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This is Puck, Kurt and kitty's POV

Puck POV

Puck didn't feel any particular emotion when the weird bushy haired teacher told him that he had passed. Of course he had passed. He was Puckasaruous after all. No one, I repeat no one messed with Puckasaruous.

Puck dug through his locker (well if you could call it a locker, apparently C.C didn't do the whole metal locker thing, they had opted for smaller wooden cupboards that were just large enough to fit a small knapsack or 4-5 text books in. The school trustees had decided that since all the students were already boarding at the school there was no need for additional lockers to store junk in. Since they could just as easily store it in their dorm rooms. Which Puck thought was quite unfortunate since this meant he could no longer lock his puny and defenseless peers inside them.) Puck looked down at the crumpled class schedule he had received earlier this morning. Great, Classification and Categorization of Powers, not what Puck wanted to do at the moment. In fact at that moment the only thing that Puck wanted to do was slam his fist into something or someone…or maybe snog someone, that would be okay too, especially since Quinn had been wearing a really short skirt today.

Now most people thought Puck was an asshole and they would be right. He was a grade A jerk, but he worked hard on this image. Assholes didn't get crapped on; they didn't care about the disappointed and reproachful stares that everyone sent them. They didn't have to deal with the pressure of not becoming just what everyone expected them to be, garbage.

Puck hadn't always been a jerk, there was a time not that long ago that he let himself care about others and had tried to succeed in life. But that was the past. Puck had learned his lesson, he knew better now. Knock others down before they had the chance to knock you down.

The only one he was willing to remove a few walls for was his half brother, Jake. When they had first met he was just as rude and ignorant to the kid as he was to everyone else, but somehow the little bastard had found away under his defenses. Somehow he found himself actually caring about the scrappy teen. Maybe it was the fact that they shared some DNA, how he could see his younger self looking back at him through Jakes dark brown eyes.

Sure besides the eyes and the 'take shit from no one' attitude they really didn't look that much alike. Puck was broad and muscular, his Mohawk screaming defiance and rebellion. Jake was smaller, fit but less bulky, his skin was closer to brown chocolate then white, his wiry black hair cut close to his scalp. But you could tell they were related just from how they stood, both tensed with barely contained rage. This rage no doubt result from their shared father.

Puck had spent little time with his real father, yet it was enough to shape who he was today. The yelling and screaming, the violent alcohol fueled outbursts, the physical blows to his mother and later himself were not memories easily pushed away. A large part of Puck's attitude can be blamed on that man. Puck had learnt from an early age not to trust others, he figured Jake had probably learnt the same. So maybe it was their similar past that bonded the two boys, not that it mattered. What mattered was that they were in fact bonded. The only time Puck felt like he could be his real self, the one who asked Jake if he was okay, or teased him about girls was when he spent time with his brother. The rest of the time he was just angry. Angry at the world, but mainly angry at himself. But neither of these things was why he was angry at the moment. At the moment it was because he had just been rejected. That's right rejected.

Who the hell rejects the Puckasaruous? This was unheard of. The only thing Puck was better at then being angry was being a ladies' man. Puck had quickly made a name for himself since his arrival at C.C. There was a long list of conquests that now hated his guts, those are the breaks though. Puck didn't DO relationships. Despite his reputation for loving and leaving, no one that Puck decided to pursue had turned him down. Yet that is exactly what happened. Twice.

It hadn't started out that way. He had pretty easily convinced Santana to sleep with him. They had found secluded janitor's closet (yeah yeah how cliché but hey why fix something that's not broken?) and he had managed to get both her and his own shirts off when suddenly she had lost it. She started to scream at him in Latin while throwing rolls of TP at his head (ok, so maybe a janitor's closest wasn't the best idea, at least she hadn't grabbed the bottles of bleach yet….crap). But that wasn't even the thing that got him. As previously mentioned he tended to be an ass and break hearts so he was used to getting cleaning supplies among other things chucked at his carefully styled dew, what got him was the tears.

