The White Falcon and the Pink Crane Part I: The Zeo Ranger Dillemmia

Disclaimers: I own nothing of the characters or the show which belong to Haim Saban and Disney. The story-line belongs to me, everything else belongs to Saban and the Disney company.

Warnings: With this chapter, it's showing the images to why she wrote the letter explaining their decisions and everything that came with it then. As the seven decide to make the change and bring them back together then. As the pictures of her life in Miami become clear now to all them in this.

The team is seeing her life separated from them and giving out the entire point to her song with it. Before their parents all make the same decision and they decide they're ending the self imposed separation and putting themselves back together. And with it the added side effects of what the spell Rita put on Kat was now revealed to be hitting the original black and yellow now.

But from here, it's the act of them trying to counteract the side effects of the spell, until they're back as one team together. But from here the bonds between both sides of the original team are being worked at being fixed and story number two is focused on the the episodes of Tommy get captured a second time, up the second movie as their parents have to fix the damage.

But this chapter ends the indecision given out by the Zeo Rangers as their true selves returns and chapter 2 enters the threat of the evil green ranger. As the warnings given out by their parents go ignored as it's clear to everyone of them. In the fact that the spell, that the hatemaster put on the team the year before is effecting Zack and Trini, but not Kat, Jason, and Tanya.

From here the situations switch course as the spell on Zack and Trini are making it header to think clearly as. The rest of the rangers all agree with the new rules and they duo have to accept their new circumstances as this switches into a divide and conquer pan. That their original enemies have plan in order to destroy the original team: The Dino Ranger team.

Chapter 20: The Truth Of The Letter And The New Regime

"Things changed ever since I left but now that you know who the men in my life there are, that ends the programming altogether, right guys?' she asked and the quintet nodded to her smiling. "You bet and again how could you have the time to be dating anyone else when after school and practice. That you were always with us and Tommy, because 1) the coach forbid you to be fraternizing with any boy, the boys team."

"As well as boys in general, as he knows you belong to Tommy and he wants you to stay focused right now, 2) is the fact that these guys are in 19 to 20 years old and to our parents that's way too old for you and they're family and that's incest and completely inappropriate. 3) is the fact that you're in class from 8 to 2:45 and from 2:45 to 4:45 you're in training and from 5 to 11:45 on weekdays it's that you're with us."

"And on weekends its all weekends, holidays the entire summer, 4) you just found your brother, and they decided to let you move in together now when in Miami now. But you're sharing a three bedroom apartment with the guys and they're family as well so you found family out there, and finally when not with them or your friends on the team you're with us here. In either the normal activities we did as a gang, taking shifts now."

"And with Kat on our job or just us in family time with us as a family ranger team now. So adding all of this together, how could you be dating anyone else when it's Tommy you're with." Rocky said and she nodded to him. "Well that cements it now, it's two things at once, or rather three things at once right now, but 1) is the fact that you took their places with us, Billy and me. 2) is the fact that Angela just ripped his heart out."

"And he's throwing that resentment on us, Tommy and me, with the fact we did this when I paged them. Because we did what our parents would have suggested to us and followed their advice to us. And then to top it off is the fact he's now jealous I have my big brother taking care of me now. And with him is his best friend and room mate Patrick Campbell, so that sums it up and the Campbells are my maternal guardians."

"You two, what with the fact that things shifted directions but you better take a look at this, but this was your grandparents when they were our age mom, guys." she said and a image appeared and the quintet looked at them in shock. "Jeez they look just like us at this age." Caroline said in amazement and Nathan nodded as he said it. "Yeah that's because you, me, and the trio are the grandchildren of the first ever power rangers now."

"T.J. is the grandson of the loner the White Stranger, and she met our grandparents by accident now. Like before when the five of us were growing up and Tommy joined the kids when they were 13. It's the same for us now, James took T.J.'s place with us and here's the result, but it went from the Dino ranger team. And right to the Ninjetti and Andy just completed the transformation now." he said and she nodded with a smile.

"Yikes so that sums it up right now, so that's the problem and he's having a case of the woulda, coulda, shoulda's, right now, because they didn't think this through. Well you two, if you're having regrets then who's fault is that right now young lady, young man. Because I'm not putting up with my daughter trying to explain this to you and you're going to have to accept the fact she's moved on from you now at the moment."

"So get it together now young man." Caroline said sharply and she looked at Zack then firmly then. "Coach if you could move me into a small apartment with the guys, you know my identity and you know what I am, as do they. So its better if we don't have my friends on the team asking questions to why they keep hearing voices. And coming from my room in the dorm when I'm in a conference call with the eleven every night."

"As this would be more normal to the guys then them on the team, and that's not if he's also power ranger in the future right now himself." she said and Gunther nodded to the request then gently as Carter wrapped his arm around her. "That's the understatement of the century right now, hearing your crane's voice and the others. It would become normal to us: me and Patrick, then it would to your team mates right now.

"But then as I'm possibly a fellow power ranger later in life best to keep that secret in the family now then letting anyone else finding out too soon by connecting the dots. But you dropped the act with me and as a result, I don't mind now that I know why were dressed as a power ranger. Because you are the original pink ranger and your friends are the quintet surrounding you now, I understand and I don't mind that whatsoever."

"But you're my baby sister, if anything causes you to end up in at the hospital and the person, or people that caused it are in serious trouble. But I'm seeing this in the same way the oldest brother would in the story. Because you going into battle when you're that drained and in no condition and I'm killing who causes it now. And with that, Billy, Rocky whatever medical plan you got in mind I need with her living with me."

"And I can help her heal, because with the Pan Globals in ten months, before the Olympics, this happens before, like two or three months. It's going to take me 10 weeks to get the weight she lost back on her and along with everything else now." he said and they both nodded. "Don't worry she's not going to end up in the hospital, because we can recharge her immediately, but her powers are at the half way point."

