds good, but an active one could chip away at my body slowly overtime, not to mention it would have me dependent on his chakra."

"Well, that's bad."

Naruto took a sip from a cup before an idea occurred to him. "Could a user of the technique start referring to themselves as we, thinking less of a singular persona and more of a collective consciousness?"

Both Sayaka and Yukimura exchanged a brief look between them. "That's a possibility, yes."

"Uh, so I'll stay away from the technique, hmm, wait could the technique age the user as well? Adding the time spent by the clones to the mental age of the user?"

"Another good question, one that would require a study of the technique and its uses."

Tenten padded Naruto on the head eliciting a scowl from him. "So aside, form heavy chakra use and a very good chance of mental contamination is there anything else wrong with the technique?"

Yukimura grimaced alongside Sayaka."Well, there's also a note about using it for sex... "

Naruto looked puzzled at the two. "Um, for a harem or something?"

"No no no, the user, making clones for sex..."

"Um, that's what brother said."

"With himself."

The two blinked asking the same question on both their minds. "...what?"

"Yes, someone used the technique to make a female clone of themselves then had sex with them which led to a ... unfortunate consequences for the user's mind."

Tenten spoke up for the both of them. "Ummm... lets move to the next technique."

"Well, if someone had a way to create willing sex partners."

"Let's move on right now!"

The fours spent some time looking through clan only techniques that couldn't be used by anybody else.

"Huh, what about this one? Naruto asked point a finger at what had caught his eye.

Yukimura looked over at where he had pointed at. "Hmmm, the Bringer of Darkness this technique exerts a hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, effectively blinding the opponent. No matter how skilled an opponent may be, they are forced to wait helpless in this world of darkness, as this technique allows the user to attack unseen. Although it negates sight, it does not stop the other senses. The user's uninterrupted, focused concentration is required to maintain the effect. It's marked as A rank and requires a great skill in Yin release. "

Tenten looked over the writing again. "This sounds great, why is it listed as forbidden?"

Sayaka sighed watching the two. "Well please, think, who in the village relies on their eyesight?"

Naruto chuckled. "Ah, politics, so the Uchiha and Hyuuga banded together to get it banned, and what's worse it worked!"

Tenten nodded. "It could have wreaked havoc on the battlefield if it got into enemy hands."

Sayaka smirked. "More so for those with bloodlines that rely on their eyes."

"So we can learn but can only use it in a life and death battle, preferably with no witnesses around."

"Indeed, if someone from Konoha notices you using it they will throw the two of you into prison. They will ask some very pointed questions, like how and where you were able to learn it. The following interrogation would not be a pleasant experience. On the plus side it would allow us to test the memory partition technique against a Yamanaka. "

"Yes...plus side." Naruto reply was drier then the sands in the Lands of Wind.

"Well put this one aside for later study, now back to the scroll."

Tenten blinked and read the instructions again before speaking up. "Hmm, there is something extremely wrong with this jutsu."

Yukimura looked over what had caught her eyes scowling at the words. "The Edo Tensei, it's not even finished. Still it does raise a lot of questions about it. "

"Hmm, so it could potentially force souls back into the living world to battle for the user."

Naruto looked at the two. "You two mentioned how most of the gods had an afterlife for their followers, except for the great unknown that even the gods end up in."


"So, then what god agreed to such a deal?"

"That is a very good question, no good would agree to such a thing without having something to gain. The other part is that of the energy used to give the souls basically unlimited regeneration and chakra reserves. True, the body of the victim can't be tied to the technique because it is consumed by the initial step for the resurrection. Especially taking into account how the body can take damage and can take damage and still regenerate. The user doesn't provide the energy either; in fact besides the matter of control the resurrected souls don't need the user anymore. Worse, the bodies keep on going even if the caster dies."

Tenten palled thinking about the matter. "We're not going to like that answer are we?"

"No, not really, the energy most likely come s from the surrounding area draining both chakra and magic to keep the technique going, worse it would drain from both the initial casting point and from the land they passed through."

"That probably has a really bad effect on the environment, right?"

"Yes, it can potentially create dead zones where no life could flourish."

