The Birth Of William

Mrs. Pugh's Family Chapter 3

Note: Grace Annie and Oliver will not appear in this story again until the last couple chapters. This story will largely focus on Helen's family life and her relationship with her three children. At the end of the story Grace's relationship with Mrs. Pugh's daughter Marlene will be deeper explored. I own no Annie characters. Mrs. Pugh's children and grandchildren were co-created by myself and Mandlicious for our story Holiday Memories. Mrs. Pugh's husband and her other family members are my original characters. When she is married Helen is 19 so when her first child is born she is about to turn 29.

James and Helen Pugh settled down in East Hampstead New York after they were married. They were the happiest couple you'd ever meet. 11 years after they were married Helen and James were announcing the birth of their first child. They found out the news in September.

Helen called her mother right away.

"Darling, I couldn't be more overjoyed for you. Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?"

"No Mama. I think we're going to wait till the baby is born to find out the gender."

"Your sister and I can't wait to take you shopping for the nursery. When are you due?"

"March or April."

"We'll come over this weekend and take you shopping. How does that sound?"

Helen smiled to herself. "Wonderful."

Her sister and mother came over on Sunday afternoon to take her shopping. Her sister Celeste ran to hug her.

"Helen, I am so happy for you and Jimmy! I can't wait to become an aunt."

Helen returned her sister's squeeze. " We're excited too. It's going to be a crazy next couple months that's for sure."

"Have you two thought of names yet?" her mother asked.

"We haven't really started to discuss that yet actually. What names do you guys like""

Her sister looked thoughtful. "Well you could always name the girl after me. I also like the names Rose and Erica."

"What about boys names?"

"I like Eric, David and Samuel."

Her mother nodded. " I've always liked the names Samantha and Jane for a girl. Jane was almost your name Celeste but your grandmother talked your father out if it. She liked Celeste better."

"Jane Celeste would actually be a really pretty name." Celeste said.

Days weeks and months passed by. One morning in April Helen woke up in a cold sweat. "Jimmy, I think my water just broke." she whispered.

Her husband's eyes flew open immediately. "Let's get you to the hospital right away darling."

Helen's water broke around 7:45am by 10:15 a baby boy was brought into the world at 9 pounds 5 ounces.

"Have you decided on a name for the little man?" the doctor asked.

Helen nodded. "Yes, William James Pugh."

The doctor took the baby away to clean him up and returned five minutes later with him wrapped in blankets. He placed her in Mrs. Pugh's arms.

"Take a look at our little boy Jimmy." Helen whispered.

James was grinning from ear to ear. "He is as beautiful as you are my darling. I love both of you so much. " He leaned over and kissed his wife's cheek.

"We love you too."