"And Dragon fixes the damage, but the weight loss, you have to do that, as you're a paramedic in training, and you're part of our legacy. So if this keeps up as the first five times, three of the five were us all this time. So whoever comes next and then you next possibly." Adam said and they nodded. "I made a promise to the guys and I mean that promise I'll take care of her Jason, you have my word, she's living with us now."

"So we'll take care of her, she's like my baby sister, and with her separated from you, she needed us." Patrick said and they nodded. "Zack don't say it, just because I found my older brother and adopted cousin. I have family and I'm engaged, doesn't mean you should start throwing a hissy fit. Because I don't need you protecting me in that way anymore at the moment, as your father said, once we find the right one, things change."

"We, the girls and I, will always love you, you and your father's, our fathers as l, but things change and once we meet the right one. But you're no longer the only man in our lives now, not when we're matched to another in the team. But right now you need to accept this, when separated from you and we find someone else who shares your personality, that creates the connection, but a soulmate now, that's it now."

"You had to know that when he came into my life things weren't going to stay the same way forever, you had to know that. But 1) I'm engaged, 2) I found my big brother and his best friend and 3) when you left, you switched colors. I'm just saying what Anakin's mother would say, but you can't stop the changes that come with growing up. And anymore than you can stop the sun from setting, change is evolution."

"But the last 10 months are the results of those changes, to fix things, things between us you have to return to Angel Grove and become the person. That we, Billy and me, know once again, Adam is my black ranger now, accept that. But think it over if I never let you go, would you be that man that I used to know. If you stayed, we tried harder and thought this through." she said and he nodded in resignation then as she looked at Trini.

"Guys before we go over this and this it what I showed to the 8 this afternoon, before we met up at the Sloans, this is what was going on, on my side of the link. But before we do that, mom, dad, guys, this is our Mentor, Zordon and his assistant, Alpha V." she said and they turned around to see the tube and then Zordon's face then and smiled. "So you're the voice we heard on their radios today and yesterday, it's nice to meet you both."

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Zordon." Caroline said and he smiled at her. "You too Caroline, Erica, Andrea, boys, it's nice to meet you all face to face now. I am sorry for the secrecy and not telling you sooner 8 months ago when she left. But like military bases on high security, this program is highly classified." he said and they all nodded as Preston gave a nod to his power ranger commander general.

"I get classified Zordon, but can you make an exception for the town government and my military commander at the base I'm stationed at. My department is the closest Army base to L.A., and L.A. is 30 minutes away. So we could just make an exception for them, and even if the boys caught them with their helmets off here, how can we believe it. They cried wolf one too many times here and we simply can not believe anything they say."

"So every adult and teenager that hears that is going, 'yeah sure, you lied to us once too often and this time we just want to get on with our lives and leave us alone.'." he said and Zordon nodded to his suggestion. "We can Preston, but like I said as you and James are, in the power ranger military full bird Colonels. So if she has to drain every drop, you deal with whoever caused it to him have get captured."

"Your ranks are based on the way Billy said it, the pack mentality of a werewolf pack, so she, Rocky and your son are the head of the team. And it goes down the list from there, but to repeat your remark to them last night. When is a ranger not a ranger, only they can answer that, but the quartet are now manning the bikes and dressed in gear until our gold compatriot now, finally."

"Reveals himself to us." he said and they nodded. "Fair enough with us being their parents, let us handle it, in case Justin activates too soon. Though that happens instead of what's coming, I'm placing them on probation. And once both sides of the team return to duty next year, but until then, the more rangers, the better. But cubs, do you think things would stay the same if you never left?" Preston said and Kim nodded to that.

"I'm saying the same thing to you Trini, you think things would stay the same if you hadn't left, you think that if you stayed. That everything that lead to this debate that he and I drew the line now wouldn't have resulted in straining our bonds this much. That's the question you have to ask yourselves now, but that's precisely the point. When you left you asked her to take care of me, well she did it and I found my complete equal."

"In everything: powers, martial arts, athletics, and music, red to green, pink to purple, Kat is my version of Jason now. But look of five girl rangers in the room, who had the powers the longes, I have two animals, I have, as does Tommy. But you're not my equal, Kat is, I gave her my powers, she knows every facet of my powers. And we're completely equal now, but by leaving you lost a few chances to keep it up, Aisha is my yellow now."

"But I belong to them now, I've belonged to them ever since I met I met Aunt Janet's grandmother, and their grandfathers. But this is what happens when you make decisions you come to regret and you're stuck dealing with the woulda coulda shoulda's. But it's time to accept it now, for both of you." she said as and the duo nodded to her as Gunther sighed as the quintet surrounded her gently as she went further at the remark sternly.

"I have a new life, but I drew the line, I needed to be with the sextet and we took our decision back and here the seven of us stand now. Jason, he took his decision back as well and he's back to being my Rex again, but that's exactly the point. What if, what if I never let you guys go, would you be the people I used to know, this is the point of that." she said and they both nodded as Rocky watched Tommy rub her back at that gently.

"I think it's time we learned the backstory to why you wrote that letter, Gunther may have told me his concern, but I need to it see through your eyes baby." Melissa said and the adults nodded in agreement to her thoughts as the college duo. The 7 and the 8 gave a nod of agreement to her thoughts. "Where do you want to start at the moment, I'd been in training for 9 months?" Kim asked and Billy thought it over and nodded.

"Show us the way you did it yesterday when you brought the Coach and Carter's coach to the chamber." he said and Gunther nodded in agreement. "Agreed love, show them everything, and our conversation on Sunday, as you guys were in the dorms talking. As they heard everything and learned the truth as a result here now." Gunther said in agreement as Billy, Tommy and the quartet moved to her as kat finished that.

"Start a week leading into writing it, this way I know why and with it, I just got back, like a week before you told us now. I'm all you have left and the three of us and Kat are with him, so best to tell me the truth now in this, because it's regarding the what if's. And frankly the lyrics to that song need to be put into perspective for us right now. So with that start from when the quintet became the Zeo Rangers and move it forward to now."