Sure he was used to girls crying but this was different, this was Satan, Satan did not, absolutely did not cry in front of people. He knew right then and there something was definitely wrong. For once he felt himself actually caring what that wrong was. (What? Santana was a bad ass; he felt that they were in some way connected over their mutual bad-assery). But before he could find the words to ask, she had delivered a swift kick to his groin and run out. Definitely not how he had seen this going down.

After that he found himself both confused and frustrated. Heavy on the frustration, they had after all made out for sometime before the whole trying to take his head off with Mr. Clean thing. Well, no matter…he was Puckasaruous (yes, he had given himself this nickname, deal with it), he would simply turn his debonair and seductive person on some other poor unsuspecting girl.

This was a bit of a problem, what with being a man-hoar in a school with a definitive population. This did eventually result in limited selection. Then he saw her, okay so he heard her first, there was after all no mistaking the loud reverberating voice of Rachel Barbra Berry. He had not slept with her yet, and if you could tune her out she could be hot. Sure her nose was a little big, her boobs a little small but really not bad. So he had set his sights on the diva, sure of success…. Annnnd nada. Again. What?

Berry was even worse than Satan had been, she turned him down flat out. Doing so while looking her slightly large nose down at him and scoffing. There had been something about 'lowering her standards, not needing teen pregnancy drama and achieving her dreams ' in there as well, but it was the NO that had registered with Puck. He could not believe it. He was horny and had been turned down twice

Unbelievable. Now he was just angry, angry and looking for someone to take it out on. The slushy he had dumped over Hummel's head had not helped alleviate this anger (although he was pretty sure the ice king, now hated him…ah well add that to the long and ever growing list).

Puck saw his next target. Blaine Anderson. His perfectly styled hair really was just begging to get messed up with… Puck looked down…right Dr. Pepper. Puck stalked down the crowded hall, pushing people out of his way. Ryder was standing in front of the chipper boy gesturing enthusiastically about some stupid movie that had just come out. Puck pushed him roughly out of the way causing him to slam into Mike who was standing to the side.

"Hey! What the he…?" Blaine cried out angrily at seeing his friends rough treatment. Before he could finish he felt an icy cold liquid hit him, imparting instant brain freeze. The cold liquid ran slowly down the back of his neck and pooled at his collar. Puck felt his anger dissipate as he took in the shocked look on the boys face. Blaine's already large golden eyes were the size of dinner plates.

Puck chuckled and started to turn but felt an arm grab his shoulder, spinning him to face his victim. "What the hell is wrong with you? What was that for?" Blaine spat at him, his face red with indignation and anger.

'I felt like it. What are you going to do about it? Cry like a little fag?" Puck spat back folding his arms and sneering. He didn't know why he said that. He didn't actually have any problem with homosexuals, hell his uncle Bernie was gay. It just came out. Maybe it was because the question Blaine asked him was the same one that cycled through his head over and over again. What is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with you? A constant grating chorus of self doubt and hatred weighing him down.

Puck didn't expect what happened next. He felt something hard hit his jaw, belatedly realizing it was Blaine's fist. He staggered back barely stopping from falling over. Wow, the little guy could pack a punch. He didn't even try to hit back, by the time he realized what had happened it would have come off as weak or desperate.

"DON'T Call me that" Blaine said in a quiet controlled voice, his whole body vibrating with anger instead of joy for once. Puck had definitely hit a nerve. With that the smaller boy spun and left Puck standing in the hall massaging his jaw.

Puck felt something he had worked so hard to suppress churn in his stomach. Guilt. Shit! He thought to himself. He had left then and spent the next few hours hiding out underneath the football bleachers, chain smoking his way through his hidden stash of cigarettes. He had been trying to quit the habit he picked up in Juvie. Really. This only made him feel worse. Finally he decided he should take his own advice that he had so easily doled out to Finn yesterday. Man up.