Naruto rolled his eyes feeling another head ache approaching. "Wonderful."

Sayaka nodded looking at the two. "Considering the mindset of the shinobi I wouldn't put it past them the use such a technique to utterly destroy the enemy and then salt the earth for good measure. This would be a perfect technique for them actually. If every village got their hands on the complete version of the technique... "

The two palled further. "The whole continent could be ravished."

"Yes, precisely."

"That's one technique I agree on being forbidden. I really hope we never have to deal with something like that."

"Me neither brother."

"We will still work on a counter for the jutsu using both magic and chakra." The two noticed how the words came a bit to quickly and how Yukimura and Sayaka shared a look between them.

"Anything else in there?" Naruto asked as his eyes looked over the scroll again.

Tenten pointed to a small bit of writing. "How about this?"

"The eight gates, huh? Sounds interesting. People can potentially die by opening the gates, and yet they continued using them and opening more and more gates until they reached the last one? What is wrong with people? Why keep using the damn technique in the first place."

"People are stupid?" His sister asked.

Yukimura shrugged. "Given the shinobi mindset, I'm not too surprised."

"Neither am I."

Tenten blinked reading the last bit of the text. "It could potentially put the user on the level of a god?"

"Hah!" Yukimura chuckled "perhaps only a minor god, a very minor god, a small river one, or from a forest."

Tenten shook her head. "You know its funny how there are instructions for the forbidden techniques that can kill you if you used them."

Naruto chuckled as well. "Um, they took very good care to write down the ways you could successfully kill yourself, best not to make a mistake when trying to killing yourself with a technique."

Tenten rolled her eyes. "Can we learn any of the more pure elemental ninjutsu?"

"We have the equivalent of some of them, we will work on a seeing how to make them more safe for usage."

"The genjutsu listed here are..." Naruto asked.

Sayaka smiled seem to turn feral. "Brain death inducing."

Naruto and Tenten shared a look between them. The message was quite clear. Of course they would!

Yukimura pointed to some of the other texts there. "And all the seals shown here lead to the caster's death as well, and I can't even see one of them actually succeeding, all the potential usages were written by the caster before his death or mentioned if he didn't leave any notes. Still, it's a good catch you two, we will go through the scroll to find anything else you two can use."

"Well, I think I'll greet Hinata before going to bed, come on brother."

"Lead the way."

"You knew something was going to happen to the Uchiha clan." The accusation had left her mouth after she had entered the training area and stood in front of the two.

Yukimura nodded. "Yes, we knew a turning point was near, the resolution was not always set in stone, what followed depended on many events beforehand."

"Could it have been averted somehow or stopped?"

The two took notice of how there was steel in the Hinata's eyes and voice. "Perhaps if the clan didn't push a ten year old onto the battlefield, or into the darkness that the Anbu live in, one where death is constant and people are surrounded by blood at every step."

Yukimura sighed seeing her paling face. "My apologies, many things could have been different, what occurred is simple the end of result of a chain of choices made, and all choices have consequences, this event was simply the accumulation of their choices."

"So, if you tried to intervene…"

"Mostly likely it would have resulted in only a minor delay, one which would have come at the cost of Naruto's life."


Sayaka gave Yukimura a small look to which he nodded and left the room, she took a step forward and placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder. "Do you believe that they wouldn't have attacked him, if he claimed he had a god sealed inside of him? More so if he proved it. We they could tried to either make use of such a thing or been forced to attack and bring him to the Hokage, who in turn would have had to lock him far away under the ground while he investigated the matter."


"It's good that you care about people, sadly some things are unavoidable, I've said it before and it bears repeating, actions have consequences, all that occurred, that night is simply the end result of choices made."


"We'll take a small break before beginning your training anew. I want to work more on the third form of your Whispering Claw, than I have something special just for you."

"For me?" She asked quizzically.

Sayaka nodded. "Yes, I've noticed your sleeping problem."


"It's alright, given the circumstances it's understandable, I went through something similar when I was younger."

"You did?"

"Hmm, the exercise is something I'm familiar with, it's meant to help you stay alert and yet be asleep, and while it won't be the best sleep in the world it will be much smother then what you are experiencing right now."