"Remember Crane, 'everybody is always talking at me, everybody is trying to get into my head, I want to listen to my own heart talking, I need to count on myself instead.'. Well now your heart is telling you that to focus you need to set things on hold. Is that selfish to think about our safety when you can't even concentrate right now. I want to see that, the last pictures of you last week, before you made your decision on Friday at the time."

"As he was dealing with the pain of losing Sam that week." Kat said and she nodded as they saw her sitting at the desk in her pajamas trying to focus on her homework. As she picked up her phone as she saw the concern in her eyes, before shaking her head. "She was talking to me that night and I told her what happened that week so far." Tommy said as they saw her sigh as they ended the phone call and look at the photo of him then.

As they nodded. "As I said, I tried, but I had to draw the line that night, the fact that, I can't focus right now, I just been told Sam was murdered and he found you, Dave. But here's the other reason, Alpha, combine both pictures together, this image and leading into practice the next day." she said and he nodded as they saw her on the phone with him, as they ended the phone call at that, before she slammed the pen on the table.

"She, Kat knew about me and this was her just learning that truth?" David said to that and they nodded. "Needed the act of good first impression and today was it for you, David, we just never expected to run into your grandfather this soon. But the quest of his crystal lead him right back to you and her heart brought her home. She's the listen to his own heart, hence the surname." Adam told him and he nodded as they watched her.

And grabbed the photo of him as she looked at it as they nodded, before she was sitting at her desk as she looked up with a thoughtful look on her face. As she looked around the room with a sad look on her face as a soft reflection appeared of the 13 surrounding her with the rest of the class and Bulk and Skull in the back of the room. And Applebee standing in front them teaching her lessons and they nodded, before they heard the bell.

And she got up as the reflections of the sextet surrounding her and Jamie touching her back with a smile and she looked at her grinning then. "Remember what I said, here I stand alone." she said as she looked around the room, as their faces replaced her new classmates. As the bell sounded and the memory quit and the sextet nodded gently. "You missed seeing us on both sides of you at our desks, during class at the time."

"Jamie and I may have been slight tomboys, but the added act of us making a shopping date was always appealing as we made plans, but the five of us girls. We did this nearly every Saturday when you were to three weren't with the guys." Angie said and Jamie nodded in agreement as she finished that remark gently. "And when we got into conversations over sports, athletics, shopping and at times your secret identities."

"But not hearing our voices around you was now reaching the point you can't do it anymore in being separated from us." She said to her and she nodded as she watched herself look at her watch as as she headed for practice then. "You were also waiting for one of us to phone you, before practice, so you could talk to us. And discuss the possibility on putting things on hold for a it." Kat said and she nodded to her gently.

"If anyone could reflect this if he does do this to our characters, and the results are going to be a fight between us when I come back and I remind you that you never came after me to double check and that's it. It's over as though we still love each other, you belong to Kat now and I'm dating someone else, but that man is nothing when compared to you." Kim said to Tommy and he nodded as they went further at that remark gently.

As they saw her sitting there at 8:45 at night then. "Your room mate when I went to check on you said that you were thinking over things. I guess you were considering what writing that letter was going to do if you're sitting there." Patrick said and she nodded to him. "I'd been doing that for close to six weeks this was just before I came to my decision on writing it and the next phone call was it." she said and they nodded to her.

Watching her move to the playground, they saw her sitting on the swing, her hand gripping the chain. "What was it you were remembering in that one?" Jason asked and in answer to that they saw her cousin sitting there and she and Tommy moving to her as they saw him dressed in his original color and they nodded. "That was me after I returned to the team at the time, and I let my hair grow out even longer."

"At this point in this case, but this was like mission number 8 back on the team and we just dealt with Rita trying to pit us against each other. That's Jason and me, but though my powers were slightly weak right now, I was still passing my shield off. In battle to the guys at the time, so they could recover at the time here now. But I recognize that image, girls like Angela were giving her a hard time regarding being a cheerleader."

"We were trying to cheer her up and and Kim was getting ready to help her out with that when we got a putty patroller team attacking us and they kidnapped her. Before we learned why as the Lizzinator attacked Jason at the loading dock outside of the youth center." Tommy said and they all nodded as Rocky gave a nod as Jamie looked at him then as he answered him with a bemused look then at that remark.

"I don't suppose Jason's remark, about the one that turned the car on was part of the fight at the area the fight was at had anything to do with it though?" he asked and they nodded. "We didn't think these clay heads knew anything about human transportation or how to work it, until we heard the car engine activate and the car moving around. By that I mean the one driving the car he was hanging onto, it activated the darn thing."

"With him first in front of the car and then he jumped on top of it, but for us going on 14 we knew how to drive the land rovers our parents bought us. So we never drove a real car, but knew how to turn it on or off, it's we treated our cars like our zords now. The intuition of how to use it at the time was strong and to the point now that we knew what to do." Kim said and he nodded as Rocky hid a chuckle at that as Adam answered her.

"The lizzinator incident, okay so first your power coins, what came next when he returned to the team?" Adam asked and she explained that. "First the grumblebee, then that two headed parrot, when Zack was trying to impress Angela by being a magician and we had that woodpecker show up. I won my first car on the game show, trick or treat, and we dealt with Pumpkin Rapper." she said and Tommy finished that explanation.

And as he sighed in resignation then as he said it to them gently. "Next comes the day when we were helping Roger make the soccer team and as a result my communicator was busted after it hit the wall. Afterwards, but that explains why my communicator kept going off, they were calling for my help, though I was rationing my powers. At the time and then came when we deal with the shark monster at the time here."

"As you remember the two of us were teaching our students together at the time here, with my powers matched to his and the fact he carried my powers for six months. So to us, we're team mates and brothers, my best friend now and as a result the older brother to my girlfriend. And the bonds reached that and Jason and I were pitted against each other as we fixed the act of going gung ho a second time now, but that sums it up."

