Gallifray stands

Summary: After being lost for so long Gallifray stands once more and Clara Oswald is instrumental in its salvation. My slightly alternate ending to TDOTD

AN: this was meant to be a nice short one shot but my ideas kind of ran away with me so this is now the first chapter of 3. To be honest not much changes in this chapter but look out for the next chapter it is both longer and more interesting, it should be up in the next few days.

P.S Spoilers if you have not seen the day of the Doctor.

Chapter 1

During her time with the Doctor Clara Oswald had witnessed so much. She didn't believe that there was anything he could say or do that would surprise her anymore, and she really didn't think he could disappoint her but she was very, very wrong.

Standing in a dusty old barn surrounded by three versions of the man she had come to love; Clara was struck by the realisation that she really didn't know him. Not the way she thought she did, she had lived and died for him a thousand times and along the way she had seen every face he had ever worn.

Something had drawn her to him in every form he took, she had always known from the moment she set eyes on him that she was destined to protect him no matter what the cost and she had allowed herself to believe she understood at least some of his inner workings, but she now knew she didn't.

He talked about the time war all of the time, he told her he regretted it and that he wished he could change his past but here he was, faced with the opportunity he so longed for and was he going to take it? No. He was going to make the same mistake all over again and she could do nothing to stop him. She was the impossible girl, born to save the doctor but she couldn't save him from himself.

The choice lay before him and as much as she wanted to Clara couldn't force him to change his mind but he wouldn't be able to change hers either. If he did this she would never forgive him, no matter how desperately she wanted to.

The tears that had been filling her eyes began to stream down her cheeks and she made no attempt to stop them, all she did was shake her head sadly at the seine unfolding before her.

Clara should have known that the Doctor, her Doctor would catch the tiny movement, he missed very little when it came to her.

"What" he asked her in an urgent tone "what is it? What?" he persisted when she didn't answer.

"Nothing" Clara whispered, lying to the Doctor for the first time. How could she tell him his actions were breaking her heart? How could she be selfish enough to believe that would matter to him when he was about to destroy his home planet in an attempt to save the universe?

"No, something. Tell me" he spoke quietly and to those who didn't know him he would have sounded completely normal (if a bit agitated) but Clara knew that tone. He had used it on Trenzalore when he was begging her to stay away from his time stream, now he was begging to know her thoughts how could she deny him?

"You told me you wiped out your own people. I just never pictured you doing it. That's all" she didn't add how she had always envisioned his current face coming up with an amazing plan that would save the day, and free him from hundreds of years of guilt.

Suddenly the room around them shifted dramatically, it wasn't just and old barn anymore, it was an open plaza full of innocent people that were under attack and running for their lives.

"What's happening?" Clara asked but the sick feeling that settled in her gut told her she already knew what was going on. This was Gallifray; they were seeing Gallifray and its people.

The war Doctor tried to reassure her that it wasn't real, nothing more than a projection but Clara could tell he was lying, she could feel it.

"These are the people you're going to burn?" she demanded unable to hide her anguish at the mindless destruction that raged around them.

The Doctors tried to tell her that there was no other option, there never had been but Clara had stopped listening to them. Something had caught her eye; a boy with russet curls and deep brown eyes was hiding behind a fallen wall. He was still as stone, he might have just been waiting for the right time to make a brake for safety but to Clara it was clear he was frozen in terror and in no position to save himself.

"Doctor" the distraught the girl gasped "I know him" she said pointing to the boy "How do I know him?"

"You don't" her Doctor said firmly as he came to her side "you can't" but the fear in his eyes told a different story.

"But I do" Clara insisted, her eyes widened with fear as she was bombarded with memories "his name is Jacken; he's only 11" she suddenly found herself overwhelmed with emotion and sobbing before abruptly passing out and collapsing into the arms of her Doctor.

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