"Thank you."

"Think nothing of it little one."

Tenten gazed towards the sky while twirling a practice kunai, her small group of friends was nearby, their academy day had finished and they were now preparing for their study session.

"So, what do you guys think?" Tai asked while tightening his gloves.

Yamato gazed up from a medical tome. "About?"

Tai rolled his eyes in exasperation. "The latest big event in Konoha! It's all the talk around the village."

Izumi put his own scroll down looking towards the rest of the group. "He means the tragedy of the Uchiha clan."

Sora shook her head her voice close to breaking. "It's horrible! All those people and only a small child as a survivor."

Tau looked towards the group. "I heard from my parents how the guy that did it was a member of the clan and an Anbu to boot."

"So one of their own did the deed?" Sora asked startled.

Tai nodded. "The guy snapped and went crazy on his clan."

Yamato coughed gaining their attention. "Uh, one of my brothers worked on the bodies, I've only seen him look so pale once before after a mission went very bad."

Izumi brought out another scroll from his bag. "Its, odd that the whole clan had wiped, I mean somehow they where all in the village at the time."

Tenten snarled looking towards the boy. "Not really, think about, they had the police force to run which took a good number of people to function properly, add a clan meeting scheduled for around that time and…"

She could see the spark appear in the boy's eyes. "One that he would know of, yes I see your point."

"Huh?" Tai asked looking between the two.

Yamato placed a hand on his shoulder. "Their saying that he must have planed the attack for a time to get every clan member present at their compound."

"That damn bastard, I can't wait to run into him on the field!"

Tenten laughed looking towards the boy. "Oh, you think you'll be able to do much against him Tai?"

"Well I…."

She enjoyed seeing the fumes leave the boy. "Exactly, the guy took out chunin and jounin in one night, he wouldn't bat an eye to get rid of you."

"Yeah, I get it I'm weak."

She nodded. "Yes, so, we're going to work on keeping you lot alive out on field."

"Uh, how?"

"Like he always do, with a lot of sweat, tears and copious amount of bruises." The smile on her face had distinct feral quality to it.

"Oh shit."

"And blood, can't forget that one. Come on Tai, you can start, Yamato get over here, just because you'll sitting in a hospital doesn't mean that you wont be required to kick ass!"

"Wait but I…."

Izumi closed his scroll placing it back in his bag. "That's interesting."

"What is?" Sora asked doing a warm up.

"That she's going to work on keeping us alive out on the field."

"Hmm, there's nothing wrong with that, its actually nice, I think this is her way of showing that she cares for us. It's certainly an improvement to how she was before."

"I agree, but that's not what I was referring to, she mentioned keeping us alive, she seems assured about her own survival."

"Huh, I didn't notice that, given her skills I guess she has a right to be."

"Overconfidence can kill."

Sora gave him a wink. "Hmm, well then let's prove that she still has room for growth as well, shall we?"

"Four on one seems fair to me, especially if we can get in a sneak attack."

"Perfect, let's go!"

"And that's how you perform a double sweep with your swords from a tricky angle." Yukimura finished his words with a sweep of his swords.

Naruto rubbed his head feeling another headache approaching. "Ugh, just something more to the pile, I thought there was a lot more to the other stuff, heck there seems to be something new around every corner for potion making."

The three where sitting in the middle of the sparing room with Yukimura and Sayaka in front of them.

"I hear you brother, there are so many little details to the art of blacksmithing, the grip the edge, the metal used, the temperature, it's like the more I know the less I know."

Yukimura laughed rubbing their heads. "Yes, that's how things go, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. Still, the struggle itself is worthwhile. Knowledge is the root of power, after all."


"Heh, yeah."


"Come on, we need to get you started on the other aspect of your training." Hinata nodded and left with Yukimura to another training room.

"I just don't get her sister; I thought I got a better understanding of her character after she joined us."

Sayaka let out a small breath approaching the two. "The business of really knowing people, deep down, including your own self, it is not something you can learn in school or from a book. It takes your whole being to do it, your eyes and your ears, your brain and your heart. Maybe your heart most of all. "

"I guess."

Tenten looked towards the door where the two exited. "It's just that she still seems really sad."