"But this was now mission 8 and we were just beginning to show that we were on the edge of getting together and Jason knew that. As did Billy and to them they were thrilled that she was so happy and she had me now as a best friend soon enough boyfriend. So eight missions now at the moment." he said and they nodded. "Girlfriend, so soon?" Janet repeated and they nodded as Tommy explained that to her, gently.

"We just got back together at the time here now and we told our parents to make it more official, so though on duty at times it didn't change the fact, now. That we considered each other boyfriend and girlfriend, because we'd been together for months. But if this tells me anything, it's she was missing me when I was still her green dragon, before I became her white tiger and falcon." he said and she nodded to him gently then.

"Yeah, yeah okay, that's the line now and it explains alot into why you were always together when we found each other bro. And I get it as well, regarding the lyrics now, but to quote it. In my head I keep on looking back, right back to the start, and wondering what it was that made you change.'. And you end up getting the answer to that question, when Adam and I told you Sam had been killed at the time."

"I may not have known your secret, but Sam was the beginning of it, of his changing at the time though I swear if they cross that line. And there's not gong to be a place safe enough for them right now." Derek said sharply with a concerned look then as the sextet and the team exchanged looks. "We're Ninjetti, we're above petty violence, so you want to let him have it, by all means boys." Jason said and the quintet nodded to him.

And Rocky nodded in agreement to that remark as Kat read it out to them. "Here I stand alone with this weight upon my heart, and it will not going away. in my head I keep on looking back, right back to the start. And wondering what it was that made you change. You see I tried, but I had to draw the line, and still the question keeps on spinning in my mind.'." Kat said saying the lyrics and Rocky nodded as he went to that question.

As he looked at her gently at that. "Whatever that question is, is why we just saw you reflecting on our academic life, you missed us being on both sides of you. You missed being in her class and in the high school. At the youth center. And us always in group of 13, you missed Angel Grove and us period. So that's question, what was the question exactly?" Rocky asked and the next image showed the couple upstairs then, talking.

And with the quintet surrounding them and Adam nodded as the memory reflected itself back in his eyes and hit him like a lightning then. As they got the answer to that question, first at the youth center, and they saw a banner with the words congratulations on it. And then they were at the command center as they saw her discussing this with them and Tommy nodded as he read out the memory to their adult versions.

Remembering that he sighed as he said it to her gently then as he answered her. "That was the day of our throwing the party, regarding your acceptance into advanced training. And this was later that afternoon when we were here, like I said, I don't want to lose you Kim, but I don't want to see you give up your dreams to stay now." Tommy said and they nodded to that, as she was passing her power coin over to Kat and then hugged her.

Watching this, Kat tightened her arms around her shoulders then at it. "I'm relieved that we got the truth to why she gained your power coin before they destroyed it now." Andrea said firmly to her then, as they saw the next image of a few days prior to that. As they saw Kat on the high dive and the couple watching her on up there as she did her first jump again and then a few days further back as they saw the next one.

With Kim sitting on the window seat dressed in her robe and pajamas and looking out the window and Kat moving to her as she showed her the scrapbook as they were discussing this. "I'm not sure what's going on, Carrie, Pierre, but I think she's reflecting on what made her leave in the first place." Melissa said and Kat nodded to her as she explained that as she crossed her arms as she explained this to their parents.

"It is, when she came to see us she said she was seeing everything and reflecting on the fact she missed being with us all this time. But this was how I became her best friend, why exactly, well this was how, after she freed me I decided to do anything. And I mean it in I could to help her out the one act in being her best friend now. With Trini gone, I was the one she needed now, but weeks of their not taking her phone calls now."

"It resulted in this and we did this the week before she left, the bonds of sisterhood, she needed her omega's first and second now. That's me and Aisha, we're the omega first and second and Tanya became the third. But as the first and second we decided on a true bond of sisterhood now." she said as the girls were now always together, before Kat passed her a friendship bracelet with their symbols on it and they nodded.

Looking at it Kim smiled as she gave her a hug and Aisha smiled at her as she then gave her a necklace with all of their symbols on it, with her between them. And the quartet on both sides of them as she smiled as they went into a three way hug then. "The last three days, before she left now, Kat was now the pink ranger. And the seven of us were spending our free hours while they were working out a new plan here at the time now."

"But this was us now the leading up to her leaving." Rocky said as they were now at the beach together playing around, her practicing with Tommy still. And with them surrounding her and them just enjoying things before their separation. Seeing these images playing themselves back to their parents, before they saw the days. After she got chosen by Gunther and leading into when her collapse at the time then as they sighed.

Reflecting from that image to his sitting next to her with her in the hospital and the seven of them together and they nodded as Tanya said it. "If I stayed, if you tried, if we could only turn back time, that sums up the lines to your song. The lines are coming together reflecting things into today now, I better help you with those lyrics. Just so we can get the song right, because it's not just him that question was aimed at right now."

"But us as well too." Tanya said to her as they watched the episode then in her life leading up to then. Before it flashed forward to them standing there and discussing this before they smiled and she pulled him into a hug. And pressing her forehead to his, before the image of their colors came together. Before a green strand was added to the white and pink and the quintet smiled in relief at that, before it moved further up then.

"I'm guessing that means that with the fact you took it back this fast, the connection remained intact and you're permanently bonded now." Gunther said and they both nodded, before they saw a playback to when it was the original trio and Zack lowered his head. "If I stayed, if you tried, if we could only turn back time, but I guess we'll never know.'." Aisha said as it switched courses to when the seven of them were talking.

To the quintet surrounding them and the smiles on their faces as as she pressed her head to the trio's and their colors all came together as the trio smiled. "Only way to cement the link between us, by our colors intertwining now and as a result. That was the final step to our connection Ninjetti and Monday was what cemented it. To create the last pieces of our connection it's by fusing our link and as a result of doing that on Monday."

