This is a new short fanfic for Valentines Day. It is going to have 2-4 chapters.

This version is edited by my best friend and my brand new beta: Naruisawesome

Day 1


The SPR office was unusually quiet today. No annoying laughter in the office. No stumbling or items crashing to the floor thanks to a certain clumsy assistant. No shouts for tea and a whining response in return. The only sound that rang through the office was the sound of the buttons on a keyboard being hit continuously in the room next door. Ever since he met Monk, John, Masako, Ayako, Yasuhara and…Mai, his office has never been this quiet. They are the loudest people he's ever met. From experience, he knew that when his office suddenly becomes so quiet—that you can here Lin's typing in the little office next door and some of them where in the meeting room outside—that something bad was about to happen.

Naru sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose and returned to his notebook. He mentally braced himself for what was to possibly come.

"Fine, don't believe me, but I'm serious that this works!" Ayako whispered to Masako as they sat on the cream colored couch, whispering to each other so no one would hear them. Masako stared at the red-headed priestess in disbelief.

"But that's not possible…surely something like that would possibly not exist." Masako whispered to Ayako.
"Yes it does, I swear! It even says it on the bottle, just look!" The priestess pulled her big red bulky purse off the floor and plopped it on her lap then she began to dig through it. Ayako pulled out a small vile with clear liquid swishing back and forth and shoved it into Masako's face. The label on the vile said.

"Love Potion.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed or we will give you your money back!

Read directions and warnings carefully before use.

Directions: Pour very small amount of liquid into drink and stir before serving. Use once a week only. Liquid is clear and tasteless. Love potion works towards object of affection only when they are the first person they see in five minutes after consumption. Works best when drinker already has affections for the person."

Masako shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "Are there no side effects?" She asked. Ayako shrugged.

"I don't remember seeing any on the bottle or when I received it from our last client." She said as she turned the bottle around, looking for another label but could find none. "Well, it does say 100% guarantees!" Ayako whispered happily. Masako sighed and glanced around at the almost empty office room.

"Where is Mai?"

"She's late again." Ayako smiled evilly. The door burst open as a panting and flustered Mai bent over to catch her breath.

"I…made…it…" Mai gasped in between her ragged breaths. As if on cue, a shout from the closed door of her teenage narcissist boss, Naru, made her groan.

"Baka, you're late again…bring me tea!" She heard him order. Mai groaned loudly in response, loud enough for even Naru to hear, and stormed off into the kitchen to make tea. Ayako grinned seeing her chance. She slid passed Masako and waltzed into the kitchen with Mai.

"Here Mai, let me help you. You look tired." Ayako stated as she grabbed a couple of tea cups from the brown wooden cabinets above them. Ayako purposely grabbed three red cups, three blue cups, and two white cups and passed them to Mai. "Hey, maybe the guys could have the red cups and we can have the blue cups" Ayako smiled, hiding her smirk behind it.

"Yeah I guess the guys could have matching cups…but there are only three red cups." Ayako slid Mai the two white cups that she had pulled out from the cabinet.

"Here, these can be for Yasuhara and Lin." Ayako said playfully.

"Okay then!" Mai exclaimed smiling at the priestess, suspecting nothing. She turned and grabbed the kettle as it whistled behind her.
Ayako pulled out the vile as Mai was turned around and poured some into each red cup. She put the vile away just as Mai turned back around and poured the tea into the cups, without looking closely at them.

The door of the SPR swung open again as Monk, John, and Yasuhara strolled in, saying their normal greetings then they sat on the couches in the main area. Mai smiled and brought her tray full of tea with her. As Ayako carefully slid pass Mai and sat on the couch next to Masako, she turned to her and winked. Masako blushed and nodded, glancing up at John and then looked away again. Mai gave Monk and John the red cups, Yasuhara a white cup, and Ayako, Masako and herself a blue cup. She then knocked on Lin's door and waited for his grunt of approval before opening his door and giving him a white cup. Ayako smiled as she saw the last red cup on Mai's tray as Mai walked to Naru's door. Mai knocked on her boss' door. In response she heard, "Come in, Baka!" Mai growled softly and opened the door before walking in.

Ayako and Masako watched Monk and John sip the tea from their cups as they chatted with each other. Mai stormed out of her boss' office, ranting loudly enough so everyone could heard about how much of a narcissist and a pain Naru was as she slammed his office door closed. Ayako and Masako looked at the closed door that had just been slammed.

Everything seemed too quiet. Monk and John continued to chat about past ghost experiences as they put down their empty cups. They laughed and chatted away with Yasuhara, who jumped in making kissy faces at Monk, who moved away and leaned on Ayako in the process. She didn't say anything, just stared at him.

"Hey, old hag, you're in my way again." He teased. Again, Ayako didn't say anything as she stared at him, waiting for something to change. Monk stopped and stared back at Ayako. "You okay? You didn't try to hit me with your purse or anything…old hag." Ayako looked at Monk with curious eyes and shrugged off his comment and glanced at Masako, who was looking at John. Mai strolled in as she plopped on the couch next to Yasuhara. He grunted at Mai and stuck his tongue out at her.

Exactly ten minutes later.

John suddenly stopped talking as his head drooped down with his hair covering his eyes. Then his head shot back up, and he started staring at Masako. His eyes began to glow softly and then became glazed over. Monk froze too and looked at the priestess next to him; his eyes also glazed over.

"What's going on…?" Yasuhara asked, waving a hand in front of an unresponsive Monk.

"Mai!" Naru called. Mai turned to his direction and saw her boss leaning on his doorframe, looking at her with his cold hazily blue eyes that were slowly softening and glowing. "Come here Mai, I need to talk with you." He simply said and turned back around into his office with Mai eventually following behind him. She took one last look at the guys behind her. Their eyes were glowing and glazed over staring lovingly at their secret crushes. She turned and looked up at her boss, who is also her crush, as he slowly closed the door behind her with the same glowing eyes that were now glazed over with emotions of intense love and playfulness.

Those glazed over glowing bright eyes.