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Chapter 1 - Old Nightmares Return

{Danny's POV:}

I was dreaming. Dreaming where I was back at eleven years old again, hanging out with Jo and Lacey again just like the good old days. Days which I knew could no longer be possible. I found myself back where it happened, back to where the entire five years of hell had started for me. I was back at Aunt Tara's house. The cold aunt, who even though she told my mother that she loved me, I knew deep down that she really didn't. I knew that she hated me. My dad was the same way. Although everyone assumed that I idolized my father, the truth was that I didn't. My father had abused me from a very early age without my mother ever knowing, and it never affected me as deeply as it did now. "Danny! could you come in and help me with the snacks?" Aunt Tara called. "Be right there!" I called back as I dodged up to the house. I quietly opened the door and when Aunt Tara saw me, She slapped me hard across the face. I stumbled through the door and nearly crashed into a nearby lamp. "What the hell are you thinking?!" She demanded. "You think I'm onto something? That I'm going to poision you or your friends? You know what, I just might do that, and watch you all suffer." I felt white-hot anger burn within me, and the next thing I saw made my blood run cold with terror. I saw my father Vikram standing in the doorway, holding a bright red jump rope in his hand. His brown eyes shone with anger, but the rest of the features in his face shone completle and utter calmness.

"D-" I started to say, but my father put a finger to his lips to silence me as he jumped behind Tara and strangled her to death. I gasped in horror and my eyes widdned in fear as I watched the color drain from my aunt's face as she gasped for breath. Her blue eyes were wide with fear as she clawed at the rope around her neck frantically. "Vik...Why?" I heard her choke out as my father put the rope tighter around her neck. "Just shut the hell up." I heard him mutter. A few seconds passed, then the seconds slowly turned into minutes before my aunt finally stopped breathing, and my father placed her body on the ground of the kitchen before standing up and walking over to me. My eyes were still wide with terror as I met his, which were still full of anger. "W-why?" I stammered fearfully, as he got down on one knee. "Danny, you listen to me, and you listen good." He said firmly as he thrust the jump rope into my trembling hand. "Tell no one what you saw. If anyone asks what happened to Tara, you tell them that you did it." "Wh-why?" I stammered again, as my father got to his feet again and started to walk away. "Because if you tell anyone the truth, I'll hurt everyone you ever cared about. Including your mother."

{Green Grove Motel Room}

I gasped as I sat up. My body trembled with fear, and I began hyperventalating. "Dad, what the hell were you thinking?" I muttered to myself as I looked around and noticed that Jo was still right beside me. I felt her stir next to me as she sat up and looked over at me. "Danny, are you okay?" She asked sleepily. I shook my head, and as I drew in a deep trembling breath, I heard the sounds of police sirens drawing in all around us. "Come on, Danny we got to move." Jo said suddenly as she grabbed my hand, and we began running. We had to sneak past the motel staff, who didn't even know we were there because it had been Jo's Idea to sneak in for a cover, although I was against it. Once we were out of ear shot of the police and away from the motel, Jo suddenly gasped. "What?" I asked following her gaze to what she was looking at. "Danny, your father his body's not there anymore." She said as she looked over at me with her eyes wide.

"How the hell is that possible?" She asked in disbelief. "You hit him, and he fell over, he should be dead! What the hell is going on?!" "I don't know!" I cried out trying not to lose control over my emotions. "Danny-" Jo started, but I stopped her. "Jo, I can't go back to jail again. "I can't risk being away from my mother again. I was already away from her for five years." "Five years of spending hard time, when it wasn't even your fault Danny." Jo stated. "It doesn't matter," I said as I felt my voice threatening to break as I fought back tears. I felt Jo take a hold of my hands and our eyes met. "Nobody has to know what happened." She said slowly. "We'll remeber." I said softly. "I may have been framed for my aunt's murder and Regina's murder, but this is different Jo, I killed my father." "You don't know that Danny," She said. "His body is nowhere to be found so he could still be alive." "If that's true, then things could really get ugly for everyone." I said still fighting back the tears that were threatening to spill from my eyes. "Jo, I can't let you be a part of this. You have to go." Jo shook her head. "I can't Danny. I'm as much as a part of this as you are, I'm a whitness to what just happened with your father. We'll just go to my father and tell him that it was self defense if he asks." I shook my head. "No, I can't let you do that Jo." I said softly. "I'm sorry." "Danny-" Jo started, but I took off running. I ran without looking back.

Chapter 2 coming soon...What do you think so far? I just saw the season 2 premire and something didn't make sense to me. Why would Vikram murder his own sister then Regina and then frame Danny? I mean if he and Danny had a loving father-son relationship as they say they do, why in the hell wouldn't Vikram want to protect Danny instead of framing him? hopefully the answers will be revealed in next week's episode. Till then stay tuned for chapter 2.