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Five minutes earlier.

Naru sipped his tea while reading over a case that seemed interesting enough to hold his attention for at least a couple of minutes. Then when he decided that the hauntings could be explained by a logical reasoning, he sighed and closed his notebook and tossed it on the wooden desk in front of him. He gulped down the rest of his tea and gave a long sigh. He stared at his cup, swirling the last drop of tea around the bottom of it.

Nine minutes later.

Naru thought for a minute what he could do to relieve him of his boredom. He smirked slightly as the thought of his loud and clumsy assistant came to mind. He loved to tease her and rile her up. He liked to watch the colors of her face turn many shades of red and he also read each of her expressions as they shift almost instantly as they appeared. He can read her like a book. He loved to watch her squirm as he mocked her every move. He never had such a thrill to rile up a single person as much as he did with Mai. He thought it was cute when she would get upset and storm out of his office blushing madly and irate.
He growled at the thought of his assistant being described as 'cute.' He pushed the thought to the very back of his mind only to have it repelled back at him suddenly.

6:15 am

He froze in his seat. Naru's cup slid out of his hand and fell to the carpet floor with a 'thud', but it was ignored as the teenage boy slumped over his desk, almost resting his head on the top. His eyes blurred as his heart began to race and pound loudly in his ears. He couldn't move.

"WHAT THE…BLOODY HELL IS HAPPENING…TO…ME…" He thought, trying to catch his breath as it seemed to be fleeing from him. He could feel a strange type of energy coursing through him. He used a small amount of his own PK to push the strange energy out, but it started to make him feel sick to his stomach. As soon as he pulled his PK back the energy hit him with full-force, engulfing him completely. It felt like he was being possessed, but he knew that wasn't it. He fought with the energy that seemed to burn is blood; he lost.

Naru didn't move for a while. His heart started to slow back to its normal pace. His eyes glowed blue and his vision shifted back to normal. He drew out a long breath he didn't realize he was holding and suddenly got up from his chair and casually walked to his door to open it. He wasn't in complete control of his body and all logical thoughts from his mind vanished. His mind was invaded with thoughts of his assistant. All of those thoughts that he would normally shove to the back of his mind began to pour out and take over.

"I…I need Mai...here...with me…" He stopped himself from walking and stepped back. He fought for the control of his body, but his emotions were overpowering his logical self. His eyes were constantly flashing between his normal blue eyes and hazed as he fought. Then, finally…they stayed hazed. His logical self was flung backwards into the back of his mind and now his emotions took control of his body.

He reached for the door but hesitated and tried to pull back. He grabbed the handle and turned it open revealing his co-workers all bunched together on his couch. The opening of his office door went unnoticed as everyone else was trying to talk to John and Monk who were both now slumped over. When his eyes landed on his assistant, all urges to fight were shoved into the depth of his mind. He leaned on the doorframe of his office, smirking lovingly, and watched her and he didn't give a damn who noticed him. He just wanted to watch his assistant now.

"Mai, come here, I want to have a word with you."

Mai sat down in the chair in front of Naru's desk, fidgeting nervously as he just stared at her.

"Uh...is there something that you needed Naru?" Mai finally asked her boss as he continued to stare at her.

"Mai...I think it's about time I told you something…important." Naru said with a serious face.

"Okay….what is it?"

"I...lo…" Naru began to fight once again the potion's spell and refrained himself from saying anything that his emotions wanted to make him say. "I…I want you to stay some extra hours…" Naru stated, still struggling for control. "...to…look for any interesting cases that I would be interested in...I am currently unable to do so because…something has come…up." Naru said still fighting the headache of emotions that were flowing through him. "You're dismissed." Naru said nothing else and turned himself around in his rolling chair, not wanting to look at his assistant who was now turning different shades of red.


"Are you really going to question the person who signs your paychecks?" Naru interrupted. Mai made a 'humph' noise and stormed out of his office. Instead of Naru smirking as usual, he smiled.

Only Mai…and Gene… can make him smile like that every once in a while. His actions seemed to calm his emotions down enough to where he can now focus on what in the world was wrong with him.


Lin opened his door to yell at his friends that were preventing him from finding interesting cases for Naru. He just stood at his door in surprise with the scene in front of him. Monk had pulled Ayako into his lap and was now teasing her while she blushed madly. John… Well John was being louder than usual and had his arm around Masako and was telling her about the beautiful places in Australia while she was blushing and leaning on him happily.