"She belongs to the guys and me now, with the fact that if there is trouble and there is an easy way to fix this as well too now. But it's if we have someone even worse then the Machine Empire arriving, or even Rita and Zedd at the moment. But we activate these powers with the new powers, boost the frequency to the same yield as the next upgrade, and the level has us completely equal in powers now after thst at the moment."

"And the duo, Jason, Kim and I are back after that, as the upgrades combine with our animals the results are we become even more powerful then we are now. But if this results in something ripping out the cord between us, the Dino ranger team, she's joining the guys on the upgrade and Kat becomes my pink after that now. Until we retire the power to someone else and destroy the zeo cystal as we don't need that anymore."

"Since I can reboost the output on our morphers and the mighty morphin power rangers are back after that." he said and they nodded. "So that's all its going to take, whoever leaves town and goes into space is the next generation, and you're protecting Angel Grove still though the battle has come to an end. But let me guess one year off and then start college guys?" Ron asked and they nodded as she smiled at the question then.

As she answered him gently at the question then. "If Justin activates next year and his team mates leave for space after they come into contact with the next generation red ranger. Because so far it's been Jason, Rocky and now Tommy, so the next one is the new red, followed by the next generation after whoever we turn the powers over to. Whoever it is takes our places after that, but year seven I don't know at the moment."

"But Angel Grove and earth is safe finally, because I'm not entirely sure of what the catch will be now. But what I do know right now, that though retired for 2 1/2 years now, it's our legacy lives on in the ones that replaced us now. So our next step, for all of us is by making ourselves even stronger as Ninjetti. And the only way to do that is by Justin joining us if he starts." she said and they nodded as they went further at that remark.

"The remark roads to take makes the point here, we were discussing this on Monday and the sextet I went over this, and we all decided we were taking that original decision back. And, in the case of Kim and me, we were spotting shifts between us now as Tanya got to know her." Kat said and they nodded as they watched the seven of them talking. Before she pressed her forehead to the trio's foreheads at seeing each other again.

And then the seven of them exchanged relieved and delighted smiles and in in happiness at her as the original decision was taken back. "We did that to cement our bond, as the guys missed us a lot." Kim said and Aisha smiled as she read out that lyric then smiling. "Many roads to take, some to joy." she said as they saw the sextet surrounding her with smiles on their faces as the group was now dressed in their robes again.

"That's when I revealed they could still morph into our robes as the five of us tested that first, followed by my telling this to Sha' but Kat is at that pinnacle now." Kim added to her and they nodded to her as Kat was now added to configuration as they saw her glowing purple and flashing between her normal clothes and her robes. And seeing the shift in her from her normal clothes to robes and the delighted smile on their faces.

They nodded to the fact they had her joining the six of them as they went into a group hug then. "If I stayed, if you tried, if we could only turn back time, but I guess we'll never know, many roads to take, some to joy." She said again, before they saw the change finish itself with the memories of them with Kat added to the team. With her now dressed in purple and them adding a new zord to the team at the time then.

And as they went from six to seven and now had enough power to take out the gruesome twosome then. "I think that one meant if I had been in training myself as a Ninjetti as though I'm purple she still had me as a back up player in the same way now. As the six of us were working as one now with her as an added back up until it was safe to recharge her now." Kat said and they nodded to her gently.

Before seeing that thought change as they saw her reflecting on another memory, this time on the day that they saw the original trio dressed in civilian clothes and at the airport then. And Curtis nodded as he said it to that image, as they duo sighed at the memory then as he said it firmly. "She's reflecting on the day they left for the peace talks in Geneva at the time." he said and their parents all nodded watching this gently.

Caroline felt her anger at now knowing the true reason for the letter going through her firmly as she watched every memory. As they watched this one it focused on the trio's leaving her with tears in her eyes as she and Zack had their around each other. As they saw him look at Adam, who nodded to him gently at the quiet question. And they nodded as Jason said it to the silent conversation then as he responded to that memory.

As he saw Trini do the some with Aisha and himself with Rocky. "We were asking them to take care of her and Billy and they agreed to that request. As they saw us off that day, but to her, it was like a knife through her heart, me being her big brother. And the pain was getting worse every minute now, but that explains this scene, to keep our link strong." he said as he saw her press her forehead to his one last time then.

Before they saw her at the lake, before Adam sat down next to her and she buried her head into his shoulder as he hugged her and she nodded as she finished that. "Many roads to take, some to joy and some to heartache, anyone could lose the way, if I said we could turn it back to the start, would you take the chance and make the change.' To answer the question we did that, we're not letting go." Adam said and she finished that.

"Uh huh, yeah and okay we got it, keep going." she said as they suddenly saw Tommy lying in bed as the reflection of their first kiss hit and he woke up with a jolt then and Tanya nodded. "Do you think how it could have been sometimes." she said as they saw them, back at the center discussing this and when at the airport with a pained look in his eyes as they looked at each other as they saw the pain of separation in her eyes then.

"Do you pray I never left your side." Kat added as the images did a playback, before it shoved it to the training center then and watching as she was in the middle of practice. And practicing the next day in the middle of a swing, as they heard a bird screech, and she lost her grip on the bars and landed hard on the floor and Gunther nodded. As she slammed her hands on the mat, before she got up and went into the locker room finally.

As they saw her slump against the wall as she broke down, before she pulled everything out that she needed to see, seeing her digging through everything. They saw her look into the locker as they saw the sextet in their animal forms, before seeing her communicator on the door. And then seeing their power coins, and hers in the middle of each one as the reflections started speeding up then before it landed in her dorm room.

As they saw her working on the letter with the tears pouring down her face, they nodded as the group exchanged concerned looks. And Preston nodded as he crossed his arms then as they got the picture as Jason said it for all them. "To repeat my remark if anyone though she had an easy life with them suffering an inferiority complex. They better think again right now, because this is not the first time I've seen her like this."

