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The Winchesters were on their way to see Bobby, while Sam was now driving. They weren't that far away. Dean was just waking up. When they pulled up they were shocked to what their eyes saw.

"Oh my gosh." Lexy said when Sam stopped the car.

They were calling Bobby's cell phone but no luck.

"BOBBY!" Dean and Sam yelled when they were calling out his name.

Bobby's house was blown to pieces. Lexy stood there shocked.

"Hey watch where you walk." Sam said to his sister when he held onto her arm, so she wouldn't fall.

"BOBBY!" Lexy was even yelling out for his name.

"This is not good." Dean said when he stood there not really knowing what to do.

"What do you think happened?" She asked her brothers.

"I don't know." Dean said to her when they were walking around.

They were then trying to see if they could find Bobby's body.

"Was he working on something that went wrong?" Sam was asking when he was looking around.

Lexy was walking when she tripped over something. When she turned around she let the biggest scream out. Her brothers ran over to her. Sam moved Lexy away, while Dean was checking it out. Sam gave a look to Dean that was not good. She was burying her face in Sam's chest.

"Its ok." He told his sister when he was holding her close to him.

"Is it him?" She asked her brother softly.

He just kissed the top of her head. Sam could hear her sigh.

"Were gonna have to bury him." Dean suggested to his brother.

"Come on lets get you away from this." Sam told his sister when he was walking her away.

The tears were now really falling from her eyes. Lexy was leaning up by against the car while Sam and Dean were digging a spot for Bobby. While they were digging, Lexy heard a car. She started to run over by where her brothers were.

"Guys someone is coming." Lexy told them when she sounded out of breath.

Sam climbed out and was going by his sister.

"Lex, you really need to relax a bit." Sam was telling her when the car pulled up.

Since it was dark and they couldn't see. Sam stood in front of Lexy while Dean was standing by his brother and sister . Dean and Sam had their guns ready.

"Hey amigo's what- happened?" A voice was heard when they realized it was Garth.

"Garth." Dean and Sam said in unison when they were shocked to see him.

"Yeah. I was trying to get a hold of Bobby and I knew something was wrong." He told them when he was coming closer.

"Garth, Bobby is um-dead." Dead told him softly which made Garth give a shocking look.

"Dead." He repeated of what Dean told him.

"We were just digging a spot for his burned body." Dean was telling Garth.

They were walking back to where they were digging. Garth was giving Dean a hand digging while Sam was standing next to his sister. Sam stood there with his hand around her shoulders.

"Its gonna be ok." Sam was telling her when he kissed the top part of her head.

"Do we know what caused this?" Garth was asking.

"No. Nothing." Dean told him when they were all shocked.

When they were done, they were putting his body into the ground. Sam was now changing spot with Dean.

"You ok?" Dean was asking Lexy softly.

"Yeah I guess." She told him when the tears wouldn't stop.

Dean was then holding his sister close. When they were done, they were all standing around. (The song Carry On wayward Son is Playing By Kanas)Lexi was now kneeling down to the ground.

"Bobby-I'm- gonna miss ya. You were like a father to me. This is so not fair." Lexy was saying when she was crying even harder.

Sam and Dean gave each other a worried look, while Dean went over to her, he then took her into his arms, he was then rubbing her back.

"He was a heck of hunter. Taught me a lot." Garth was saying when he was removing his hat.

"He was like a father to me and Dean." Sam was saying.

"Were gonna find out what happened." Dean said. They then started to then walk away.

"Look lets go get a Motel and tomorrow we can figure this all out." Sam was suggesting.

"Yeah good idea." They all agreed.

They were heading back to the car. Sam was helping his sister since dark.

"Watch yourself." Sam said to her when she almost tripped.

They were then driving to find a Motel...

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