"If we can express our sadness in words, someone can come and try to comfort us. But there is sadness that we cannot express that we must overcome on our own."

Naruto blinked several times looking at the woman. "So she can't tell us about it and we should just let her deal with it?"

Sayaka smiled at the two, they saw she had a far away look in her eyes. "You will understand in time."

"Ah, finally summer is here!" Tai exclaimed, his fists raised high in the air. The group where in their usual academy field resting after finishing their training, a small basket was to the side having been brought to help them celebrate the approaching vacation. "So, do you guys have plans for the summer?"

"Training." Tenten grunted pouring herself a drink.

"Yeah…not surprised at that."

Yamato lowered his glass looking towards Tai.. "I'm going to help my brother at the hospital for a few weeks this summer, after that I think my parents will want to travel somewhere for a few days."

Izumi shrugged as he picked one of the snacks. "I have large stack of books I want to go through."

Sora blinked noticing the eyes on her. "Hmm, oh no real plans, some training and traveling depending on what people back home decide. Tai?"

The boy huffed his chest. "Well, my parents want to visit my aunt, she was a kick ass shinobi before she retired and moved away."

Tenten raised an eyebrow at the information. "She retired and moved away? Is she old or was she injured?"

"Huh? She's not old, I, uh never asked about that, I think that she got injured or something, she and her husband live on a farm now."


"I'm hoping she can help train me and Kari so we can kick ass when we return."

A smirk appeared on her face. "Is that a challenge Tai?"

She could see the sweat beads form on the boys face as he rustled with his decision. "Er, no…yes…no…maybe."

"Perfect! Well settle this when the academy starts in the autumn."

Izumi patted the boy on the back. "You walked right into that."

Sora nodded grabbing a glass for herself with Yamato mimicking her action. "Very true and very obvious."

"Yeah, I really should have seen that coming, but I like to think that I'm just that kickass that I walk right through it."

Tai wasn't sure if his friends dead pan expressions could be more natural.

"No. "

"No. "

"Not possible."

Tenten simply smirked at the boy. "Good attitude."

Katsue let out a tired breath looking out the window and seeing the sun set bathing the rest of the village in an orange hue.

Ah, and another year has passed. Just a bit more and the students will graduate and….and I will need to go over their schedule to make sure they'll be ready. I'll definitely need to add something to the study group's training, maybe I can try one of the pet training methods, it worked well for me. Perhaps…no, no, Naruto's still too young for that. Yes, it will be for the best, they care for them next year and then they will need to kill them as a test at the end of the year.

The door opening drew her attention and she smiled seeing the person entering. "Ah, Iruka-san, you're still here."

The man nodded politely to her. "Katsue-san, yes, I was just finishing off some work, I though I was, but well, there always seems to be something left at the end."

"Yes, I know the feeling; your fellow teacher isn't helping you?"

"No, he already finished his part; I just wanted to double check something and well…." The man shrugged a what can you do expression on his face, something she herself was familiar with.

She gave him an understanding smile. "Things escalated from there."

"Yes, exactly."

"Well, if you're busy I won't keep you from…"

"Oh, it's alright, I was quite done, I just need to file some papers away, if there's anything you need help with... "

"No, I wanted to ask you about your class."

"Ah, they're a good group, very talented."

"With so many future clan heads in the year I can't say I'm surprised."

"Yes, still the children from shinobi families aren't doing to bad either."

She grinned. "Well, we do kick ass now don't we?"

"Damn straight!"

"The situation isn't to different in my class either, well barring the clan heads, the children from shinobi families are shining, however a few of the first generation ones are holding their own as well. The best student in the class is actual an orphan, I can say for sure if she comes from a shinobi family or not."

"A girl? I heard talk about a very talented Hyuuga a while back."

"Yes, he is very talented, by the rate he's going he may end up as rookie of the year; however he isn't the best student in the class as he lost the spars he had with the best student."

"You must be proud of her then, defeating a Hyuuga in pure hand to hand combat, isn't something done easily."

"She is very strong; still another two children from shinobi families have held their own admirably against the boy so there's hope there as well."


