The White Falcon and the Pink Crane Part I: The Zeo Rangers Dillemmia

Characters: Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Billy Cranston, Kat Hilliard, Adam Park, Rocky Desantos, Aisha Campbell, Tanya Sloan, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan Zordon and Alpha V

Summary: Kim has gone to see Tommy after she sent the letter and she and the rest of the Ninjetti and their two new members. And they decided to change their original decision after her powers were weakened as they work at fixing things this soon after the decision is reversed. The side effects of the spells on Kat's freeing of the spell and them after the Hate-Master activate.

And the side effects of it infect their former team mates; Jason the Red Ranger, Zack the Black and Trini the yellow as the anger and resentment from the year hit the original Pink, Blue and White rangers at two of three members of the rest of their team. And the rest of the power rangers have chosen both sides and as have their friends and class-mates in school.

As the truth of their identities is figured out with it and their parents concerns grows even more over the fact that the effects of her retiring come out. Will they and their parents, the Adult Ninjetti figure out how to stop their enemies from destroying their bonds or will their enemies succeed in destroying the rangers by the return of Tommy's alter ego the original Green Ranger...

Warnings: This story is going to stretch from Billy's return to Angel Grove and through to their defeat of the Machine Empire. While story number two covers covers the time as Kim and Kat start taking turns as the rangers are back to full power again. But this is a re-imagining of the show if she and Tommy decided on this together and told the entire team about their choice.

And this is chapter 1 of that story line, as the rangers with Tommy, Kim, Aisha and Jason, decide to make new arrangements to heal their connection and with it. A re-imagining of the entire season in Zeo as it enters Turbo, leading into passing of the torch now, as if they spoke about this. Instead of ending their relationship by letter they decide to take a step back to heal their bonds.

The opening of the story opens with her image of her talking to him on the phone and her talking to an unseen person on the couch. So these images are taken from the song 'what if', if she decided to take the letter back. And go see them, as she does the song for the cast in the imagery for a replay. As this continues as the story starts shifting directions on real life then fantasy now.

Disclaimers: I own nothing of the characters or the show which belong to Haim Saban and Disney. The story-line belongs to me, everything else belongs to Saban and the Disney company.

Prologue: The Crane and her Falcon and the Ninjetti Reunion

The day Kimberly Hart had sent the letter that would not only break her heart, but her boy-friends' Tommy Oliver, she had to think through how to tell Tommy that even though they weren't together anymore that they would always be one, because of their animal spirits, hers and Tommy's, as well as her Ninjetti team, Adam Park, Billy Cranston, Rocky Desantos and Aisha Campbell, their spirit animals had kept their connection strong, though they were separated, and now they were helping her as they guided her actions as she wrote the letter, helping her to pick out the right words.

While she was writing it she felt a jolt in her heart every few minutes, till she had to stop, because she was crying her heart out, 'This is the right thing to do, why do I feel like it's tearing out my heart to do this?' she asked softly in her mind and then heard the voice of her Crane, Shalimar. 'Our bonds are soul bonded now Kim, it's the right thing to do, and it's alright to let it out as you do it, we belong to him, no matter what.' she said and Kim nodded. "Should I rewrite this, or send the paper looking like this?" she asked her and Shalimar answered her gently as she gave a few tips to her.

"Send it like this, to let the others know this was no light hearted decision, my other suggestion is changing the wording, to put hidden meanings into it, you'll always see him as a friend, you were friends before you became mated, you see you him as a brother, direct translation is get your twin involved as quickly as you can, and to top off the cake use your nickname and put 'Your' in front of it, to make it clear you belong to him, if necessary to fix the bonds of the Ninjetti, because they will take it the wrong way."

'Also use their nicknames when you tell him to take care of them, including Tanya, my suggestion is using her connection to Kenya as her nickname and call her lioness, to make it clear you're extending your hand in friendship. So before you meet face to face, if Brennan tells him to tell her and Jason first, that's your stepping stone and take it. You can add her to the list of newly created Ninjetti, simply by her seeing you meeting now face to face finally.'

'Call a meeting that night after it arrives, and call Rocky first, if he refuses to listen shout that out to the ape and it's going to freeze him automatically, since only he's going to be the one to listen. So though William is too stubborn at times to look at the truth, he thought your powers were destroyed, as had Adam, but Rocky loves you like you're really his baby sister."

"And he's going to understand why you did this, once you explain it to him. But the duo and Katherine, they need to see you today, so you can surgical strike it, before the twosome attempt to sabotage us here. Uncle Buck taught us this from an early age, as well.' Shalimar said to her gently and she nodded to that, before her statement about Jason caught her. "Wait you know about my bond with Jason?" she asked and she heard a gentle chuckle as Shalimar answered her.

"Yes, his spirit animal is a friend of ours and to answer the unasked question, his spirit animal is your nickname for him, Rex, your zords became your spirit animals and bonded you together for life. Our parents are us as a adults. And it's the same for the thunderzord spirit animals, but all of us were feeding into your strength during your first three years of life as a power ranger."

"This was our destiny as well, life as a ranger we created the first ever power rangers when our grandparents were our age. Sit his who we are and who were destined to be now Those of us who are more dangerous than others are the ones you need to keep under tight control, your temper is the result of Firebird herself, and it's the same for Dragon in the case of Tommy."

"So with that in mind, you have to make sure he's never woken up a second time, after he nearly went green ranger when Zedd got his hands on you. You and Tomy are meant to be together, we are not giving him up, and to keep the team together, call a meeting of the Rangers today, before doing so again the night it arrives, we were never lost, we've always been with you nine.'

'Spirit animals see the bonds their humans have for each other, when you and Jason took on your powers I got a look at your bond with Jason and saw your adoptive twin bond with him and Billy. But we and Billy were meant to become Ninjett, I know what you mean to him and what he means to you now, but certain bonds were forgotten in areas, like the one regarding Zack and Trini."