He would man up. He would go and find Blaine and apologize. Sure most people he tormented didn't get an apology but they never fought back. The pip squeak who was several inches shorter and probably weighed half as much as him, had the guts to punch him. The least he could do was have the guts to say sorry.

Having made this decision, he felt somewhat better. He turned back towards the school and began his search in earnest. It took him a lot longer than he had expected to find Blaine. The fifth person he asked told him that Blaine was in the gym, so that's where Puck headed next. He found Blaine there a sweaty, disheveled mess hitting the punching bag like his life depended on it. Yikes. And Puck thought HE had anger issues. He cleared his throat to announce his presences, it was after all probably not smart to startle the guy when he was attacking the bag like that.

Blaine paused his efforts and looked up, a look of surprise flitting across his face before one of anger replaced it. "What do you want? Come to pour something else on me?" he asked shortly

Puck shuffled uncomfortably trying to force the rare words out. "I- uh, well….I-I wanted to say sorry. I was a dick. I took it out on you. Sorry" the words came tumbling out.

The look of surprise returned to Blaine's face. "Did you just apologize?" he asked looking a little shocked, probably wondering if he had heard Puck right.

"Yeah, don't read too much into it" Puck muttered, last thing he needed was for the gay Cary Grant to think he had a crush on him or something.

Silence hung in the gym, before a small smile cracked through Blaine's mask of anger and he let out a short huff of laughter. "Don't worry stud, not my type….may I ask why out of all the kids you torture on a daily basis I get an apology?" he added looking genuinely curious.

Puck shrugged, "You fought back, that took balls" he answered "you know for such a tiny guy you can really hit"

Blaine smiled then looked more serious "Yeah, well being an out kid in Ohio teaches you to learn to defend yourself" he answered, a dark shadow passing through his eyes before he returned to hitting the bag in front of him.

"Yeah? That's why you chose boxing? You kinda seem like you'd be more of a dancing or fencing type guy…no offense" Puck asked plopping himself down on the bench. Now that he had apologized he felt rather comfortable around the kid, more comfortable then he had been in a while, well other then when he was hanging with Jake.

"Yeah, I do dance and fence but um stuff happened, it left me really angry, boxing turned out to be a good way to get rid of some of that anger…you should try it you know. Might help you with your own anger issues" Blaine stated chancing a glance at the angry teen.

Puck shrugged, feeling exposed. This was not how this was supposed to go down. What was going on today? He felt like he needed to say something to relieve the awkward tension that was weighing down on him. "Uh, I don't really know anything about boxing…" he finally said.

"What's there to know? I am guessing you know how to hit things? I mean totally up to you…but I think you'd enjoy it…anyway if you want to learn you know where to find me" Blaine answered. He stepped back from the bag and grabbed a duffle bag off the floor, turning to head towards the change room.

"think about it" He told Puck before leaving.

Oddly Puck found himself doing just that. Maybe Blaine was right. He knew all the pent up frustration and hate wasn't doing him any favors. Huh….maybe. That Blaine kid didn't seem so bad after all. What could it hurt? Maybe Puck needed someone other than his brother to confide in. Sure he was friends with Finn and Sam, but Finn was a dick and well Sam…he didn't know what was going on with him but he had been distracted and distant lately, so yeah maybe having another bro wouldn't hurt.

Boxing. Puck liked to hit things. Yeah it could work. With that decision made Puck decided while he was in the process of making good choices maybe he would attend some of his afternoon classes. Maybe it wasn't too late to turn over a new leaf. Just maybe.


Kurt POV

Kurt felt aggrieved. In fact he felt annoyed and frustrated that he was feeling aggrieved to begin with. This was not how his day was supposed to have panned out. No, lying in bed this morning he had been in a relatively good mood. He had stayed up late last night plotting and perfecting his scheme and had therefore woken up refreshed and ready to unleash havoc.