'Did they finally confess to each other's crush…at the same time?' Lin shook his head and was about head back into his office when he noticed something odd about the guys—except Yasuhara who was looking just as surprised. After being by Oliver's side for many years, he had seen some of the oddest situations and cases and knows how to professionally spot them. Lin walked to the couch to make a closer inspection.

"John." Lin called, aiming to get John to look directly at him. John tore his attention away from Masako and looked at Lin uninterestedly. Lin immediately saw John's eyes were completely hazed over, freezing Lin in his tracks as he saw them. He had seen an occurrence similar to this before. Hazily eyes, unnatural change in behavior towards a single person, and an overly affectionate behavior. John looked at Masako again with a grin and chuckled, now ignoring Lin completely. He looked at Takigawa and saw that he, too, had hazed-over eyes and was looking at Ayako with a loving expression on his face.

"Bou-san, why is Ayako sitting on your lap, I thought you loved me?!" Yasuhara whined to Monk as he clung to Monk's shoulder.

"Hey, quit it out Yasu! You know that I like Ayako!" Monk said, playfully shoving Yasu off of him and returning his attention back to a blushing Ayako who giggled. Lin's eyes wandered to Naru's office but he shrugged it away and wandered back into his office, leaving his door open so he could watch over the group, as he made a few calls.

Mai threw open the door of Naru's office and slammed it only to gawk at the situation before her. Before she could even comment, Lin appeared.

"Ayako, Masako, Yasu, and Mai, I need to speak with you for a moment please." Lin declared and sat in his office chair. Ayako got up but Monk wanted her to stay so he held onto her waist, pulling her back.

"Come on Monk, you can let me go now." She stated and looked at him. He reluctantly let go and sighed boringly on the couch. Mai, Yasu and Masako were waiting for Ayako in Lin's office. She stepped in and closed the door. Lin turned himself around in his chair and looked at the three girls before him and at Yasu also.

"I'm sure all of you have noticed that the John and Monk are acting strangely, correct?" He continued. "According to my previous encounters, they seem to be under a type of spell."

Ayako and Masako eyes widened a bit and tried to act innocent, but Masako gave in quickly.

"It was Ayako's idea, I told her not to but she did anyways." Masako hid most of her face under her long kimono sleeve as Ayako gawked at her.

"Really? It has even been an hour and you tell on me?"

Lin interrupted with a yell. "You put a spell on them?! Can you even begin to comprehend how dangerous those types of things are?!"

"WAIT, WHAT?!" Mai exclaimed in shock. "Is that why Naru is acting weird?"

"A spell?!" Yasu gasped looking at the priestess.

"Naru, too?!" Lin pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. An action he picked up from being around Naru all the time. "What kind of spell did you use on them so I can understand what we are dealing with?" Ayako looked at the floor and back at Lin.

"A love potion…" Lin almost fell back into his chair.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS, A LOVE SPELL?THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS TYPES OF SPELLS CREATED!" Lin yelled at them, now standing. Mai gawked at Ayako. 'A LOVE SPELL?! Then Naru…' Mai was mentally stuck between whether she should mentally nose bleed or scream. Yasu was snickering in the corner.

"It clearly did not say anything about any side effects, so I don't see what the fuss is about."

"Do you still have the container?" Lin questioned Ayako with an annoyed look. She pulled the vile out of her purse and gave it to him. He examined it. He then reached for a magnifying glass and looked it over. There, in tiny letters not visible to the human eye, was a long sentence at the bottom of the directions and Lin read them out loud with annoyance with each word.

"Caution: Do not overuse. Too much at one time or small amount per day may result in unwanted side effects such as obsession (in the time period of 72 hours), uncontrollable amounts of lust, possible lack of appetite (due to uncontrollable obsession), possible insomnia may occur (due to hours of thinking about object of affection), overreaction and insane amounts of jealously may occur, may become violent or hostile towards others (excluding object of affection), and possible emotions of indifference (not caring about anything else except said object of affection. Potion will last for up to full days before wearing off completely. Vomiting may occur afterwards."

Ayako, Mai, Masako, and Yasu stood there with their mouths open.

"Well, it looks like you girls are in for an interesting four days." Yasu chirped, pushing up his glasses.

Lin looked back up and froze. There, standing in his now open doorway was Monk, John and Naru. The girls turned around and backed up a little bit towards Lin. John, Monk, and Naru were staring at the girls with a look that could only be described in two words.

Lust-full possessiveness.

If you are wondering what is going on with Naru he is able to switch back to normal because of his PK powers but for only a short period of time before the potion takes over him again.