Sam had spent all day going through endless meetings with other SGC scientists and now all she wanted was to go home, curl up on the bed with a box of ice cream and let all her suppressed tears fall.

She was shutting down her lab instruments when she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. Her thoughts immediately went back to many months ago, just after the awful mission to Netu.

SG1 had decided to have a team night at the Colonel's house. After dinner and many beers Daniel had passed out on the couch, Teal'c had decided to meditate on the carpet near the fireplace while Sam and Jack had stayed outside.

Her mind had still been a mess. Jolinar's memories mixed with the ones about her mother had let her emotionally drained and incredible sad. That was the reason she had drunk much more alcohol than she normally did. Slightly drunk she had found herself telling her CO about her mum, like her love for flowers and baking or her unconditional support to her kids' dreams. Happy memories until the day that had signed the end of her childhood.

She didn't remember falling asleep but the morning after she had waken up in the guest room and the Colonel had never touched that subject again. She wasn't even sure he remembered their conversation since he had had many beers too.

With trembling hands Sam reached for the object on her desk.

An orchid branch.

Her mother's favourite flower.

On the anniversary on her death.

He had remembered.

She gently brought the flowers to her nose smelling the sweet perfume and letting two single tears roll down her cheeks.

One for the person she had lost and one for the person she couldn't have.