A/N: I've got myself a nice little reference to the season 7 Christmas special goin' on in the title here.

Chapter 2: No More

As he skimmed the page, the Doctor's look of interest and curiosity was replaced with that of vague horror and a pinch of excitement.. "Oh this can't be good."

February 11th

But that can't be right: There's already an entry for February llth, but I haven't written yet today. And it says I'm in a time lock? That can't be right... Can it?

Oh my god. This is serious, I'm in a timelock. But I think I remember this, today is the day I die. It may very well be close to the end of the time war, and what might just be (we can only hope) the last great time war. I'm really scared though, because I keep remembering things that are going to happen today, I only get it in little flashes, but I'm so sure I'm going to die today.

I can see it, every time I close my eyes it plays in the darkness, I end up staring a dalek in it's ugly metal face, and it shoots me, and in my last few seconds, I start to regenerate,

but I don't get to, because the burnt orange sky burns for real this time, the whole planet goes up in flames, there won't be any survivors, today will be the fall of the timelords.

But how am I supposed to just sit by and let it happen? I'm going to stop it.

-February 12, 2014 4:00 p.m. Paris, France-

"She still hasn't written anything," Clara said, with a bit of a whine in her voice.

"Thank you," The Doctor replied sarcastically. "I hadn't noticed,"

"Are you even sure she can really get out?" River approached, "Nothing can escape a timelock, if they could, they would have already, wouldn't they?"

The Doctor cringed slightly, he was acting peculiar, but it made sense, she supposed. "Something did escape the timelock once"

"But that was a dalek, it's made in a nearly indestructible metal casing," Clara intervened.

"How did you know that?" The Doctor questioned. Clara only needed to raise an eyebrow, "ah, yes." He had nearly forgotten about the incident with the crossing of his own timestream, and whatnot. "Just because a timelord hasn't escaped from a timelock, doesn't mean they won't. she could escape, and take all of Gallifrey with her!"

Clara looked confused. "Why would that be bad? Don't you want all your friends and family to be alive again? You could go visit Rose in that alternate dimension."

"How- nevermind." The Doctor shook his head slightly. "If the timelords escaped, the daleks would too, and the time war would be reignited, so we can only hope that she doesn't get through."

Clara nodded her understanding.

February 11th - part 2

I felt like I needed to write some more, so if my plan fails I know not to try it tomorrow, err... today. I'm not gonna die, simple as that, I'm gonna walk a different way so I don't get killed, maybe if I do something different than what I'm s'posed to, I'll be freed from the timelock! It might break altogether. The death of Gallifrey won't have to play on loop anymore.

This is it, the last day, of the last great time war.


Gallifrey falls no more.