"And with those words in mind now, alright I've seen enough and again, Kimmy, yes I agree with your decision, but to protect your bond from never being destroyed, this was the only option. You never lost us or him, we saved our bonds from getting destroyed now at the moment, in fact with the fact. That you told us Monday, I didn't have to see the letter to know its not true." he said firmly as Rocky finished that remark, firmly.

As he looked at the image of the 7 of them dressed in their robes as he looked at her gently at that. "You've never had to think on their decisions, regarding this, that's already written in stone, but us, the eight of us and Tanya. That's the clincher now, but your choices in your love life are your decision, it's none of our business. And we stay out of it, but for the sake of our concentration it's the only way now, Kim, we understand."

"But you broke the spell on us, the four of us, and we're free, but you've got us at your back. And I mean forever and always, Crane, it's going to be okay, we're getting that second chance to fix this, their's was set in stone, ours was a matter. Now, of taking the decision back, and you and Kat spot shifts, but we have six of seven here in the Ninjetti every day ." Rocky said as he gave her a hug as Adam finished that remark gently.

"It doesn't matter anymore Crane, you told us, we took both sides and you belong to us, they need to accept that now, they left, we were here, you grew up and moved on. We're Ninjetti and until they accept the changes that come with the powers they're never going to become like us now." Adam added and she nodded as she gave him a hug and she pressed her helmeted forehead to his and the duo sighed as she looked at Gunther.

"And a Ninjetti hears and can hear the truth in another Ninjetti words, and we heard the truth in your words and your memories, you don't have to say anything or show us anything else. Crane, we understand, and with that, you had every right to make this decision, it's none of our business what you choose in your relationship. But this is the mistake that the narrator on starship troopers made, he never learned from one mistake at the time." Billy finished to her and smiled as as he gave her a hug at that gently.

"And he made another and it kills one cadet and another dropped out as a result of that, because he never suggested they put things on hold. Well you did that and it's just saved us from the same fate right now as a result though with that right now. Zack, you never learned from your first mistake and made another by not writing every other day. And to both of them, so your strained bonds are no one's fault but your own right now."

"And with those words in mind right now, I'm just saying this, if you're determined to get her back. And you're acting like Rita and Zedd regarding Draco, but we're not those kids anymore, we've grown up with the weight of our powers, our burden. This is the result of that decision at the current moment, but we're in own version of the Hinton novels, book one was done now, but we left 'The Outsiders' now at the moment here, guys."

"And we just entered 'That Was Then, This Is Now'. You realize where you're jealousy is going to lead to, if you continue acting like, bugt if he has a relapse and she suffers a repeat of her condition now. But I swear, you cause her to end up in the E.R., and it's because your pain at that whore is one reason and you're going to get it you two." Kat snapped at the duo sternly then as Kat took her helmet off as she looked st Kim.

As she took off her helmet as she said it to Gunther then. "Coach the sextet you met were my friends and their parents when we took on our Ninjetti powers. We've been the ninjetti for close to seven months and Kat just moved to town at the time. but our families grew pretty close in that seven months now, the Campbells. They were my new guardians with mom and her husband in Paris last year at the time here last year."

"But the trio who just answered you are the parents of my childhood quintet, to put this gently, my childhood quintet was together since we were 4. After Rita came into the picture, the five of us activated and we've been at it from January to June. Before Tommy came into the picture, but the trio are the original red, black and yellow. While Billy and I are the original blue and pink, but we got a quintet in two ways now."

"That photo you saw of the six of us was after Tommy returned for his second tenure as the green ranger, and he was active from June to August and then reactivated. In October, but that photo of the six of us was made the second we were back together as a sextet. But the guys and I are the original trio: blue, pink and green or blue, pink and white, but Tommy was the white ranger for close to 20 months at the time."

"That first photo of us together, me between the quintet, it was stage one, borderline stage two, a few weeks prior to Zedd coming into the picture. We got that taken just before Tommy drained all of his powers as the green ranger at the time. To answer the unasked question, said mission was just after the Guitardo and before the seven arrived." Kim said and he nodded to her gently as he answered her then.

"So I suppose said seven were your black ranger's cousin, Ernie's young employee and the quintet, if both the girls and the trio are always at the youth center?" he asked and they nodded as Tommy gripped her hand. "Yeah Curt and Richie just moved to town, and then we added Jamie, Angie and the trio to the school. And just before Tommy switched colors from green to white and my quintet got recreated with the trio you met."

"But by then it was just me, Tommy and Billy, with the elections for the peace conference in Switzerland beginning after the guys and Aisha met the duo and me. The three of us turned into a trio, and as a result that's why you always saw us together on the show. As one trio left the power team and Zordon was watching us for weeks. As he chose our new sextet to take their places now, the guys and Aisha and from there now."

"It was enough that everything that had gone on it was changing things, we weren't sure why we gravitated to each other that fast till we got the answer to that question. Said answer was their grandparents, my grandmother, and the duo's grandfathers were the original power team. And we took up our legacy after he chose the trio and we switched from that upgrade and into this one now, by that I mean our ninja powers."

"The last upgrade is the reason you heard me calling him either Flyboy or Tiger, but Tiger was the thunderzord upgrade. Billy and me we got our powers added with a full jolt after Zedd came into the picture, and after draining every drop. Tommy switched colors from green to white and he had a second pendant with a tiger on it. Which explains his necklace when you met him at the time." she said and he went over that remark then.

"So I suppose that seasons 1 and 2 gave the entire story, but what about the movie and leading into when we met, love, that didn't make sense?" he asked and she nodded. "Yeah they did and to answer you, that was slightly off kilter at the time, but after Zedd cloned Billy, that's when we went from living in the past. To going to our right of passage as the power rangers now, but this was the beginning for us at the time here now."

