5 days went by and Rosemarie and everyone could not sleep because of how awful fortes music was. It sounded like King Kong was being taken down or nails on a chalkboard. She couldn't take it anymore. So mustering up all her courage, she stomped up to the doors and bolted in.


"My such feisty temper for a mademoiselle like you" laughed forte with a smirk.

"I swear to heaven ABOVE that your music attracts nothing but whales! And have you even looked at yourself?"

Forte gave the most dullest look ever.

"Hmmm...let's see here. No! Know why? Cause I'm stuck to this stupid wall!"

"Oh cut that crap out! And what pipe organ has horns and a crown? Are you owned by the "HORNED" king?"

"Oh please! Spare me stupid puns. And I can't look THAT bad" he retorted.

Rosemarie gave a dull look and left. Moments later she returned with a giant mirror.

"What point are you trying to make?" He asked


Forte raised the mirror with his magic and when he saw his own face, he shrieked like a girl.

"Mon dieu I look like the devils brother!"

"Exactly. You my maestro need a deep cleaning, and a facial makeover!" She said.

Many hours later, she returned with cleaners, paints and heat from a candle. Forte got worried as he lifted her.

"First things first. Your face" she said poking at it.

She wet a towel with warm soapy water and started scrubbing his face hard. The coughs and spatters coming from forte knew she was doing the right thing. After that she pulled out a filer and started cutting off the horns, which forte started panicking about. Then she went to his so called "crown" and ripped it right off.

And finally after hours of shaping and cleaning and repainting his whole body and face, he was finished. Everyone came in and their jaws dropped in disbelief. His yucky and rusted gold color was now a metallic silver. He had no more horns and instead of a square jawline, it was now buffed and rounded. And his so called headpiece was now not there anymore.

Everyone murmured of approval. Forte then saw his new self in the mirror and nearly cried tears of joy. Rosemarie smiled to herself but was shocked as forte turned human, ran up to her, picked her up and spun her around as they both laughed.

"Oh Rosemarie thank you! I never thought my organ look could change!"

"Hey...people always deserve second chances"