"And some of them are not going to not look at the big picture, so with that, put in hidden meanings into your letter to him, and let them read between the lines in every underlined sentence.' she said and Kim nodded as she read through it and grabbed a white out blotter, and added the suggestions to it, and underlined the key points to it while she was doing it then, before reading it to herself then.

"Dear Tommy, how are you, I'm fine the training is going great right now, Coach says I'll be ready by the first competition in a few weeks, and it's at the Pan Globals, I'm hoping to be able to win my first medal this way. Tommy this is the hardest thing I've ever had to say, in some ways it's hard and the most wonderful thing that could happen since I left home."

"And in some ways it's wonderful and others it's frightening at the moment. Because I know what is going to do to us but I..., I've met someone else, I think you'll like him he's kind and a good listener. I never wanted to hurt you, but I feel like I found the one I'm meant to be with. Tommy I'll always love you, but I see you as a friend and brother, no matter what happens between us,

"I'll always love you, be careful right now and take care of yourself my Falcon, our connection is intact, always, forever yours, 'Your' Crane, Kimberly. P.S., Take care of Cat, Monkey Man, Wolf, Kermit and Lioness, and be careful, my friend, don't let this get to you, be careful of our friends upstairs, stay strong, and keep 'him' contained no matter what, things are calm right now.'."

"But that could change at a moments notice, my love, the gruesome twosome may be gone, but there's still a danger. One here we can't ever risk, keep concentration and don't lose focus.'." she read out as she wrote her letter and then thought it over. 'That sounds about right, alright time to emphasize the message, if they don't get it and he finally wakes up its going to happen all over again, here.'

'But I'm not losing him to his alter ego no matter what, Rita I swear to god you're never getting your gree name anger back. You thought you got rid of me well you crossed the wrong pink ranger, The Pink Crane Ninjetti Mighty Morphin Power Ranger will return, I promise you.' she thought to herself and then wrote out a longer message to that warning, before reading the letter thoroughly a second time and sighed in relief.

'Our conversation two years ago is the biggest reason you need to stay strong, don't let those parasites do it again, focus on what we were taught. And most of all my friend, don't let this get to you, this situation. And be careful of our friends upstairs, keep contact with Mother Bear and Rex. But stay strong, and keep 'him' contained no matter what, 'he' must not be allowed to be released.'."

"And not after the 'Changing of the Zords' incident or the 'Back to the Future' incident. Parts one and two when you became a member of 'our' family, when he came alive when was he was first released. You're the leader of the team, but he's still inside you, he can never be allowed to come back. Or it'll start all over again, guys listen to him when he says this is serious, Billy, you too.'."

"Of ten, only five have the knowledge regarding that danger, of ten, only one has the skills to match him move for move, you and I both know the dangers. As we've been with him his entire career as a ranger, only we truly understand those dangers. But only you, Billy, only you can prevent that from happening, you're all that's left of us, take care of each other, remember your promises.'."

"Remember Billy, remember the trap we walked into after Sha and the guys joined the team. And when Dragon was cloned, as we had his zord form on the loose. You remember the amount of damage 'he' himself caused when Tommy was placed under that spell. You remember how close he came to destroying us, we can't let him return and get his hands on the dagger, for if we do."

"It's going to start all over again, Billy, trust me I know what I'm doing, this is no longer just about us, it's about the safety of the entire planet. Think about that, before the guys upstairs notice something is up, understand. Billy, listen to me carefully here, this is about something even bigger than you think. But 'he' can't be allowed to be back on the loose, it's dangerous enough already.'."

"But if you don't listen to him, the side of him you saw before he joined the team is going to be back on the loose. As your omega, I'm just saying this now, alright, but that is a direct order boys, Tanya, you three are pack animals. But I'm making this a direct order, listen to him, stick together. And take care of each other, as the senior Pink ranger that is a direct order guys, understand.'."

"Billy again this is serious, you need to remember these titles, Green With Evil, Back to the Future Parts one and two, Changing of the Zords. But everything that had to do than with an old enemy I'm trying to stop. But this about why I'd do this for his sake and mine, its now about someone else. I'm trying to protect not only him, but us and the entire team and planet right now in this.'."

"Yes, we're separated, but I love him still, this isn't forever, if you need to call me than do that, just give me a chance to explain this all of you. Billy I promise nothing changed for any of you and why would it. You're my brothers and sisters, I love you and I'd never let you go and why would I exactly. Because, like you, I'm pack, I've flown in a flock all my life, like you, I'm lonely.'."

"There are certain things that I need to explain to you guys here and in order to do that, you got to look deeper than the surface of what you can see. Ninjetti, you recall the first lesson we learned when we started out. 'To all those who possess the great power, all things are possible, Sha' and I are away, but our connection remains, think about that boys, there's more than you think to this."

"Those titles are not just from any normal situation William, I'm talking about the events before and after Tommy moved to town. But think about the dates, starting with the first and work your way up to when I got chosen. And for training, if you need another indicator here he's in the pier. And just waiting to resurface if the whistle goes off and my mate is converted for a second time.'

"Rangers listen to me carefully, this is no longer just about him and me, it's about the safety of the entire planet, the evil that was around. Just before he became a ranger is now a security concern we can't ever risk. The danger is still alive and its uniform is on display at the office keep that in mind. I'm not staying in Miami forever I'm coming home for the spring semester next year.'."

"And you're hearing what this letter really means, to repeat that Rangers listen to me carefully here. There are going to be some very trying times after this arrives, but I'm making it very clear here, take care of him and each other. We're not together, briefly, but I still love him, I always will, soulmate. As ninjetti, the soulmate connection it went Ninjetti, when we were released.'."

"Billy you know what I'm trying to say here, you were around for the biggest portions of it. But when these powers were unlocked everything that comes with it activated too. We're still Ninjetti, though we're separated, but you boys are my boys, the girls my sisters, and Tommy my one true love. I'm not staying gone forever, I promise I'm returning after the competitions, to repeat that.'."

