A/N: Just a few things:

1) This is my first Doctor Who fic, but all the others that I will write in the future, will suck just as much.

2) Yes I used 2nd person (And it is against the site rules) but only in parts of it because they're journal entries, please don't tell on me, it won't be for more than a few chapters!


February 11th

Do you know what a timelock is? In the era of the timelords (Which I fear may be long lost now) if there was a time deemed 'too dangerous' by the council it would be blocked off from time travel. But that's really, REALLY, rare.

Now if you really didn't know what a timelock is, you may be wondering what happens when someone in it reaches the end:

They start over. Right back to the beginning of the timelock, and they never know that they already lived that part of their lives, it's wiped from their memory. Though there are occasionally stories of people that escaped from their timelock, but when the clock restarts again, the tale is lost.

Now that you know what a timelock is, there's a more pressing matter at hand:

I think I'm stuck in one.