Jack and Teal'c had spent long hours floating in space in a damaged Tel'tak.

Sam had been afraid to arrive too late but they were alive. Jack was alive.

The relief she had felt when he had responded to her questions had been immense.

Teal'c had decided to maintain a state of kelno'reem in order to regain his strength. Daniel had returned to the front of the cargo ship with Jacob leaving Sam taking care of the Colonel.

He was deadly pale and despite the blankets that covered him he couldn't stop shaking.

"Sir, I know you are exhausted and only want to sleep but you can't. You must stay awake until Janet checks you."

"Col..d…d," he whispered.

Deciding that at the moment his health was more important than anything else, Sam moved to sit on the floor behind him, setting him in the vee of her legs and cradling him in her arms.

"Better?" she asked.

"Better but…my head… killing me." He answered weakly.

Sam started rubbing circles on his temples to soothe his aching head but stopped when she saw his eyelids closing.

"Don't stop! It's…so…good." He whined. The effects of the oxygen deprivation still present.

"Sir, please try to stay awake!"

"Talk to…me."

"About what?"

"The thing with the apple…wormhole…space-time…"

"Sir, you want me to explain you again how the wormhole physics works?" She chuckled. "Sir, you know that I realised you understand this stuff way better than what you let the others know, don't you?"

"Shhh…don't tell Daniel! Please…talk. Need to…hear…your voice."

They both knew there was a thin line between Major Carter helping her CO and Sam cuddling Jack in her arms, but in a cargo ship light-years away from Earth the difference became blurry leaving only a flow of love between two lost souls.