'I'm coming home after the games are finished, I'll be back next spring in the mean time, just take care of each other, see you soon. I'm not giving you up Tommy, stay strong and I'll seen you soon Falcon, and the Crane and the Falcon will fly together forever, I Love You 'My' Falcon, Your only love the Crane.'." she read and smiled as she thought to herself softly at writing it out like that, knowing Tommy would hear it instantly.

'That sounds good, he's going to see it automatically, but hopefully he doesn't look too closely, I don't want him to know how much this is killing me to write this. It doesn't matter anyway, I belong to him and no one else, guys please listen, don't destroy our friendship, see it, please see it. I can't lose you, just give me chance to explain here, I love you guys, don't destroy our friendship, because of this.'

'And Kat, my sister, listen to me carefully now, if you get hit again, I swear I will find some way to free you from that spell, I'm not having you suffer another case of guilt here, it's going to be fine Kitty, just fight it, fight her as hard as you can.' she thought to herself in concerned affection for the other girl. "Kim don't worry, I know you belong to him and he belongs to you, nothing changes that my sister, I love you sis." she heard a teenage voice say gently and she quickly answered the voice.

"Who are you exactly, I didn't think she started yet?" she asked and the voice answered her with a gentle smile in her tone. "My name is Kalina, I am her cat spirit, and to answer your second question, she reached the point to where she's ready now. But in order to unleash it, we got to get Rex and Elena involved and we're at the level needed to be able to take out the troops that did this to both of us."

"We're your complete equal in powers Kim, in fact her color and symbol is purple and me, she's the Purple Cat Ninjetti Ranger. Jason is the Cherry Red T-Rex Ninjetti Ranger and Tanya is the Gold Lioness Ninjetti Ranger. But if we all combine together when Jason comes home, we have enough power to destroy the enemy troops with just our Ninjetti powers now, and we're now the enlisted officers." She told her and she nodded in happy amazement at the news.

"Enlisted officer, you mean to tell me that with the fact we took on these powers, we just entered officers training, Kalina?" she asked and she heard her explain that to her. "Indeed we did, but here the thing with the guys. White and Cherry Red, with gold mixed into it, is the symbol of the alpha, hot pink, near violet colored, is the symbol of the omega, Rocky's color is the sign of the beta and we go down the list from there in ranks of officers training, but it's enlisted officers."

"But the ranks are who you're mated too, but I'm mated to Damian, Elena to Tobin, Jesse to Lexa and you to Brennan." she said to her and she nodded. "Alright me to Tommy, Rocky to Aisha, you to Billy and Tanya to Adam. Should I tell them this and call a team meeting and let the seven know, this right now, before it shows up?" she asked her and she heard a gentle smile as she heard her sister's bear answer that question, as she looked at her sister's symbol on her bracelet as it start glowing.

"Yeah, you better tell our humans and call a meeting so we can nip this in the bud, Shal, but don't worry the seven of us are going to choose both sides anyway if you tell us in advance, before the blasted thing shows up in a few days. As to that us Ninjetti can see the truth in another Ninjett's words and we know you're not letting us go when you tell us this, but we need to see each other." she said to her and she nodded as she took her pictures out and saw the one of her, Aisha and Kat with their arms around each other.

Katherine Hillard had joined the team when Kim had been selected for advanced training and previously she'd been under a spell that was placed on her by Rita, who had turned Tommy into the green ranger, though Kat was freed from the spell, her feelings of lust had only grown, though Tommy belonged to Kim she wanted him. As those thoughts ran through her head she ran a second check in reading it thoroughly as she grabbed an envelope, wrote it to the juice bar at their favorite hang out.

The Youth Center, better known to the entire community as Ernie's Gym and Grill, which for the town adult population was a favorite, because he had everything needed to work out, while for the kids, it was the teen and junior population's favorite hangout, because it gave them a place to work and hang out, and he was a friend of their parents, and he'd watched them and the kids of her generation grow up, and he knew them all extremely well. 'If he knows about us if he overheard our conversations nine months ago, he's hiding it well, but he's a good parental friend and I love him like another uncle, and with that, I know he's going to know something's up, if they over-react.'

'I knew this was going to be hard though, but I have to let Tommy know the truth and that is that my heart will always belong to him, it's always about the greater good, no matter the sacrifice I do what has to be done for the sake of the entire planet, I'm a ranger, I protect the planet, only this time, I'm tearing my heart out to protect my mate, my friends and the entire planet, I have to do this.' Kim thought to herself as she put it in the mailbox to go out and stood there for a few minutes thinking.

After thinking it through then she decided to teleport to the command chamber and talk to her mentor, Zordon, who'd been her adoptive father, since she became a ranger. 'He always gave good advice, I should see him, if his opinion matches to mom. And my godparents, as well as the rest of team parental gang it would help. Just to have a second opinion, though I sent it out already.' she thought, as she smiled at that idea.

And at the thought of seeing her mentor then. "Maybe I could, tell the guys and Kat the reason for this, talk to him and we chose this together. Kalina, Lexa, can you reach the truth in a fellow Ninjetti's lies?" she asked and a flash of pink, that was tinging with a violet light appeared and following it was a golden yellow. As she turned and saw the duo standing in front of her and no bigger then stuffed animal size and she smiled in delight.

"Guys!" she said and they nodded with smiles in their eyes and she crouched in front of them gave them a hug as she heard a gentle purring from the cat spirit. Before Lexa gave her a bear hug then. "I miss you guys so much right now." she said, before four more flashes appeared in Tommy and the trio's colors and she smiled happily. "God I missed you guys so much." she said and Damian, Billy Cranston's Wolf nodded softly.

