When they arrived to the Motel, Dean and Garth were getting two separate rooms. Lexy was leaning against the car while talking with Sam.

"Hey, you ok?" Sam asked his sister.

"Sam, everyone I love is dying on me." She was telling him while she was crying in her hands.

"Dean and I are right here with ya." He told her when he felt bad for her.

"Just please don't leave me." She said when she begged her brother.

Sam took Lexy into his arms. When Dean came out he was wondering what happened.

"Hey what happened?" He stood there asking Sam when he saw her in Sam's arms crying.

Sam gave Dean a look a sad look. They were then going into their room. Garth was coming in their room to hang for a while.

"Here sit here and relax." Sam told her when he was getting her a glass of water.

"What happened?" Dean was asking Sam when he whispered to him when he was following him.

"She's upset cause everyone around her is dying." Sam was telling Dean.

Dean was then coming by her to sit.

"Hey look, Sam and I, we are not going anywhere." He told his sister, when he was standing in front of her.

Sam was giving Dean and Garth a beer and Lexy a soda.

"Here's too Bobby." Sam said when he was making a toast in his name.

"To Bobby." They all said toasting their drinks.

"Bobby was one heck of hunter but a great friend most of all." Dean said when you can see he was getting upset. He rested his hands on the table shaking his head since he still could not believe Bobby, the Bobby Singer tough guy was gone.

"That he was." Garth said when he was agreeing.

"I use to love staying with him. He would take great care of me." Lexy was saying when she was getting up. She then walked by the window. "He was like a father to us." Lexy had then broke down.

Dean had then went over to his sister. He turned her and brought her into his arms. He was rubbing her back.

"Shhhh. Its gonna be ok. I promise ya." Dean told her softly.

"I miss him." She told her brother while crying in Dean's arms.

"I know you do. We all do." He was telling her.

Dean moved her away from him and was wiping her tears away with his thumb.

"I think you just need some sleep." Dean told her.

"Nah, not tired." Lexy said when she was going to just go and sit down on the bed.

They were still reminiscing about Bobby.

"Bobby was always there when you needed him." Sam was saying.

"Yeah he was." Garth was agreeing with Sam.

"We need to find out what or how his house blew up." Dean was saying.

"Look I'm gonna head next door. Hope your sister will be ok." Garth was telling Dean and Sam.

"Thanks Garth." Sam told him.

"See you guys tomorrow. " Garth said to Dean and Sam.

"Yeah sure." Dean told him.

When Garth left, Sam was just watching his sister, who just fallen a sleep.

"I guess I will share with her." Sam was telling Dean.

"Yeah sure." Dean said to him.

Sam was then sharing a bed with her. Lexy was rolling over to be closer to her brother. She felt safe being next to him.

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