"As the guys, Aisha and I were adjusting to our lives as a new sextet now, a few insecurities, the pain of having our friends leave us. And to top it off it's the middle child syndrome now, but to put this bluntly when the committee chose the trio. We lost them, discovered our new sextet and Billy and I became the middle children. In our power ranger family and to top it all off, we learned that our mortal enemies created a union."

"To us, having the knowledge and know how in order to tell its our friends or each other was now scaring the hell out of us. It took exercising certain details like the clone they created of Billy, and my knowing my brother on sight the second I see him. Him knowing its me and both of us knowing its Tommy when we see him. But that's what late year 1 and mid to late year 2 was really about at the time, knowing each other on sight."

"But the movie was really the activation to our lives as a newly created sextet and we chose to represent our high school as the sky divers. We were planning on getting involved in that and Tommy's star pupil was the 11 year old who was always around us at the time. But that movie was true, they chose actors that look just like us, but the powers that were destroyed were our Dino powers, that's our first year as Rangers."

"In fact that was year 1 in powers, year 2, was the next upgrade and he switched colors as one trio left and another arrived. The Union of our mortal enemies and to top it off was us just getting used to being a sextet, as year three started and that's what the movie was about. As we encountered a monster we never dealt with as our original power coins were destroyed and we took on these powers at the time now."

"And we went to see Dulcea, but that's what the movie was about, the equipment and powers that were destroyed was our original power coins. And the keys that activated those suits, along with the weapons, so Zordon set us to find her. And we were trained in the ancient art of Ninjetti, before we destroyed Ivan Ooze and Rito came into the picture. From there, the next powers to be destroyed resulted in destroying our back up Zords."

"But the abilities that were destroyed next where now the thunderzord upgrade, and our ninja powers were full boosted and active now after that, but the storyline had it right for the first one series but that was our final year in junior high to first year of high school. As Kat came into picture next, I pass my powers to her and Vile arrived as the mini-series focused on the alien rangers, but the first 10 episodes now as it switches powers."

"And Tanya came into the picture next, but that finished off our team at the time here and with that in mind now. At the time of this tv show the details leading into the letter were correct, but they got the last two months in reverse, my biological in-laws were Native American. Tommy was adopted because his maternal grandfather couldn't afford to take care of both him and his older brother and put him up for adoption."

"But the Oliver's are my in-laws, but the side effects from our powers resulted in a permanent link, that's why I had to see them on Monday, square away things. And I went to see my friends at the time, as to why that is at the moment. Like him, I've lost total concentration and to us, both of us, our friends and families were getting worried. But the reason is because the side effects of last year's powers had a lasting effect."

"And the added side effect was a two piece bond, but in me and the quintet its spiritual and emotional, and, in Tommy's case. It's physical, emotional and spiritual, but when you chose me as your student, it's the added act of the sudden changes at the time. But my mother was transferred to Paris at the time, while my stepfather was working. And I just moved in with Aisha and her family when I did at the time here now, in truth."

"The effects of the connection are the reason for my loss of concentration, after Kat came into the picture the bond between the seven of us turned into a two piece bond. And as a result, it's caused us all to lose focus, just like I'm getting bombarded by their animals, as is Aisha, and they're getting hit by my crane's pained squawks. The sextet and I decided we can't stay separated anymore, right now, starting now."

"The separation is getting way too dangerous now and it's because of a loss of concentration now and with that at the moment. I'm not dropping out, I promise, but my mentor gave us an alternative to that, but that's why I came home. To get it arranged, the entire gang knows the truth, including the seven at the moment. But my sextet got the message and decided it's no taking sides but both sides and with that in mind."

"And they and several of our friends agreed and know I need them, but the new regime was just created, but here it is. We decided that those 73 hours a week could be best spent here at home, as we strengthen up our bonds, deepening our bonds starting now. As Tommy and I fix what went wrong in our relationship and we build our bonds deeper, but I took our parents advice without thinking twice about it this week right now."

"But that's what this is about, since you chose me, I've been having an identity crisis ever since now when I left for Miami. At the moment though now, but when I was a power ranger I never took off my communicator. And I was always dressed in my ranger color at the time, I also miss my brothers and sisters. But the seven of us just came to the same decision now, 2/3's of the day are with you and my team mates in Miami."

"And the 7 hours after school and practice, in our eyes are spent here, rebuild the bonds and for Tommy and me. It's building our relationship back up, but I belong to him now but we all came to same decision after discussing this. Which is we can't stay apart anymore, and for our concentration and the safety of the town. It's for the best, I'm still under your guardianship, I'm just returning home every day to visit, on weekends."

"And holidays starting now, so this way you, when you see me now, I'm completely focused starting now. Because I'm seeing my friends and fiancé every day after practice is over during the weekdays. And every weekend as well, but the sake of the quartet and my mother, it's time you met them finally face to face. So with that, I'm having Alpha bring you up during holiday break for Thanksgiving later, so they can meet them."

"And Carter's coach finally at the moment, just to fix any confusion, but the date Tommy activated was June 24." she said and he nodded as he answered her at that. "I don't supposed the pink and purple cat happens to be Katherine by any chance?" he asked and she and Kat smiled. "Yeah that's her alright, but everything you saw in my locker, is really focused on the first three years." she said and Caroline moved forward then.

As she said it to him gently. "Gunther, at the time when you met her and the kids, my husband and I were transferred to Paris at the time here. But you met her after my friends in the ninja trio met us and with them was Andrea Hilliard. But what Peter told you was true right now, regarding Jenkins at the time here, but to explain it. As she said it was when they were seven she'd been at it for over a year now, but the fight."

"The fight was over her half brother, Carter is her half brother, Ken had an affair 20 years ago. When he was on a business trip that lasted 2 months before my latest design, I'm a dress designer, came out. And upon over hearing the phone call from Carter's mother, I realized he had crossed a line and I warned him. He'd better start doing child support or this marriage was ending in a divorce and that's what the problem was."