"We miss you too Shal, it's not the same without you at home in the den, we need you back, the six of us are in danger without you." he said and she nodded. "Who is Tanya's spirit animal?" she asked and a gold flash appeared as a lion cub arrived. "I am Shal, my name is Elena." she said and Kim nodded. "You think it's best I tell them before it comes, boys?" she asked and Jesse nodded to her gently at that.

"Yes Shal, we do, with them not realizing we're still here, the second we switched identities, our color identities, loss of their power coins. Us getting turned into cubs and you and Lexa off the team now at the moment. The results are our humans forgot everything that comes with it, everything. In which that Dulcea and Ninjor taught us, we have one chance to save our team now."

"The six of us miss you so much right now we have just one shot to save our team, being a pack or troop. The female omega is the leader of the team, you're the alpha's mate Shal, so though we follow the alpha. We also follow our omega, you got the entire 100% link directly into the entire team. That is why when the five of us get hit, you get hit in the process now, sis, as a result."

"We're not letting you go, but we got one chance, you have to tell our humans the truth, and tell them to go to Ninja powers to double check. Once done, we are one again and we can go back and forth between both colors. Trust us, just call it out and we do the rest." he said and she nodded as she said it. "Ninjetti, the crane!" she shouted out and in a burst of pink, near violet light at that finally then.

She morphed back into her robes then and smiled in delighted relief. "God it feels good to be back in my robes again, I miss this and your humans so much, guys. I'm lonely without you, I miss being a power ranger actually, I miss the guys, Kat, and the seven. It's time I returned to the nest now, unless..., oh god, if you're all awake then that means..." she started to say and Brennan nodded as he answered her then gently.

"The entire zoo is awake, but Dragon has Draco under lock and key, you have to tell Zordon, immediately right now." he said and she nodded. "Guys, can you take turns with me tonight and every day in between visits home?" she asked and they nodded, as a white flash lit up the room and they saw a tiger cub sitting there. "Hey Tiger, good to see you baby." she said and he chuckled as he moved to her then gently.

As he pressed his forehead to hers purring to her. "You too honey, it's great to see you again, but now that you know we're here, that means Dragon is..." he started to say and a forest green flash lit the room as a dragon appeared in front of her. "Drag, hey baby, good to see you." she said and he gave a chuckle as he gave her a hug. "Missed you too my love, like you figured it out at the moment here now."

"You know we're all awake, all three upgrades, in your animals, are awake, at the moment I got Draco under lock and key here. So unless I completely lose my temper and get captured there is no chance at all of this." he told her and she nodded in relief to the news. "Alright guys just pretend you're my stuffed animals, and my cat." she said and they settled at that as she put the letter in the envelop then softly.

Feeling a hand brush her shoulder she turned and looked up to see her surrogate big brother standing behind her. "Hey you okay?" Carter Greyson asked and she sighed. "After the latest accident in training, it's a question of splitting my time between going back and forth or 2) we just end it now, Carter." she told him and he nodded gently. "Come on, is not telling them beforehand why you decided on this a good idea."

"For 12 years, it was now not me, but we, if there was any chance of insuring this never destroys your friendship to them. Put a hold on sending it out right now, you have to go see him and tell them face to face, aside from that. Kimmy, you can only try for so long, before you have to draw the line, well the line was just drawn now. You're homesick we see that easily, you want a chance to see them, just go talk to his parents now."

"Him and your mentor, you do that it starts bouncing from member to member in your gang now, you found me, if we are family. Just tell them the definitions to each sentence, and bring that letter with you, as they see it for themselves now. One chance to work this out, we know you feel lost without your color definition in your life, time to fix that." he said and she nodded to him as she hugged him tightly at that as she looked up then.

"You think it's best to head home for this, so I can tell them in person, instead of over the phone or in writing?" she asked and they nodded, as Patrick Campbell Taylor, Aisha's maternal cousin walked in the door as she settled on the couch. "We do and frankly you have all of us beyond worried, but a chance to turn your life around is best. You been in over your head, since they switched colors." Patrick told her and she nodded to him.

To see her coach and his standing there with gentle smiles on their faces. "The link never quit, what linked me to the sextet is still active." she told them and he nodded. "Well then they all need to know that, it's time you made a visit home, just to see everyone." Carter told her and she nodded as that did it. "I have to go back, it's time to go home, coach, after practice can you give me six hours, I'll be back at midnight tomorrow."

"But I have to wait for their school day to end and head for the Command center, our friends are the power rangers themselves, that was a costume party image. In that picture you saw hanging from my locker at the gym." she said and he nodded. 'Nice try love I know that picture was you six, if they were your original team, the trio. As I know the boys already now.' he thought to himself as he nodded to her at her request.

Ending the conversation at that, she waited till that night and decided to check in with Tommy, as after two rings it picked up then. "Hello." he said and she smiled as she answered him. "Hey honey it's me." she said and she heard a delighted smile in his voice as he answered her. "Hey Kim you okay?" he asked and she sighed. "Not exactly, things at the moment here are getting out of hand, I think we got a problem."

"Though what I can tell you later, but how's it going over there?" she asked and he sighed. "Lost total focus, I ended up running into my maternal family this past month, since we lost our colors at the time. Followed by you girls, and our power coins, we feel like we lost half of ourselves honey." he said and she nodded. "I hear that honey, but at the moment here we got another problem right now."

"But are you or the quartet hearing several squawks on your end?" she asked and she heard a gentle tone. "Yeah we are, it sounds like every time whoever got hit, we hear this and following it is a distracted bear growl. What the heck is going on at the moment right now?" he asked and she ran a hand through her hair. "I got to tell you that in person, and by that I mean all of you, the guys and Kat are with you."

"And Jason and 'Sha are my relatives, so one option, are you wishing we decided to put things on hold, before I left, rebuild this, before it falls apart at the moment?" she asked and his tone went firm. "I'm starting to now, but if this means keeping our relationship strong we got two options at the moment. You coming to see me later, if you're asking that, Kim?" he asked and she nodded gently as she said it.

