AN: American Horror Story drabbles, encompassing the entire series so far. Starts off with an oft-hated character whom I actually like. All are under 200 words, so they're meant to be short.


Beloved. Lover. Something I will never know now. Something I craved since I was a small child.

Now, it will not happen. I have died in this house, and the house consumed me and everything I'd ever felt and the type of person I thought I was.

My life ended in blood and violence, and so the cycle of blood and violence must continue.

Buried beneath a goddamn Gazebo. He never loved me. I was a just a simple fuck. Just someone to bury his own sick sorrows in.

Now I will never be a mother, a wife, or beloved.

I am stuck here, watching him and his wife in their loving embraces, with the baby I should have had, for the rest of eternity. There is no rest for me. My love is gone. My life is gone.

But I'm still a damn good fuck. Just ask the rest of the men in the house.

R/R. If you have a particular character in ANY AHS series you want to see bare his/her emotions in less than 200 words, feel free to tell me in a review or PM.