It was no secret that he had been less than thrilled to be at the preppy school, mainly because it had been his dad's idea to attend. If there was one thing hated more than anything was doing ANYTHING, and I mean anything to please his father. Oh he knew that this was probably childish and petty but he he derived a small amount of satisfaction at thwarting his father's pathetic attempt of affection. From the moment of what was without doubt the worse day of his life, he and his father had been at odds. Kurt was not an emotional child, he did not need or want comfort or reassurance, what he wanted was his mother to not be dead. What he wanted was for those long months that he had watched her wither and waste to a shell of herself to not have happened. What he wanted was to have never heard words such as chemotherapy, and radiation, to know what an oncologist was or the exact side effects of Methotrexate. That is what he wanted, but he had long since learned that life did not always turn out how he wanted. Watching the cold black box being lowered into the permafrost hardened ground 10 years ago had proved that. Watching his father retreat and pull into himself for months after that awful day had proved that. So no, Kurt was not someone who needed to be coddled or comforted, he had grieved without the support of his father then and he sure as hell hadn't needed his guilty attempts at love and affection now.

This was the main reason Kurt had resented being sent to Chandler Collegiate. Well that and he really did not care for the majority of his class mates. In fact for the most part he despised how pathetically teenage stereotyped they were. There was the drug addled, trailer trash dirt bag that was Noah Puckerman . He was so stereotypically angry and aggressive that he had of course immediately singled out the weaker of his classmates and started to torment them. Not that Kurt had any particular empathy towards the weaker, they after all were on the bottom of the food chain and well they had learnt about Darwin after all. No, it wasn't until the bristle headed Neanderthal had dumped the equivalent of a Big Gulp over Kurt's brand new Burberry satchel that he had really come to despise the lumbering teen. Kurt understood the need to bully and squash those that showed faults, but really since when had he fallen in that category? So due to that transgression Noah had been added to Kurt's list of revenge targets.

If there was something that Kurt loved even more then his high top boots, and array of stylish scarves it was getting revenge. While Puck had certainly earned his spot on Kurt's infamous list he was not the only one. Also listed there was Sam Evans. Now Sam Evans was about as opposite of Puck as you could get. He had always been polite, even kind towards Kurt, which considering his evident leading man/quarterback persona was something rare in itself. No it wasn't because he was a bully that Sam had found his way out of Kurt's good grace. It had more to do with the fact that he had rejected him.

Kurt was what you might term as 'predatory gay' although he will stead fast deny this fact if you were to confront him with it. How was it his fault that there were no openly gay students at the school? What was he supposed to do, sit in his dorm room and eat ice cream while watching another rerun of the Bachelor? So no one could fault him for propositioning an evidently straight guy.

Straight his ass…Kurt knew better, there was no way that Sam Evan's hair color was naturally that blond; no Kurt's gaydar had been pinging from the moment he had set eyes on the California blond. Kurt had tried to be subtle at first, hanging around the teen, enquiring about his past and his hobbies (which come on, really? When had Kurt EVER given a crap about someone else's back story?) When that hadn't elicited the wanted response, Kurt had come straight out and asked the teen to go out with him. This had resulted in Sam telling him "gee, he was flattered (again who uses words like gee?) but for one he wasn't gay, and two his hair wasn't dyed'. Kurt knew right there that Sam was lying. For one his hair was most certainly dyed, and if he had lied about that then he had likely lied about being gay, which meant he was turning Kurt down because he wasn't attracted to him.

Kurt did not think rationally when his pride was hurt. So that was the reason that Sam had earned a spot on his list of revenge. There were many other names on the list, for varying level of transgressions which Kurt would eventually get to. At his last school he had had a similar list, mainly filled with the jocks who had tormented him for being queer…they were still missing. It was best not to piss o ff Kurt.

