Chap 102 Is This The End

Lexi knew leaving Adam would be the hardest thing she's done. Her brothers knew it as well. Cass gave them all a chance to say
good-bye to Adam. Lexi stood there with a tear in her eye knowing she might not see Adam again but hoping she might. Dean and Sam knew this
was going to be very hard on her. They would do whatever it takes to make her happy.

"You take care and i will see you again." Adam told Lexi when they exchanged hugs good-bye.

"I love you." She told him while in his arms.

"Love you too little sis." Adam said back at her.

Adam was then saying good-bye to his big brothers. Cass saw the pain it was causing. Dean and Sam each had a tear in their eyes.

"You take care." Dean told his youngest brother.

"You do the same. Watch out for Lexi." Adam told his brother.

"Take care Adam." Said when he too gave him a hug good-bye.

Cass stood there with Adam, they watched a tear roll down Lexi's face. And just like that Cass and Adam were gone. Dean, Lexi and Sam just stood there not saying a word to each at the moment. You then could hear Lexi sobbing. Dean placed his hand on her shoulder.

"It will be ok." He said to her.

"It's just not fair." She softly said when she then lowered her head.

"Come on." Sam said to her .

Lexi stood there looking at her brothers.

"I love you guys." She told them.

They stood there and nodded, they loved her too.

Thank you for reading this.. This was the final chapter of the Winchesters. I have 2 more stories done. One is a continue to this and one is how it all began: The Younger Years. Please leave a review. Hope u all enjoyed it, I know i did. Have a great night.