Everyone was celebrating the spell being broken. Lumiere describing how great of a miracle it was to be human again when suddenly all the celebrating stopped when screamed.
"Down There! That poor girl!"
Lumiere looked over to see a girl with tears in her eyes, ripped dress and a face as pale as a ghost. Belle rushed down with lumiere as they helped the girl up the steps. Lumiere felt uneasy though since the girl gave a bit of a cold glare.
"are you alright mademoiselle?" asked Adam helping her in.
"not really messieur" she replied still glaring at lumiere.
"um...pardon moi mademoiselle but...did I say something wrong?" he slowly asked.
She was a lot more pale inside the castle than outside. Cuts and bruises showed on her arms. Tears were falling and yet she was still mad over something.
"that WORD"
"excuse moi?" asked lumiere in shock.
They all watched the young female run Towards the west wing. They all were in shock. Lumiere followed after her and caught her as they entered the music room.
"LET ME GO!" she cried struggling
"NOT till you tell me what I DID WRoNG" he said firmly.
The girls struggles somehow stopped and was now shaking and whimpering. He sat her down, wondering what was scaring her so. He then followed her eyes to the now scattered pipes of a rusty pipe organ on the floor and there it was. The head of the giant organ, forte, face down into the cold hard ground.
The young girl knelt down to the metalic piece. Minding it horns, she slowly lifted it up and screamed as she saw the most wretched face she had ever seen. The tealish like tint and mask like face made her pale even harder. She dropped it and backed into lumiere, crying into his chest and shaking very hard.
He led the poor girl out of the music room, hiding her face from his. Her cries of fear and sadness made his heart break.
"Cherie, let me lead you to my room. I'll take care of you there" he whispered kindly.
The young woman looked up into his warm brown eyes. He followed him to his room. There he drew her a bath, cleaned her wounds, got her a much better dress.
She changed behind the screen and came out to reveal herself in a soft, pale orange gown. He offered his arm and she gave a small smile as she took it.
"may I ask your name mademoiselle?" he asked.
"it's Rosemarie. Rosemarie du chateau"