"Yeah I am, but what do you consider, we ask to change the rulebook, and then after practice every day starting next week, but after school and practice, weekends. Summer holidays, breaks, how could I have the time to be dating anyone else, when I'm always with you?" she asked and she heard a chuckle. "You don't at all, but we do that and we got things better from now on." he said and she smiled he was willing to do it.

"With our second in command gone, my version of Rock, I'm taking this to your next in command honey. I've got two more phone calls to make, but our alpha's third, both genders." she said and she heard a smile. "Kat and Billy, I get why, but if they go for this, that solves the entire problem. You guys are beyond close, with us hearing from you every other day, that helps at the current moment."

"Zack and Trini don't realize we created a pack mentality out of this at the moment, but the seven of us are beyond close. And the girls are your best friends, if they got a problem, they should have come back sooner. But things change, they can not change back, but our pack mind went nuts here." he told her and she nodded as she answered him smiling gently as she looked at their photos.

"I know honey, but if you need me to focus that's fine, but honestly I wished I reported in when Mondo and his family arrived. But that can't be helped now, so though with that, we do what we should have done that month before Vile. But I'm coming to see you so we can talk about this first." she said and she heard a delighted tone at that. "Great, so when can we expect you?" he asked and she smiled as she answered him then.

"I'll come see you tomorrow, but it's comming you by way of the computer system so no one realizes I'm back. Just don't say anything till I talk to Zordon. It's concerning our original powers and your distraction could prove highly dangerous here. For us, the team and the town, we can't take the chance, but what happened exactly. I'm getting hit by your emotions, regarding Dave and Sam?" she asked and he explained that to her.

"Sam was the indian guide leading me towards my crystal, but just as I got the truth Mondo killed him and then kidnapped my brother, David. At the moment, I lost total focus, that whatever is going on with you just did it finally." he said and she nodded as she shook her head at that. "Yeah alright just hold off on telling them, I'm coming home we got to talk in person." she said and he gently answered her then now.

"It just figures, my dress when looking for my crystal was I look like an Indian, and run into him, and he gives me my arrowhead along with the crystal. And it turns out he's my grandfather, maternal side, my mother's name, maternal name was Trueheart. True to heart, and the second portion was a direct hit, listen to my heart talking, in both our cases, and hence the surname now."

"But that's the meaning to the song, true to your heart, my heart is you and I am Trueheart, I am not fighting who I am anymore without you. I can't focus and I'm sick of living a lie, that everything is fine, I want you girls back." he told her and she nodded in understanding. "Well time to fix this and get your head back in the game, I'm coming home tomorrow, baby." she said to him gently at that remark then.

And with a smile in his tone as he said answered her. "Alright, I love you honey, I'll see you tomorrow." he said and she smiled. "I love you too honey, bye." she said and he said it gently. "Bye baby." he said and she hung up the phone as she grabbed his picture smiling gently then as she made her decision: to send it out the next day after practice, before coming to Angel Grove, but first she had to get one thing from her locker.

Dialing a second number she heard the voice of her adopted twin and best friend, Billy Cranston. "Hello." she heard and she smiled. "Hey Billy, welcome home." she said and heard a delighted tone in his voice. "Kim, it's good to hear your voice, what's up?" he asked and she sighed. "Billy, would it bother you if he and I took a step back, I'm not letting you guys go, but I need a second opinion, I lost focus right now in this."

"It happened again, my arm." she said and his tone firmed up. "If you needed to come see us that's fine, so long as I never lose you, that's all I care about. The guys and Kat will say the same, what's wrong exactly?" he asked and she wiped the tears off her face. "We should have done this after 'they' nearly killed you, but first me and then you, I was scared out of my mind when you guys never contacted me."

"That day and immediately right now, but where were they when we needed them, I can't do this anymore, I tried and tried, but I had enough, I want to come home. I miss you guys so much that I just want to return home." she told him and his tone gentled. "I understand, we miss you too, but we take it back, the original decision. And we get to see you everyday starting now, that works better then this right now."

"But six months is too much, but we need to be together starting now, we miss you so much that a chance to fix this is worth it. Your relationship is none of our business, this is between you and Tommy, we get that. But you need a second opinion, so long as you're happy, Adam, Rocky and I will take it. I'll see you tomorrow so we can talk about it face to face." he said and she nodded softly then.

"See you tomorrow brother, love you." she said and she heard a warm tone in his voice. "You too sis, love you too." he said and she made one last phone call, this time to her replacement, as the phone went off and she heard a british sounding tone. "Hello." she heard and she smiled then. "Hey Kitty it's me, listen could you not tell the duo and Tanya this, but I'm dropping in tomorrow." she said and she heard an immediate response.

"Hey Crane, what's going on if you're saying that exactly?" she asked and Kim went to the next question. "Kat, would it bother you if we started taking turns in the field, because I just hit the wall and I'm sick of this. I know my powers are weak, but frankly you guys need me more and with the duo gone, it's safe to come home again." she said and she heard her tone firm up at that remark, and knowing she was worried.

"You over do it, it could put you back in the hospital, Kim, but with him distracted and us with him, if this helps our concentration, that could work. So we swap turns starting now, added back up plan to this?" she asked and and Kim explained it to her. "The rules say we can't abuse our powers, but it doesn't say we can't use our communicators to travel, my one way back in, regarding security now."

"At the chamber is my back up power coin, which was the pterodactyl, but our medallions are our power coins, we can wear our power coins as necklace sized medallions now. Your spirit shape just got switched, I got commed by your cat spirit tonight." she told her and she heard a thunk on the desk at that. "I'm the cat?!" she repeated and Kim nodded. "Makes sense with the nickname we gave you." she said and Kat chuckled then.

