Familiar From the Stars

Trace Carter is back! I got a lot of favorable reviews for this story so I decided to continue.

Here's a little game: Can any of you guess what species Z is?

Hint: it's not human.

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"Well," said Z, "to begin to explain the force, one must understand Midi-chlorians."

"What are meta…metal…medi," Louise asked, trying to pronounce the unknown term.

"Midi-chlorians are tiny life forms that exist within almost every living being," said Z, "the Midi-chlorians are what allow individuals to harness the power of the force, if they have enough."

"You still haven't explained what the force is," said Louise.

"I'm getting to that," said Z, "to put it simply, the force is a powerful energy that flows around and through all things. It binds our destinies and unites us all. If one can manipulate the force, then they will be able to do great things that others cannot."

"What kind of things?" asked Louise.

Z smiled and waved his hand. A teapot and cup rose from a table along with a saucer and floated over to Louise. The teapot tipped and poured some of its steaming tea into the cup.

"Cream and sugar?" asked Z.

"Um, sure," said a startled Louise, "three lumps, no cream."

Three cubes of sugar floated out of the sugar bowl and into the waiting cup. The cup then floated into Louise's waiting hands.

"How did you do that without a wand?" asked Louise.

"I told you," said Z, "it's not magic. I am simply manipulating the Living Force that flows around and through all things."

"Preposterous," said Louise, "it has to be magic."

"It isn't," insisted Z, "anyone with a high enough Midi-chlorian count could do all of this and more with training."

"So you are saying that even a zero like me could learn o do all this if my count was high enough?" asked Louise disbelievingly.

"That is what I'm saying," said Z.

Louise paused, "…is there a way to test my count?" she asked with hope.

"There is," said Z as he pulled a case from his bag and opened it, "I'll need to take a blood sample and scan it."

"How will you do that?" asked Louise as Z pulled out several items.

"Hold still," said Z, "this will hurt a bit."

He then made a cut on her arm, being careful not to make it deep and damage any veins or arteries and took a sample of blood. He then pulled out a patch and placed it on the wound.

"What was that for?" demanded Louise angrily.

"I needed a sample of your blood," said Z as he put the blood in a scanner, "besides, it's already healed."

"What are you talking about?" asked Louise, "It couldn't have healed that fast."

Z walked over and removed the patch to reveal clean unblemished skin with no sign of the cut that had been made.

"How did you do that?" asked Louise, "You didn't use magic."

"It was a bacta patch," said Z.


"Medicine," he elaborated, "it accelerated the natural healing of the human body."

"…ok," said Louise, "so when will I be able to know if I can use the Force?"

"In the morning," said Z, "it's late and you should sleep. I'll wake you tomorrow."

Z sat on a pile of hay in the corner and closed his eyes to meditate. As Louise watched him, she thought about how she originally intended to treat Z like a servant and lesser being, but then she thought about how he had given her hope that she might not be a zero after all, and she decided to at least treat him like a human.


The next morning, Louise awoke to the soft light from the curtains shining on her.

"It's time to wake up," said Z.

"What?" asked Louise sleepily.

"It's time for you to wake up," said Z again, "I'm sure you have a busy day."

Louise got up with a yawn and stretched. She looked around blearily and slowly focused on the room around her.

"Clothes," she said groggily.

Z shrugged and some clean clothes floated over to her, which she put on, uncaring of Z's presence.

"What time is it?" asked Louise.

"A few hours after dawn," said Z, "I believe the other students headed down for breakfast."

"Then let's go," said Louise as she walked out the door.

Z smiled and followed the short pinkette out the door and through the halls. Inwardly he wondered what kind of meal would be served for a 'noble's' breakfast.


'I should have known,' thought Z as he looked down at the 'food' that was given to him as a familiar. Whatever a familiar was.

"We thank our Founder Brimir for this humble meal," said Louise and the other students in the hall.

'Humble my foot,' thought Z as he looked over the feast that was spread before the students.

