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Chap 100 Picking Up

Sam and Lexi were then leaving to get some pizza for dinner. While in the car Sam looked over to his sister.

"Your sure you are ok?" Sam was asking her, when he quickly looked over to her.

"Yeah I'm fine." She told him giving him a smile while looking over to him.

"You know Dean and I are so sorry." Sam was telling her.

"I know. You both are my hero's really." She said to her brother looking down at her hands.

They arrived at the pizza place. Sam was making her walking in front of him. Sam was then ordering their pizza. While they were waiting, they sat in the booth just talking.

"Go ahead say something." She told her brother.

"Say what?" Asked a confusing Sam.

"I don't know anything." She said to her brother.

"How about, that we need some fun time." Suggested Sam when Lexi agreed.

"Can I get you two love birds anything?" The young waiter was asking Sam and Lexi.

"Oh no, were not a couple. She's my sister." Sam was telling the waiter when he smiled at that.

She gave Sam a help me out look.

"Then maybe you and I can-?" The waiter started to ask but Sam interrupted him.

"Yeah I don't think so." Sam told this guy.

The waiter then gave Lexi a look.

"Look, please go." She told him nicely.

Sam had then stood up and the guy looked up to Sam. The waiter had then walked away.

"What is with me? No matter where I go." Lexi said getting upset.

"Lex, look, guys like pretty girls and you are. Why do you think Dean and I are so over protective with you?" He asked her with smile.

"I thought cause Dad told you guys." She was telling Sam.

"Yeah that too." Sam said when the pizza's were done.

When they were leaving Sam placed the pizza on the back seat. They were then headed home.

"Thanks." She told her brother when she gave him a shy look.

"Thanks? For what?" Sam asked her when he was puzzled.

"For being the best big brother." She said to him when they were heading inside.

"Anytime, kiddo." He told his sister.

"Bout time. Were hungry here." Dean said when he saw them both coming in.

Lexi went over to him and kissed his cheek. Dean stopped and gave a confused look.

"What was that for?" He asked her.

"For being the best over protected brother." She told him when she smiled.

"Ok. Is this gonna be a chick-flick moment? Cause you know I don't go for them." Dean was then asking her.

"No jerk." She said giggling to him.

"Ok brat." He told her giving her one of the nicknames he had for her when they were younger.

They were sitting around eating. Lexi was eating slow.

"Honey you ok?" Ellen was then asking her.

"Yeah fine. Just thinking, that's all." She said to Ellen when she smiled to her.

"OK." Ellen told her softly.

After they were done eating, Lexi was cleaning up. Sam was getting rid of the pizza boxes. Dean was going with Sam.

"Hey Sammy, what happened when you left?" Dean asked his brother.

"Some jerk was hitting on her she was upset cause she said every time she is out, it happens. I told that's why we are protective of her." Sam was telling Dean when he understood why she kissed him.

When they went back inside Dean was looking for Lexi.

"Looking for something?" Bobby was then asking Dean.

"Lexi." He was telling him.

"She went up for a shower." Ellen was then telling him.

"Yeah ok." Dean was telling Ellen.

After a few minutes Lexi was coming down.

"Hey there you are." Dean said to his sister.

"Why what did I do now?" She asked her brother while wondering.

"You didn't do anything yet." Dean said to her when he laughed.

"You look tired why don't you head up to bed." Sam suggested to his sister.

"I don't know." Lexi told her brothers.

"Lexi, I promise you no one will get you. You are safe here." Dean was telling her.

"I know. Thanks." She said giving them both a smile.

Lexi was then heading up to bed even if she was scared to go up alone. But she knew Dean was right. Her brothers were downstairs plus no one knew where this place was, she hopes not even a demon. Lexi was then getting into bed. She was laying thinking about all those who they lost along the way.

"God please bring Adam back. I know bringing back my mom and dad is asking a lot." Lexi said as she was praying.

She was then just lying there, until she would fall asleep. She had then fallen asleep. Lexi kept stirring in the middle of the night. She was then waking up. She kept feeling like she was being watched. She was then getting up and seeing if her brothers were up. Dean was asleep in his bed. She was then checking on Sam, he kept tossing around as well. She didn't want to wake him, so she was she was checking on Ellen, she was asleep as well. Lexi then decided to head downstairs. She was in the kitchen making herself some warm milk. While in the kitchen she heard a noise which made her stop in her tracks.

"Lexi." Sam called out to his sister when he saw her in the kitchen.

"Sam, you scared me." She said clutching her chest.

"Sorry. Why you up?" He was then asking her.

"Couldn't sleep. Been thinking so much about our lives." She sadly was telling Sam.

He could tell that she was upset. They were both were sitting down having some warm milk.

"So why are you up?" She was asking her brother.

"I heard you and I wanted to check on you." Sam was telling her, when they both heard a noise.

Lexi gave Sam a worried look. Sam grabbed a large steak knife. He was making her stay behind him. They were heading into the next room quietly. She was holding in her hands tightly, the back of Sam's shirt. When they saw who it was they were startled.

"No way." She said loudly.

"How?" Sam asked when he was shocked.

"Should I get Dean?" She was asking Sam.

"You don't have, Dean is- what the-." Dean said when he saw who was in the bunker.

Dean grabbed his sister and put her behind him and Sam. They weren't taking any chances. They were heading towards where the noise came from.