"Good point, so what's the side effect?" she asked and she explained that. "I think with my passing my powers to you, that you're like my brother right now. By that I mean that's Tommy's best friend: Jason Lee Scott, he's the senior red ranger. Jason is the Dino ranger leader, Tommy has the Thunderzord/Ninjetti upgrades, but here it is. The rest of the team, before you met us was Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and the guys and me."

"Jason is Tommy's partner in leadership on the team, you and Tommy share a bond by Rita and Zedd getting their hands on you, but you're my third in command of the team. The leadership roles follows who was first to have steady relationship, so Tommy and I are the alpha and omega, you got third in command as the alpha's third: Billy's rank. Rocky is the Beta and Adam secondary Beta." she told her and she heard a shocked tone.

"Aw great, we created a pack mentality out of this, well if Trini and Zack get jealous you told me, Tanya and Adam first. Well then who's fault is that exactly, we been friends, since you broke the spell on me and like my helping you. In getting you to overcome your fear of being on the balance beam. You did the same for me by being next to the high dive at the time as I jumped in finally."

"You're my best friend, next to Tanya, I want my omega back now, though if they did a story on this and I know our doubles are thinking with his head. And not with his heart as you would never let him go that fast, but let me guess. You're thinking of taking a step back and rebuilding your relationship?" she asked and Kim nodded, not surprised that she saw it then as she answered her gently.

"Yeah that's my plan, and in addition to coming home every day, but I need to make a few new arrangements and then I come home every day. But everyday, weekends, summer, holidays, so here's a question, how can I have the time. And to be seeing anyone else when I'm always with you guys everyday?" she asked and she heard a smile in her tone at that as she knew her best friend was going to get it immediately then.

"You don't as you're always with Tommy." she said and as she looked at Kalina who was sitting on the bed then and she smiled softly. "At the moment Coach has me training on the mat, not another collapse off the damn thing, I sprained my wrist. But I just got some unexpected news here, that only makes it more apparent we got to do this. But listen to me carefully, you ever see the green uniform next to his white one now."

"The helmet in the shape of dragon, that was his original animal and the definition to what I meant when I said he was under one of her spells." she told her and she knew she straightened up at the news. "Tommy said he was hallucinating when he tried to get the crystal, as it wards off evil, but he barely made it out. And before saving me next, so you, Billy and Tommy know the most in that at the moment now."

"This is why she's trying to destroy you guys, you freed him from her spell and now she and Zedd are determined to get rid of you?" she said slowly and Kim nodded. "Yeah exactly, but this why I have to come back, his dragon has an alter ego, his lime green is our Dragon, the dark forest green is his Dragon's alter ego Draco. I can tell you everything tomorrow, but keep an eye out for trouble in case of Zack's girlfriend."

"Because a broken heart is a big thing to be concerned about and I already told you this ahead of time, and Billy with you. But I'm not leaving Tommy, that letter being sent is meant to prevent his dragon's alter ego from running amok. His zord form is in the harbor, but if his alter ego gets his hands on the dagger it'll start all over again." she told her and she heard a firm tone as she answered her remark gently at the news then.

"The green and gold dagger that is in your weapon's case?" she asked and Kim nodded. "Yeah, the dagger is a flute meant to call Dragon in from the harbor, in our hands, he was a weapon to protect lives, in Rita and Zedd's hands. And it's a weapon of mass destruction, Jason is the only ranger that wielded the powers, like you did mine. He knows every strength and weakness in the dragon ranger powers like you do now."

"In the Crane powers, you're my complete equal now, but I need to tell you this face to face, just wait till I mentally page you over our bracelets. As the boys and Tanya are getting the message, but you, Tommy and Billy are the first to know. I'm coming home tomorrow to visit." she said and she heard a delight tone in her voice. "Yeah alright, see you tomorrow Crane, love you Sis." she said and Kim said it smiling at that.

"Love you too, Kitty see you tomorrow." she said as she hung it up and looked at the picture of the seven of them with smiles on their faces. 'Time to go home, I can't wait, well I definitely got to tell Zordon this tomorrow after practice later on. But he needs the other reason I'm deciding on this, to keep us together, first to know are with him. Jason and Aisha, 3/4's of my team will go with it.' she thought as she smiled happily then.

As this worked in not only helping her, but give her a chance to bring herself home for a few hours then, but being able to see Tommy. And before the letter arrived and letting him know that she would always be his no matter what happened. And as that was her the biggest reason to do it now, to protect their family then finally. After checking to make sure that there was no one around or listening, she removed her communicator.

That was hanging from her locker as she smiled as she put it back on her wrist as she saw the lines Billy inputted into it, coloring them to their owners then. As the former pink ranger activated her communicator to call her mentor to let him know. Now that she was teleporting in, wanting to hear his voice as she missed her surrogate father a lot. As her parents were out of town, and she hadn't seen her god-parents in a while too.

"Zordon, this is Kimberly, I need to teleport back to Angel Grove, is it alright if I teleport in?" she asked and heard a smile in his tone and grinned as he answered her then. "Yes Kimberly, you have my permission." Zordon said and she nodded to that, "Alright stand-by." Kim said and, after quickly looking around one last time before she activated her communicator, she turned it on and disappeared in a flash of pink.

After arriving at the command chamber as the pink pulse faded around her, she looked and saw the changes that Tommy had told her about. She also noticed their old uniforms and weapons in the glass cases, looking at their weapons hanging in the last tube. She saw three more uniforms next to her sextet smiling as she remembered who the trio. Belonged to as she looked between them and saw she and Billy between the sextet.

And against the opposite wall and saw her uniform and smiled as she saw it next to his, it didn't matter she was retired. But that was who she was as she thought on what he told her what happened so far. Tommy had told her that because there were only five pieces of the Zeo crystal, Billy had passed his crystal over to Tanya Sloan. And took a position as their tech advisor in case there was trouble later at the time there now.