"She only hear the words divorce and left the house and went right to the Scotts, and the Scotts and the Cranstons already knew why I was this ticked at him at the time. To explain why she went to the boys, and their fathers, our families had been a trio since we were babies. It's the same for our own kids, we raised them together since they were babies, and the kids, the quintet, found each other in preschool when they were four."

"But it was after that, she, my daughter, was doing anything she could to get him to notice her and Jenkins took advantage of that. And started pushing up the practice till I had Ernie here watching in case my daughter collapsed out of exhaustion. Which finally it did after her system impacted and crashed and Zack caught her. Just as she missed a step on the damn thing, she collapsed and hit her head on the mat and that did for us."

"But that's the reason why Billy was always watching from the sidelines when she was with you when training at the center. Though Tommy didn't know any of this, he didn't care and was doing what Billy was in case she collapsed again out of exhaustion. I'm just relieved Katherine was there after I got the news from their parents it happened again. And Tommy contacted me, promising me he'd let me know how long it would take."

"I don't blame you, but you did as I asked, unspoken maybe, but you still did it, and I appreciate that Gunther, thank you. To answer your unasked question reason to why, as Ernie was always on duty is because he's a family friend. So practice or anything else, he's always around regarding our kids and their friends. Every parent in town when our kids are at his club, he does added supervision and babysitting duty for us at times."

"But when it comes to my daughter, he takes it extra seriously because this happened on his watch. We all grew up here and with it right now is that the team he was coaching was the sextet themselves. As they decided on trying out broom-ball which was a game our schools created and they were the latest one as the five of us. So us adults were the last generation in it he was also their coach for a new sport, so he's used to this."

"So with that, if the kids are having an identity crisis we have to that right now and make this alteration, Zordon." she said and he nodded to her. "Guys, I think we all came to the same decision right now, right?" Tommy said and they nodded. "The reason your powers aren't working effectively here is we're, including me, are in an identity crisis. But we know who we are, and we're back, it's time to say it now." Jason said to him then gently.

"Then it's time to make it clear, we're back, sure we're dressed in new uniforms, but we're still the same people we were before. I'm not the red Zeo ranger, I am the white Falcon Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, we're the mighty Morphin Power Rangers. You tried to destroy us Rita, Zedd, but we're back and you're never going to win." Tommy shouted out and the Dragonzord gave a determined roar in response to that gently.

"Wait ro-test, dad, mom, guys, like last night, we want you to give it a go now, the activation call out, and then your animal, you are matched to us, so same animals. In training at the moment, but just pretend he chose you when you were our age. And the instincts came naturally, sound off mode, how to use the weapons, zords and so on." Tommy said and the adult 11 all nodded to the suggestion at that remark then.

"Let's do it guys." James said and the quintet nodded as they said it together. "Right." they said in unison and he shouted it out. "It's morphin time!" he called out and he went first. "The Falcon!" "The Frog!" "The Crane!" "the Wolf" "The Bear!" "The Ape!" Jake shouted and the quintet nodded. "Alright guys our turn, it's morphin time!" Preston shouted out then and they nodded as Peter went first at that. "The Lion!"

""The Cat!" "The Sabretooth Tiger!" "Tyrannosaurus!" "The Lioness!" Erica shouted out and in several flashes the adult quintet appeared in their new uniforms then and the duo looked at their parents in shock. "Hey that color looks great on you Carrie." Jake said smiling and she hid a smile as they removed their helmets. "Nicely done all of you, as Tommy said the instinct comes naturally, but before you go into the field."

"You must train to practice in getting stronger like this, your children have been doing it for going on 4 years now. I understand, you want to help, protect your children, but before you can, you must protect yourselves. And by learning the amount of power that comes with being adult rangers now." Zordon said and they nodded as the two groups moved together as he looked from one age group to the next.

"The bonehead, like Anderson, attacks her again and he's getting roasted for it, so dark hot pink is Fire' and Aurora when they lose their tempers?" Caroline asked and Kim nodded. "Yeah and dad, if T.J. turned his power over to you, try that too." she said and he nodded. "Dragonzord!" he called out and morphed into his son's original uniform. "Oh boy, you're dark forest green, nobody tick you off." Caroline said and he smiled at that.

"Lime is when he's in a good mood, dark green, you better stand back, otherwise the poor victim is getting barbecued for it. Alright guys stop playing with the powers right now, well at least we know they never took us down. But the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will return when they least expect it and they got a war on their hands." Jason said and Kim and Tommy nodded in agreement to his thoughts ad he said it then.

"Hold it, before you say it Zordon, the decision has been made right now, we're not just the Zeos anymore, we're the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's and we've stuck in a case of an identity crisis. And that crisis has come to an end, we're back. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are back once again everyone." Kim said and they nodded to that. "Lets do it guys." Tommy said and the ten nodded as Tanya smiled as she got ready.

"It's morphin time!" Jason said and they went into their call off then. "The Falcon" "The Frog, "The Crane" The Wolf" "The Bear" The Ape" "The Cat" "Tyrannosaurus" "The Lion, The Sabre Tooth Tiger" "The Lioness" Tanya shouted and they morphed into their new colors then as the power burst shot a burst of fireworks out of their circle and they shouted it out together. "Power Rangers!" they called out as one then in exhilaration.

Watching them as their friends and family saw them return in their colors and they smiled in relief that their friends and family were back then. "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have returned, and you're having a war on your hands Rita, Zedd. But you're never getting your green ranger back, and you're destroying us over my dead body. So get ready, the the Pink ranger is back." Kim said and her pterodactyl screeched to that.

Watching the team standing there, Zordon felt his relief at the fact his rangers were back to being themselves again. But little did they know that the trouble was just starting as, not realizing their Enemies, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and King Mondo and his family had plans for the destruction of their power team and they all were centered around his latest new red ranger's alter ego.

To Be Continued...