After a few minutes they were heading back home, the bunker was their home. Ellen was waiting for them wondering if they were ok. When they arrived back at the bunker,Ellen was waiting for them.

"Welcome home." She said to them, when Lexi dropped her bags and ran into Ellen's arms.

They could hear her sobbing. They felt bad for her.

"Boys take your things to your room and –I'll take care of this." Ellen said bringing Lexi into the kitchen for some tea.

Ellen was feeling bad for Lexi.

"Wann talk bout this?" Ellen was asking her.

"Ellen, if Dean and Sam weren't there—I would of been." Lexi was saying when she stopped herself.

"Sh sh." Ellen said to her when she was holding her.

"Lets not think that way." Ellen said to her.

"I think I'm gonna go lie down for a while." Lexi said heading up to her room.

Ellen felt bad for her. Sam saw her passing his room.

"Hey Lex." Sam called out to his sister.

"Yeah?" She asked him stopping in his room.

"You ok?" Sam was then asking her.

"Gonna lay down for a bit." She told her brother.

"Were gonna be in the study, you wanna nap there so your not alone?" Sam asked her.

"Nah its ok. Thanks." She told him heading off to her room.

Sam was heading downstairs. Lexi was on her bed. While lying there she was thinking about what happened. She couldn't shake it. The tears were coming down a lot. Dean stood by her doorway and saw her crying. He was feeling really guilty. Dean was then coming into her room.

"Lexi." He said to her when she jumped up and ran into his arms.

Dean was then holding her in his arms when he heard her crying uncontrollably.

"Its gonna be ok." He whispered to her in a soft way when he kissed her on her head.

She held onto Dean tightly.

"Come on down and stay with Sam and me. You can nap there." Dean suggested to his sister.

She then followed him downstairs. Sam looked up when he saw her coming into the room. Her eyes were puffy, he knew she was crying more. Dean gave Sam a worried look about their sister.

"You wanna lie down here?" Sam was asking her.

"Nah, I cant." She was telling her brothers.

"We will be right here." Dean said to her when he could tell she was tired.

She sat there thinking. She was really tired.

"Nah I think I will read this for a while." She told them when she was getting a book to read.

After a few minutes, Ellen was coming into the room.

"Hey. Look." She told them when she motioned to them.

They looked over to see Lexi asleep. Dean went over to her and laid her down and then covered her with a blanket.

"She is so tired." Sam was telling Dean when he was coming back to the table.

"I know. Poor kid." Dean was saying when Ellen was sitting with them.

"Can I ask what happened?" She was then asking them.

"She was playing pool, and a guy was on top of her. Ellen we were luckily enough to get to her in time. " Dean said peeking over to his sister.

Ellen sat their shaking her head to what she was told.

"Glad you boys were there for her." Ellen was telling them.

"Yeah I know. " Dean said sounding guilt in his voice.

"Look you cant go on and beat yourself over this." Ellen was telling Dean when she knew how he was feeling.

"Ellen she is my responsibility." Dean was telling her.

"I know. Trust me she think's the world of you two." Ellen was telling them.

"D-Dean, help-no." Lexi was saying in her sleep when Dean sprung over to her.

"Its ok. You're safe." Dean was telling her softly when Sam was getting up to go over by his sister.

She kept mumbling something that her brothers could not make out.

"What she saying?" Dean asked looking up to Sam.

"Have no clue." Sam said when he was wondering what she was saying.