However, all of these negative feelings towards the stately school had been negated with the arrival of one Blaine Anderson. Not only was he openly gay, the boy was gorgeous, with a capital G. Having fresh meat to pursue had gone a long way to improving Kurt's outlook on life. He was going to be wise this time around though. He had known boys like Blaine before, outwardly confidant and shiny but really rather scared and skittish. So he knew that the frontal assault was not the way to get what he wanted. And what he wanted was arm candy, and Blaine Anderson would make lovely arm candy to show off when Kurt eventually took his place at the top of the high school food chain. He had decided in order to achieve this he would have to come at it sideways, and what better way to squirm his way into Blaine's inner circle then becoming besties with his twin sister?

Sure, Rachel was beyond annoying with her loud opinions and overdramatic persona. But she was a diva, and Kurt understood divas so he could tolerate pretending to care whether or not his step brother was secretly pining for her or not. Plus it allowed him plenty of fodder to gossip and laugh about when he got together later with Mercedes and Unique for the daily bitch fests. Really it was priceless that the tiny brunette diva didn't realize just how much the three of them were mocking her.

And so far it had been working just fine. Rachel was clueless, Blaine had acknowledged Kurt's existence and had even invited him (okay so he had invited Rachel and 'her friends' plural) to join him and his annoying little band of groupies for dinner and a jam fest. This jam fest had consisted of Blaine playing guitar and singing (and Kurt could admit being the musical savant he was that Blaine had a delectable voice), with Brittany and the scary Latina accompanying while the thin Asian had danced and in essence goofed around. Sure Kurt would have preferred it to be just Blaine and himself but he was willing to take baby steps.

No the reason he was feeling aggrieved at the moment had more to do with his step brother Finn. Kurt had not always had the best relationship with his step brother. First he had resented him on principle, after all Finn's mother had swooped in and wooed his father, effectively replacing Kurt's dead mother. This fact in itself had placed the Hudson family in the dog house. Kurt had slowly gotten over this fact after the Hummel's had become the Hummel-Hudson's. Then there was the small matter of Kurt's crush on his step brother, coupled with Finn's rather homophobic views on sexuality. After a few rather heated arguments, Kurt's not so subtle propositioning of his now step brother and the fallout that resulted, the boys had eventually managed to start anew. There were not many people Kurt afforded second chances but somehow Finn had garnered one. It was a slow course but eventually they had become friends, more than that even, they had become brothers. For this reason Kurt felt rather annoyed by the fact that Finn was so determined to put a wrench in Kurt's plan to win Blaine. For some bizarre reason his brother had decided to hate the bubbly doe eyed teen and was adamant that he was up to no good. In fact his brother had gone out of his way to be rude and obstinate towards Blaine, and this was not doing Kurt any favors when trying to extract the boy's favor. Kurt had just finished having rather heated words with his step brother and while Finn might be rather dense he was also rather stubborn. Kurt hated losing an argument. Kurt lived under the impression that anytime someone refused to adopt his worldview that they were purposefully defying him. Not something that made him happy.

Never mind that. He would deal with his ass of a brother later, for now he had a meeting with his two girlfriends. Mercedes and Unique would know how to solve this. Next to him they were top notch evil geniuses. With this in mind he pushed his feelings of aggravation aside. Look out world the duplicitous mind that was Kurt Hummel was back.


Kitty POV

Kitty knew that everyone thought that she was a grade A bitch, and well they were right. Kitty in fact worked hard at being hated and drew pleasure from the sneers and whispers that followed her as she sauntered down the ornate halls. It was better to be hated and feared then pitied and mocked. It probably didn't help that her ability permitted her to see what others so wanted to hide. Sure her actually super power was quote/unquote 'x-ray vision', but Kitty had long ago determined that her real super power was her innate ability to sense what others were so desperately trying to hide from the world. She called it her fifth sense; honestly she wasn't sure if it was what led to her other superpower or just something that had resulted because she had super powers. Either way it didn't really matter.