Because the team had been turned back into children a few months earlier, and the fact that Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa and destroyed their power coins, the team had to go and find the Zeo crystal and get a stronger set of powers. They had found the crystal, but Goldar and Rita's brother Rito Revolto had destroyed the command center.

So to keep it from getting attacked again they have moved it lower and renamed it the command chamber, as she looked at her brother's assistant and her mentor smiling. "Kimberly it is so good to see you again." Alpha 5 said with a smile in his voice and Kimberly smiled back at him. "It is good to see you too Alpha," She said and Zordon got started then, looking at his young crane smiling in relief he got the chance to see her.

"What can I do for you, my pink crane?" he asked her gently and she sighed as she explained that to him then, knowing he'd understand. "Today I sent a break up letter to Tommy and I need to talk to him before he gets it. I'm not completely ending it, but I wanted your advice, regarding this at the moment. My brother, adoptive brother, Carter talked me out of sending it, before I had the chance to tell you guys first now."

"I will always I belong to him, but I came to explain everything to help us both concentrate now, and keep them protected as this helps the team to focus now." Kim said and he nodded as he got the reason for this, his current red ranger. Who was still suffering from the spell Rita had put on him, if this meant he was protected. And from getting turned again, they were willing to bend the rules of over abusing the powers.

"Alright Kimberly, I will comm Tommy and have him teleport here so the two of you can talk." Zordon said to her gently. "Thank you Zordon." Kim said as Alpha moved over the control panel and prepared to contact Tommy. "How have things gone since I left Zordon? Kat told me he's nearly been killed fifteen times since I left and the Machine Empire showed up" she asked and he sighed as he answered her gently.

"They have been a bit hectic since the Machine Empire arrived, Tommy has been a bit distracted." Zordon said and she nodded to that, knowing the distraction was because they were separated. "Okay, and I know why actually, our animals spirits are still very active, every time they get hit, it hits me in the process. And I've lost my concentration as well, so him for me and me for him, we got one chance at this."

"But I think I can handle that and take care of it." she said, as she asked the next question, knowing he'd probably agree with her mother then and wanting to hear it from him then as she asked the question. "How dangerous is the latest set of parasites exactly. If you had to send them after those crystals. And Billy got sidelined by this after the explosion 5 months ago anyway?" she asked and he hid a smile as he answered her.

"King Mondo is the metallic version of Lord Zedd, just as powerful, evil and devious, but his sons are younger versions of him, and they're monsters are much stronger than the ones you dealt with when you were a ranger, so I sent them to get the Zeo crystal shards and they got upgraded to being Zeo Rangers in the last five months, but it's been pretty hectic in the last eight months

"And Tommy's having a hard time in concentrating, with your bond over reacting with you and Aisha gone." he said and she nodded as she said it with a sigh. "The Rangers and I are getting worried about him, because of it." he added and she nodded as she answered with a sigh. "You got something else to worry about here, Zordon, because despite the fact a clone of Dragon is in the past, he's still inside of him."

"But that's why I came back, I need to talk to him, so we can help him focus finally now in both areas, but you better see this. Our animals are completely awake, in animal form they look like wild animals, but in our suits, now. They look like us when in uniform, watch this you two." she said and then looked more closely at the wall and saw her mate's old uniform, sitting on the left side of his white one and looked back at him again.

"Dragon you hear me, you awake." she said, pressing her hand against the glass and in response the glove reached out to press his hand against hers. With the glass between them and she nodded, knowing that was her him that did that. "I know that's you, my you, but I promise, she's never getting her hands on you again, I swear it. I love you, I love all three sides of you, my mate." she said and the helmet lowered slightly then.

And she smiled at that knowing he was looking into her eyes at that gently. "You got him locked up tightly?" she asked and it gave a nod to her and she nodded. "Dragon possessed his uniform, he, and I don't have to hear his voice, to know that. He's still awake, our him is still awake, but his alter ego is under lock and key right now. At the current moment and with that in mind right now, is it just because she duplicated him."

"Why did you keep the original green ranger uniform and put it next to the white ranger uniform. Because Dragon in spirit animal form looks like a flesh and blood version to the dragonzord itself, I had a fast talk with him. Just before I decided to come see you, he, in his forest green tinge is the dark warrior mentioned in my letter. So with that you just gave me the first explanation for the girls now?" she asked him and he explained it.

"It's a tribute memorial to the green ranger, when Tommy became the white ranger, but it's meant to be warning. Now that the danger is still very real that Dragon is still here, just contained. But am I to understand you decided to add that warning yourself to the letter you sent him, to remind Billy?" he asked her and she nodded as she answered him at that news as she explain it to him.

"To go into the first portion of it is that I gained certain information since they destroyed the power coins Zordon, and that was that though they destroyed the coins. It's that they didn't destroy our powers, but whatever Dulcea told you she's right. I had a discussion with Kat's animal spirit and she told me they're awake. In fact our spirit animals are still very active, here watch this." she said and turned to their uniforms then.

"Hey guys, the Crane is back in the nest." she said and the sextet of uniforms all lit up in a flash of their colors and he smiled at that response as she looked at her mate's second uniform then. "Hey baby it's your crane, crane's home." she said in response to that his sent out a flash of white light and hers sent out a flash of pink light and they intertwined themselves together and he responded to the demonstration with a smile.

"Well I see your powers are very active, does this mean that Dragon is active as well, if the quintet are still awake right now?" he said and in response to that a green flash of light went flying out of Tommy's original uniform and intertwined itself with the white and pink ribbons and she smiled as she answered his question. "Yeah he's awake, but it's the good side of him at the moment, that's why I came actually."

"My Dragon is Tommy's tough Demeanor, while Rita's is the evil green ranger, and he's going by the name Draco now, so our Dragon is Dragon, her's is called Draco as of today. But the letter is focused on the side of him that wrecked the command center, that's what I'm trying to prevent now and to answer your question on whether or not. If I put him in there and my orders to prevent him from going on a rampage, or not now."

