Chapter Four: Aftermath

A/N: Apologies for the delay in updating, and that this chapter is so short.

Ramsay woke the next morning with a lust for his wife. Elyssa lay sleeping beside him, blonde hair over her face. She was little more than a child, really. She certainly acted like a frightened little girl. Grinning, Ramsay shifted his hand to fondle at her breast, watching as Elyssa stirred. Her eyes fluttered open as his hand went down between her legs, lips pressing up and down her neck.

"What…" she stammered.

"Don't you want this, darling wife?" Ramsay asked as his fingers invaded her. She squirmed against him and he laughed. "Doesn't that feel good?"

"No," Elyssa said, her voice high and fearful. "Please, stop. I'm still sore from last night."

Ramsay cared nothing for her soreness, nor for the dried blood on the sheets that marked her as having been a maiden. He rolled Elyssa onto her back and climbed atop her, rubbing his hardening cock against her. She appeared mortified, unsure how to react to him, and also with a growing panic in her eyes. Ramsay spread her legs, with only minimal struggle from the blonde girl, and pushed himself inside her with a groan of pleasure.

"You feel so good," Ramsay said huskily as she turned her face. He gripped her chin and turned her to face him, his thrusts painfully slow. "Tell me you like it, Elyssa. Tell me you like it, and that you want more."

"No," the girl repeated, prying his hand off her face. "Because I don't."

Ramsay gripped her hips tightly, drawing back slowly before surging forward, pumping into her hard. A soft whimper escaped from between Elyssa's lips, and he smirked. Ramsay reached up to tweak hard at her nipples, making her squirm around beneath him. Excited by her struggling, he began to thrust harder, pinning her arms either side of her head.

"Say it."

The girl remained silent, as if by lying still and staying quiet, she could prove her defiance. Ramsay simply began thrusting harder, setting a brutal pace that a freshly deflowered girl such as Elyssa could surely not keep up with. Indeed, she cried out in pain, attempting to kick only for Ramsay to spread her legs further apart.

"It hurts," Elyssa exclaimed, as if that would give her husband cause to remove himself from her. Instead Ramsay knew that what he was doing was working, and gripped her neck as he pushed deeper inside her. She started to sob, tears rolling down her cheeks and into her hair.

"Just say the words, my sweet," Ramsay hissed in her ear.

"I…I like it," Elyssa lied shakily, clearly believing that if she did what her husband wanted, he would leave her be. "I…I want more."

"Oh really?" Ramsay feigned surprise, rolling onto his back so that Elyssa was on top of him. He moved her to his liking, rocking his hips and closing his eyes at the sensations. He filled her more deeply this way, and her squirms of discomfort only served to add to his pleasure. His eyes snapped open when she attempted to climb off him, arms covering her breasts. "Now now, Elyssa. This is what you wanted, remember?"

"But you made me say that!" Elyssa cried, but when Ramsay dug his nails into her hips, she ceased her struggling. He continued to buck his hips, fingers snaking down between her legs to rub at her clit.

He was amused at the astonished expression on her face. The friction between their bodies and his fingers working at her were sure to make her feel a pleasure that she didn't want to. She attempted to escape him again, but he flipped them again, pinning her small body beneath him. His thrusts became hard and fast, and he pulled her legs up higher, fingers still rubbing her clit in circles.

"Now doesn't that feel nice?"

"Stop it, I don't want it!" Elyssa exclaimed, clearly alarmed by the pleasurable sensations that his touch was triggering in her. She could not help it, and as his pace became faster, she wriggled against him as if trying to dislodge him. She struggled fiercely, breasts rubbing against his chest, and Ramsay groaned loudly as he spilled his seed within her. After a moment, he tugged himself from her, watching as she curled up.

"Well, you can't say you didn't enjoy that at all."

"I didn't like you touching me," Elyssa spat. But she had, Ramsay knew she had. He knew how to pleasure women, knowing that it was so much more thrilling when they felt some sense of ecstasy despite the fact that they did not want him.

"Get dressed, your brother is surely waiting to see you at breakfast," Ramsay said gleefully, tugging his pants on and lacing them up as his young bride remained curled up in stony silence.

Marq stabbed viciously at his bacon, feeling consumed by guilt. He'd heard his little sister sobbing last night when Ramsay took her, and again in the morning. When the blonde girl entered the hall, it was as Ramsay had promised – she was limping obviously, her eyes red-rimmed and her hair a fuzzy halo around her face. She sat beside Marq in silence, helping herself to a piece of his bacon.

"Elyssa, what happened to you?" Marq inspected her closely, watching as she flinched when he gently went to touch her face. "What did he do to you?"

"Nothing more than any husband does to his wife on their wedding night." Ramsay strolled casually into the hall, smirking as he seated himself across from the siblings. His eyes flicked to Elyssa, who seemed to be doing her best to remain inconspicuous. "Is that not right, sweetest?"

Marq's chair scraped as he pushed it back. "You selfish little bastard. You hurt her."

"Bastard? Yes I am." Ramsay grinned at Marq, his smug expression taunting the Piper boy to strike him down. "As for your sister, what can I say? She felt so good…"

Marq clenched his hands into fists, visibly restraining himself from striking Ramsay. The sole reason he didn't was because he knew that the Bolton boy would take it out on Elyssa. Whatever Ramsay suffered, his new wife would be forced to pay. Instead Marq sat back down heavily, glancing at Elyssa. During the exchange the girl had not looked up, had said nothing.

"Did he take you against your will?"

"Please, I don't want to talk about it." Elyssa looked up at her brother with pleading eyes, begging him to drop the subject. "I just want to eat breakfast in peace."

Marq set back to the task of cutting up his food, eyes darting between Elyssa and Ramsay. His younger sister remained uncharacteristically quiet, and now that he looked more closely, he saw bruises on her wrists and marks on her neck. Ramsay was silently gloating, his blue eyes gleaming with triumph. Marq swore a solemn oath – he would make Ramsay pay for what he had done to Elyssa. He didn't care what it took, or how long it took. So long as Ramsay Bolton met the end he deserved.