"I would ask you a more difficult question; it regards how one particular student has been behaving."

"I…. realized the wrong in my ways, regarding the Uzumaki boy, it was hard coming to terms with my mistake and make amends will be even harder."

"I'm sure you'll manage, there was never a doubt about that on my mind."

"Thank you."

"It's nothing; I wanted to ask about the Uchiha boy."


"Yes, for such a thing to happen to a child, I don't know how I would ever handle such a situation."

"He's changed, he used to be a bright child, no, he was happy before, he's still bright but only when it comes to his mind."

"It's understandable, I take this had caused a change in the classroom."

"Yes, he hasn't been back for a long time, so the full effects have been seen yet. Some of them don't know how to treat him, he rebuffs any form of social interaction. For a time I thought he wasn't going to return to the academy."

"I can understand that."

"Next year I'll see to the ramifications of his change of personality. An unfortunate constant is the fact that he still has a small gathering, of um, the only word that would best describe them is fans."


"Yes, before it was because how he interacted with the others, now it seems it's because of his change of personality."

"How unfortunate."

"It's something I'm sure they'll grow out of, who knows perhaps some of them will manage to make friends with him."

"Perhaps, well, hope springs eternal."

"That it does."

"I'll leave you wrap up your work, there are a few things I need to take care of, it was nice talking to you Iruka-san."

"The feeling is mutual Katsue-san."

And now I have to keep a closer eye on him to see what he plans on doing to Naruto, tsk the man is probably just a tool used by the Hokage to build more bonds between the village and him. And somehow I find myself standing in between these things, when did my life get so complicated?

"So is today the day we have a battle royal for our bunnies? The day that Night Terror conquers all!" Naruto smiled as he lifted the bunny over his head.

"Oh stop that brother." Tenten looked around the forest the five of them were in, it was part of the god realm, and she noted the oddity of bringing their pets to this place specifically. What truly worried her, and from the looks on their faces Naruto and Hinata as well were the looks Yukimura and Sayaka had on their faces.

Sayaka was the one to speak first. "You've been taking care of them for some time now."

"Uh, yeah, you know this." Responded in a dead pan voice.

Tenten nodded petting her rabbit. "I think it's a year while in the god realm."

"Heh, these little buggers have grown like weeds." Naruto casually rubbed his rabbit under its chin.

"And you've certainly grow attached to them?" Yukimura asked.

"Yes." "Yep." Hinata and Tenten responded feeling a small amount of dread.

Naruto swallowed feeling a knot in his throat. "Yeah, so, um, what now?"

Sayaka retrieved a item from her back and threw a kunai at each other their feet. "Slice their throats."

"What the fuck?"


"What are you saying?"

"Did she stutter? Was she not clear with her words? Pick up the kunais and slice their throats." The three felt the ice in Yukimura's voice.

Naruto alongside the rest clutched at their rabbits while glaring at the two. "Do you know you're asking us to do?"

If she was affected Sayaka did not show it either on face or in her voice, she looked each in the eye as she addressed them. "Yes, do you not want your freedom? Do you not want to become a legend? Do you not want to protect your sister?" The woman shook her head allowing a small bit of warmth to trickle into her voice, a small drop compared to the ocean of sadness. "There will come a time when you will need to kill your heart, in your life you will need to make difficult choices, and as shinobi taking lives will be something that you will need to do."

Yukimura's voice, they realized was no better. "This is the price for accomplishing your dreams, are you not willing to pay it? Are backing out? If you can not accomplish this simple task then you'd best quite now."

The three wavered looking between the animals in their hands and the kunai at their feet, Naruto and Tenten's hands reached for the steel several times before retreating back.

Sayaka approached Hinata crouching to one knee and meeting her eyes. "If the person who tried to take you attempted to do the same thing to your sister, would you spare him? Or given the choice to save her at the cost of his life would take it? Do it."

It happened then they thought, in one fluid motion Hinata reached for the kunai and slit the rabbit's throat allowing its body to hit the ground, blood pouring out and wetting her feet. The girl's face took on a horrified appearance realizing what she had done.