"Yeah I did, he's a power ranger, but he's still the Green Dragon Ranger, I'm going by what I see it here, but Draco only takes hold. If he's beyond pissed or he's placed under a spell, if they don't understand that and keep talking about it'll piss him off enough. That he could have a relapse and I'm not risking it and losing him to his alter ego now." she said and then sighed as she asked her question, knowing he was going to understand.

Understand this choice, while explaining her hypothesis of her mate at the same time. "Zordon, all this time since we became power rangers we both know we had a dangerous job, he's having a hard time concentrating but if their fathers said this. We got one chance to help the entire team to concentrate now. It's by us choosing between 2 options and cool things down in our relationship, as we rebuild the other bond til I get back."

"To put this gently, he's come close to losing me four times, and they were all when before. And after, we became Ninjetti, I'm the only thing that is keeping Dragon from losing it. I'm his angel to put this for a better word, Fred was Anakin when he started out, Tommy is Anakin at his life as a Jedi and that's where it gets dangerous. As to why Tommy is Anakin, Vader is Draco and Tommy's the median, that's the message now."

"I've been running over things since we got our Ninjetti powers, and this is our version of the Sith/Jedi war, only in terms of his soul. Our Tommy is the good, light side version of him, which is what Brennan really is, Brennan is the Jedi side of him, while Dragon is the dark, destructive alter ego, and he is the Sith side of him. As to where I fall into this, I'm his reason for living, his very soul, if anything happens to me, at the moment."

"And Dragon, or Draco, would take full control and go on a killing spree, we can't let that happen no matter what the cost. When we started we didn't know there was a sixth power coin, nor did we know there was another who was destined to join us. What did your prophecy say about the green ranger exactly, when we offered him a place. On the team, because it felt like it was completely right, almost like he was the final piece."

"And of the puzzle needed to finish our gang and the team, like this was where he belonged now, but now the that wasn't just fate. He was meant to find me before becoming a power ranger, is there more to that then we first thought at the time?" she asked him and he explained that to her as he started feeling his heart start pounding. At the news as he remembered that conversation with Alpha at the time back then.

"For he who possessed the sixth power coin, he had to make a choice, choose what was right or what was easy. I didn't know she had the sixth power coin till he flamed-teleported into the command center, it took a genetic testing of his bio waves to figure out who he was, before I figured out what she did. And told Jason to destroy the sword of darkness, after Jason destroyed it, now."

"And as the leader of your team, Jason was the true leader of the team in my absence, but as a result, the boys found each other's equals. But now the situation is in reverse, but Jason was the true leader or the power team. If there was meant to be double teams Jason has one team and Tommy had the other. With you and Billy at his side as he trained in being who he was now."

"He was the one to offer him a chance to redeem himself, but I hadn't known what was coming at the time, why do you ask?" he asked her and she explained that to him. "Because in typical fashion, I think the powers were searching out the right person for the sixth power coin. I'm looking at this in terms of the powers like they're completely sentient, but I think the dragon ranger power coin was waiting patiently.

"And while its counterparts, our power coins, were put to use, protecting the town and thevplanet all that time. And it, or rather he, was hoping to be used for good, he preferred to be used for good then evil and was waiting till it could be used for it, but getting drafted by an evil sorceress meant it's real use had to wait. Dragon was waiting till he met me so he could get started, if we drafted him right when we saw his training."

"As that would keep Dragon, our Dragon in total control, but I think the powers were waiting for him to find me before he came out. It was hoping for a correct match, because somehow Dragon himself was waiting till he found his mate. And put that into the powers and it and he, were waiting till their true owner arrived and when he moved here they zeroed in on him, and in doing so, that woke up Shalimar completely.

"And she was waiting for Tommy and Dragon's spirit brother, and by that I mean Jason and Rex. But Rex and Dragon are brothers in the spirit animal world, to break him out of it, and the power coin was glad to join its fellow powers coins in the fight against evil. As we worked as a sextet during that year at the time, but that bond was meant to happen. Reason as it was us meeting the trio, I changed history by ensuring the quintet now."

"The true power rangers are the Olivers, Desantos, Parks, Campbells, Cranstons, and my family, the Porters, we were the very first Rangers, as a result now. Shalimar had to wait for us to admit our feeling for each other before Brennan woke up then. And it completely activated the powers in our case as Ninjetti, as a result, Sam helped it along now. And with that in mind here, he was meant to join the fight when he moved to town."

"That was our quest, to find each other, before his next quest was to find his maternal family, bringing Sam and David into it now finally. But that brings it to our soul bonds, when he was chosen by the powers themselves. So fate had a higher hand in mind when I came into his life, Brennan was waiting till he met me, before he found a girlfriend. And vice versa, I wasn't interested in dating till I saw him and he saw me at the expo."

"To put it for a better word here, our lives as power rangers are our version of the Sith/Jedi war, he's our chosen one, and in my case I'm his very reason for living. With me he's got a reason to fight for the light side of the powers, but that gets as dangerous as it gets, because thanks to the spell. But Draco is waiting just under his good, Jedi like stature, if something happens to me or if I'm hurt, in all three areas, now."

"And his anger could wake up Draco, but that's why I came to see you today, I need your advice at the moment here, truthfully now. Zordon, I have to know something, to protect us, and the team from being destroyed, what would be best. As that letter I sent is meant to protect him and the rest of our team, I can't lose him to Draco. And I won't, so what's the best call once it arrives, if half the team sees it and the other half doesn't."

"I'm trying to protect us from being used against each other, if they don't see that, it could cause a relapse, and I'm not losing him to his alter ego, he's my everything. You are just like our parents and we're in a very dangerous job, so what's your opinion. And for us, to save the team now?" she asked and he answered as he heard the love for his Red Zeo Ranger in her voice and knew she'd do anything to keep from losing Tommy.