This second super power was what had allowed her to navigate and succeed in the murky waters of high society at such a young age. Kitty had grown up surrounded by lies and half truths from those that were suppose to serve as her role models. She had little doubt that she would have found herself gutted and broken if she had not been able to decipher people's true motives from their words and actions. It was this ability that had allowed her to carve out her own niche with her own sneaky games and deceptions, that had allowed her to become feared and revered in a circle filled with snakes. Her parents were of course the worst offenders. Their lies, told with pretty smiles and delicate prim reprimands were all Kitty knew from them. The delicate little cough from her mother that signaled that she disapproved of whatever action or opinion Kitty had at the time, her father's sharp, contrived smile that masked his disdain and snobbery served as her basis for behavior towards her peers. Perhaps it was the constant subterfuge that Kitty had been raised with that had honed her skills of unmasking others. In the long run it didn't really matter who or what had made kitty the way she was, She was a bitch there wasn't much anyone could do about it.

The one derivative of her superpowers that Kitty was less then stoked about was her ability to see auras. Before arriving at Chandler Collegiate it hadn't been that bad. Ordains had aura's but they were so discrete that they were hardly noticeable, just a faint fuzzy outline that pulsed outside their normal body frames. Supernatural's auras, on the other hand were rather distracting. They were not the discrete hardly their blurred outlines that Kitty was accustomed to seeing when venturing out in to public settings, no they were often bright and glaring, pulsing and alive. It was so distracting at times that it interfered with her ability to read people. It had even caused her to mistakenly misread a situation early in the week and embarrass herself, which was completely unacceptable. Following that little misstep she had vowed to pay closer attention to everyone around her. She had vowed to get a handle on the auras and people around her. If nothing else Kitty was clever, to stay on top you had to understand everyone weakness or strength, knowledge was power.

She did not feel all powerful at the moment however; all in all she had had a bad week. The week had started out just fine, she had been her usual abrasive snitty self, throwing out insults and barbs with ease, watching the others stare at her with a mixture of incredulous, disgust and fear. Just how she liked it. At that point the aura's around her peers were merely annoying, bright but nothing that she could not handle. Things had taken a sharp turn however the day of Assessment, the day that Marley and Blaine had arrived. Kitty will admit that she was the first to underestimate the deviousness of the girl. When Kitty had first seen the diminutive, doe eyed brunette wisp skitter down the hall she had hardly spared her a second glance. At the time Kitty had been too busy trying to work out a way to get into Quinn Fabrey's good graces. At the moment Quinn had somehow managed with what appeared very little effort on her part, to place herself at the top of the food chain. There was no doubt that Quinn Fabrey was a manipulative, two faced goddess and Kitty aspired to be just like her. Quinn somehow managed to come off friendly and sweet on the surface while sending a clear message to anyone clever enough to look a little deeper that there was a much darker and more vindictive side bubbling just under the surface. This dichotomy intrigued Kitty, it could be said that she was the exact opposite of Quinn, abrasive and rude on the surface while actually unsure and meek at her core. The chance to study someone who so successfully achieved fear and respect from her fellow students with a mask of kindness was something that Kitty did not want to pass up. So, yes she had failed to see the girl who would ruin her week.

It wasn't even two hours later that her then boyfriend Jake had sought her out to inform her that 'they weren't working. He was confused. It wasn't her it was him. They needed to take a break. He needed to sort things out..bla bla bla. Sort things out her ass, by lunch there were rumors circulating that Jake and Marley had been seen macking in the auditorium. Kitty was furious. Sure initially she was hurt, and maybe a little mortified, but in the end really there was just anger and furry. A fair amount for sure was directed at her ex boyfriend and his cowardess, but the majority was reserved for the flakey brown haired bimbo that had come in and stole what was hers. No one stole from her, no one. That was the first thing that had ruined her week.

The second thing that had her seriously reconsidering her current strategy occurred because of the first thing. Ok, well it occurred because of the actions Kitty had taken because of the first thing. Her revenge plan. She had decided to concentrate on first getting revenge on Jake, simply because she knew him and knew where to strike to cause the most damage. His brother.