Naruto gritted his teeth and steadied his trembling hand holding the animal by it head, he felt tears pouring down his face as the rabbit had attempted to hide itself into his side, a quick motion and the body was placed on the floor. "Damn the both of you!"

"Good bye." Tenten gave her pet one kiss on the top of its head before she brought the steel under its neck and cut. "There it's done, can we move on?"

Yukimura shook his head. "No, don't look away, this is what you have done, this is your work, watch as the life bleeds out of them."

Tenten heard Naruto swear under his breath as he turned his eyes towards the ground, she gave Hinata a quick look and saw how the girl was still staring at her bloodied feet. "Are we done?"

"No, there is one last step."

"What you want us to cook them?" Naruto shot at them accompanied by a glare.

Their silence was all the answer they needed.

"You psychotic bastards, you want us to eat them as well?"

"Get to it." Yukimura commanded.

"Hate us if you must but you will be grateful for it in the end."

Sayaka found Hinata in her room covered in a blanket, the three had separated after the forest and she had sought out the girl knowing that she would be amongst the hardest affected by the trial. She sat on the bed, Hinata's eyes were still red and she could see how the girl had rigorously scrubbed her feet to remove the blood. "You have a big heart, and you care for people, and that is commendable, but in this world, such thing will have hurt at every step and dead at best."


She placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "It's alright, let the tears fall, this is only a step you needed to take, it is better for it to occur now rather than later."

"Did…you do something like this as well?"

"No. Yukimura and I killed people when we were young."


Her tone, Hinata realized changed to something, she had rarely heard. "We had been captured as slaves, our village and its people butchered; to this day we only have vague memories of our parent's faces."

"I'm sorry." She was half tempted to embrace the woman the recent memories stooping her from doing such a thing.

"It's alright; it's not your fault." Her tone became something more familiar, yet she could still hear that underlying sadness, briefly she wondered if it had always been there. "After the deed was done, we had difficulty adjusting, Yukimura was by far more affected, by it, he froze and I needed to shake him to recover. It was why he seemed so harsh now. He doesn't want any of you to go through such a moment later in life, in a better world you wouldn't even need to experience such a thing, alas this is the world we live in."

"Can we make it better?"


"The world, can we make it better?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not, I personally have seen many fail attempting to do so, while I have also seen many succeeding at the task."

"So then, can it be done?"

"You will need to find your own answer; it is not something that I can give you."


"I can tell you what I believe, what I hold true."

"What is that?"

"Simply that…"

"Brother stop!" Tenten managed to grab Naruto's shoulder causing him to stop his dash.

He brushed of her hand and hit the closest tree with his left fist. "Damn, I felt in my guts that they were going to try something like that. I knew I shouldn't get attached to the damn thing."

Tenten let out an exhausted breath. "They barely blinked about the massacre, this isn't that big compared to it."

"I know! It's just…" He clenched his fist, she could see the frustration and anger in his eyes.

She shook her head. "I can understand why they did it…"

"What?! You can!"

"Their right, were going to be asked to do such a thing in our lives, best to help soften the blow for when the time comes."


"It doesn't mean I like it anymore then you" she chuckled dryly "you know he had this cute way about wagging his tail when I brought out snacks?"

He nodded sadly as well. "Yeah, Night Terror had something wither her ears."


"It's stupid, I know they were fake, I know that they were created by them, so why do these tears still fall?"

"It's alright, brother, don't worry" she wrapped her arms around and brought his head into the crock of her shoulder "everything is going to be well."

The two gazed towards the slowly rising sun over an ocean covered in ice, Sayaka let out a tired breath. "They have taken to it as well as we can expect."


"And they will need time."


"And that is something we are running out of."


"Worse is yet to come."

"It is the only way now, to show them the memories of our bloody battles, of my more violent fights." He let out a breath, far more tired than he ever had. "Is there another path?"

"Always, yet we will walk this one with our heads held high."

"Yes" he grabbed her hand, "we will."

"And next year."

Briefly he felt dread and anxiety build up before he pushed those feelings away. "We will reveal the truth to them, what we know of the future and how we have this knowledge."

"Even with everything they may not understand what we have done."

"Then that is the future we must accept."

She leans in wrapping her hands around him. "Yes, it is."

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