The Cold Wave


A/N: This is the first ever Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods Crossover. As you know, Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods don't belong to me. Only

Steven Peters, Leslie Peters , and Melanie Peters.

Chapter 1

An NYPD police car was speeding along the road answering to a shots fired call. The two officers in the car responding to it was Jamie

Reagan and his partner, Eddie Janko. As they arrived at the house where the shots originated, more NYPD police cars arrived. Jamie and

Eddie got out of the cars, guns at the ready. Other officers approached the house as well. As they got closer they noticed that the door was

opened ajar. Jamie gave some hand signals to some of the officers to go around the back, and they did just that.. As Jamie and Eddie walked

through the door, they saw a shadow figure ruuning toward the back. "We got a runner!" Eddie exclaimed. Jamie spoke into his radio."Be

advised, we gor a runner heading towards the back. We are in pursuit." So the two officers ran after the shadow figure right into the kitchen

and as the figure tried to open the door, Eddie spoke. "NYPD, put your hands up and turn around slowly! Do it now!" She yelled. The figure

turned around to face the two officers and what they saw shocked them beyond belief. It was a 12 year old girl with brunette hair wearing a

red and blackt-shirt and blue jeans. But what shocked Jamie and Eddie was that she was covered in blood. "Oh my God" Eddie said sadly.

Then Jamie spoke into his radio again. "Uh, we're gonna need paramedics, crime scene, homicide. Oh god, just send everyone." He said.

"This is going to be a long night" Jamie thought.

To be continued

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