Z had been given a dirty plate with an old roll and a bowl of…something that looked like soup. With a sigh he withdrew a ration bar and began to eat it. The taste left much to be desired, but it was probably healthier that the meal he was given. He finished quickly and decided to go to the courtyard to explore some more.


Z looked around the courtyard where the staff was setting up some tables and chairs. He saw Siesta and decided to ask her what the occasion was.

"So what's going on?" asked Z.

"Oh Z," said Siesta, "the students have no class today so they can bond with their familiars, so we have to set up these tables and chairs for them to use."

"Do you need some help?" asked Z.

"That would be great," said Siesta.

"Alright then," said Z as he motioned with his hands.

The staff jumped back when the tables lifted into the air and floated to their positions and floated to the ground with the chairs following. Tablecloths and vases of flowers floated onto the tables as well.

"You're a noble?" gasped Siesta.

"No," said Z, "I am not of noble blood."

"But you used magic!" exclaimed another servant.

"It wasn't magic," said Z, "it's hard to explain, but it is not magic."

It took some time, but Z was able to convince the staff that he was not one of the stuck up nobles that they had grown to hate. By the time he was finished, the students had begun to exit the castle to get to know their familiars. Siesta managed to talk Z into helping her deliver the snacks to the students, and with the Force, things went smoothly…that is, until Z saw a small bottle fall out of a blond student's pocket.

Z caught it with the Force and placed it on the table, "I believe this is yours sir."

The student ignored Z, but one of his friends noticed.

"Hey Guiche, isn't that one of Montmorency's special perfumes?"

"Hey yeah," said another, "that distinctive purple color is her signature."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," stammered the blond, now identified as Guiche, but his brown haired female companion wasn't reassured.

"I knew it!" she exclaimed, "You and Miss Montmorency are together!"

"Wait, Kaite," Guiche said, trying to diffuse the situation, "it's not like that,"


Katie stormed off after slapping Guiche across the face, leaving a red mark. Unfortunately for the blond, it wasn't over.

"Guiche," said an angry voice from behind him.

Guiche turned and saw a girl with blond hair in tight curls standing behind him with a livid expression on her face.

"M-M-Montmorency," stammered Guiche as he sweated.

"So," Montmorency said in a calm voice that spoke of barely restrained anger, "I see that the rumors about you seeing a first year girl were true."

"Dearest Montmorency," Guiche began, trying to fix the situation before it went too far.


Too late.

Montmorency had decked Guiche with a spectacular right cross, knocking him to the ground and leaving him with a black eye, before storming off.

Z had watched all of this and had no idea that simply returning a bottle would cause such chaos. With a shrug he turned to leave. He'd seen worse breakups on Hologram Fun World. But as he turned to leave he was stopped by shout from Guiche.

"You! Commoner!" yelled Guiche, "It is your fault that this happened! If you hadn't picked up that bottle then none of this would have happened!"

"Perhaps you shouldn't have been dating two girls at the same time," said Z, "I believe that humans view it as wrong."

"Are you comparing me so some beast?!" growled Guiche with indignation.

"I'm just pointing out that among the sentient species that exist in the known universe, humans are among those who view polygamy as immoral," said Z.

"In any case," said Guiche, "I shall teach you some respect for your betters! I challenge you to a duel!"

The courtyard froze and suddenly hysterical laughter was heard. People searched for the cause and saw that Z was busting a gut at Guiche's declaration.

"Hahahaha," laughed Z, "that's a good joke. You challenging me to a duel."

"What's the matter commoner?" growled Guiche, "Are you scared to take responsibility and fight? Of course you are. You're just some weakling who has no hope of victory."

"Oh, you're serious," said Z as he composed himself and set down the tray of treats he was holding, "in that case, name the time and place of this duel."

"Vestri Court in 15 minutes," declared Guiche before marching off.

"I guess I should get ready," said Z, before spotting Louise marching toward him.

To be continued…