So Kitty had set out with a plan concocted mainly based on the well known fact that Jake's brother, Puck was the school man-whore. What better way to get back at Jake then dating his brother? It made sense in her mind anyway. Unfortunately she had forgotten about his weird little relationship with Santana. This turned out to be a major miscalculation on Kitty's part. Even she knew that you didn't mess with Santana Lopez, her constantly pulsing red aura only served to highlight that fact. As far as Kitty could tell the two hot heads weren't actually dating so she really didn't understand the Latina's territorialism regarding the muscle head, but regardless it was there. So not only had she been on the dumped end of a break-up but she had also managed to earn herself a new enemy. Great. Not to mention the fact that she had had to deal with the headache inducing shiny gold aura that bounced down the hallway, thanks to the other new kid Blaine Anderson. God it was bright….and annoying. Not only was his aura overly bright and migraine inducing, it seemed that everyone's aura who came in contact with him also became that much brighter and head splitting. So yes her week had sucked. Although she had heard a rumor that there was a show down between her second problem (aka Puckhead) and her third irritation, (the shiny new kid) so maybe it wasn't all bad, if Puck managed to knock some brightness out of that gold aura all the better.

She had decided that she needed a distraction from her current problems and what better distraction then working to understand her latest super powered problem? Oh her teachers would be so proud. She resumed studying her peer's names on the list she had just recently started. The list was one that she had noted the changes and influxes of the aura's around her. If they were going to be so damn in her face she might as well better understand their meanings and how they related to the person they encircled.

Aura's /observations

Satan- molten red, pulses when screaming or throwing things. Note to self: avoid at all costs.

Hot S- blond hottie's aura off? Sickly yellow green WTF?

Puckhead- fire red? Related to ability? Pulses but less then Satan, constant not surging…? Dims around Jake Ass wipe.

Dancing ninja- hot Asian, name? Deep green aura. No pulsing. Steady…calming?

stunt double- fckn bright shiny gold. Constant pulse, increases when touched or talked too

Banshee (hpotters sister?)- bright obnoxious orange. Moves in wave away from body when she opens mouth….aka all the time.

Meals on wheels- dark blue, no change. Has creepy ass stare. Note: avoid.

Unicorn (her choice of alias, again WTF?)- pink. No surprise there.

Hot beiber- possible rebound? Light green. Dim not bright unless interacting with Marley whore

Ass wipe- also red? Note: all evil is red?

Ice Barbie- ice blue. Definitely dodgy…note: befriend.

Gay face- silver…note: sneaky, keep eye on.

Godzilla- brown. Changes to murky near sd. Only one that doesn't brighten….

Asian # 2- off white. Translucent with invisibly change. Note: can still see skeleton when invisible using x-ray

Beyonce wanna-be- magenta. Shimmers when changing appearance.

Female version beyonce wanna be-beige . do not know much about. Continue to watch.

Whore- silver blue. Spends lots of time looking in mirrors….weakness?

Creepy kid- black. Grade A stalker. Stay away from.

Sue equivalent- grey. Not a lot known, seems to know what no one else does?

Kitty had made a conscious decision to not bother with her teachers auras. Adults were so much easier to predict and manipulate then her peers. Adults always only wanted one thing. Power. This was true for every single adult Kitty had ever known, it was one thing she understood. It was obvious that the teachers were divided, it was even more obvious that they were trying to rally support for their specific ideals and were fighting for more warm bodies to manipulate. What these causes were? It didn't really matter, what mattered was that Kitty was on to them. She knew what to expect out of them, so she had decided to focus on those that she was still trying to figure out. What she would do with this knowledge she hadn't really decided yet. She wasn't able to see the whole picture yet, but soon. Soon she would, and then and only then would she decide what to do. So for now she would watch. For something told her that there was a curve ball coming, and Kitty for one wanted to be ready.