Angel Of Death – Part 2

His soul cries for me, for love. I am his mother only by grace.

His true mother, I do not know.

I babied him, tried to raise his soul with the love and grace he so needed.

Some souls need more nourishment than most, but no matter what I did, it wasn't enough.

My Dandy wasn't happy.

Until those poor, poor girls. I could have given them both what they wanted, of course.

But as the Lord says, He works in mysterious ways.

Those girls will will either save everyone or bring untold destruction.

Only the Lord knows all ends and all beginnings, and it is not my place to question.

Dandy's murder of my sweet could have been prevented, but she didn't suffer.

I took her with a kiss, and she was happy.

Happy it was over, happy she no longer had to serve the monster she thought my son and I were.

I'm so sorry, Dandy.

I love you, and I would have saved you if I could have.

Not even angels know everything.