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Chap 99 The Meeting

While sitting at the table, they had heard a noise. Dean and Sam drew the guns quickly. Ellen was staying with Lexi. When they were looking, they saw it was Bobby.

"You scared us." Dean told Bobby when he was coming out with a sandwich.

"Hey I was hungry." He said to them.

"C'mon, we have a surprise for ya." Dean told Bobby when he was then following them into the study.

When they brought him into the room that's when he found Ellen with Lexi.

"For the love of God." Bobby said when he was shocked to see Ellen alive.

"Hey Bobby." Ellen said to him when she was going by him.

"I-thought-you-were-." Bobby was saying.

"Dead." She said to him when he nodded.

They were then explaining to him how she was alive. Bobby had then noticed Lexi on the couch.

"Is everything ok with Lexi?" Bobby asked tilting his head.

"She was on case and some looser almost raped her." Dean said sounding annoyed when he was telling Bobby.

"Poor kid. She has been through so much." Bobby was saying when he was shocked.

"So we are making her sleep. She's tired." Ellen was telling Bobby.

With that Lexi sat up quickly trying to catch her breath. Her brothers heard and ran into action.

"Whoooa there, breathe easy. Its ok." Dean was telling her rubbing her back.

She just leaned over and threw her hands around Dean's neck.

"Hey hey its ok. It was just a dream. No one is gonna get you." Dean told her.

"Dean I was so scared." She said to him.

"Well no one will get you, not with the jolly giant here and me." Dean said to her trying to make to joke with her so she would smile.

"Am I in heaven?" Lexi jumped up before asking. She sat there confused after seeing Bobby in the room as well.

"Sorry sista, but no." Dean told her jokingly.

"Hey kiddo, how ya feel?" Bobby was asking her.

"Um, I guess ok, thanks." She told him when she was then sitting up.

"Want some tea?" Ellen was asking her.

"Nah." Lexi said to her with a smile.

Lexi was coming by her brothers, she was seeing what they were doing. She was standing next to Sam.

"We are just trying to figure out all this and this place." Sam was saying when he was pointing to the bunker while he was telling her.

"I still don't understand how this place has been here for so long and no one knew about it?" Ellen was asking the boys.

"I know right. Our own father had no clue about this place." Sam was telling her.

Just then they heard feathers being ruffled.

"Cass." Dean said to him.

"Hello. Alexandrea how are you?" Cass was asking her.

She was giving a look towards her brothers.

"He know's." Was all Sam said to her.

"How?" She asked them.

"We called Cass to make sure you weren't you know." Dean was trying to say.

"And?" She asked her brothers when she was standing by Dean.

"No. Your brother's got to you in time." Cass told her.

"Good for that." Bobby said when he was happy to hear.

"I know he did touch you." Cass said to her when she stood there not wanting to hear it. Bad enough she lived it.

Cass saw her making a face.

"Sorry." He said to her.

Sam placed his arm around his sister.

"Its gonna be ok. We promise." Sam said to her when he squeezed her to his side.

"I know." She told him softly.

They were sitting there talking. Lexi was going over by Cass.

"Hey Cass." She said to him.

"Hello." He said back to her.

"Can you bring back Adam, like you did with Bobby and Ellen?" Lexi was asking him trying not to get her hopes up.

Cass looked around the room before looking back at her.

"I- Its not up to me. Its up to God." Cass said to her.

"Well can you tell God that he's not being fair. Neither are you. You just don't care." She screamed to Cass, when Ellen was coming by her.

"That's -." Cass was trying to say when he knew she was upset.

"Lexi, lets see what we can make for dinner." Ellen suggested when she was taking her into the kitchen.

Her brothers knew how upset she was.

"Cass look, she has been through a lot. You have to understand her." Dean was telling their Angel friend.

"Yes I know. And I am very sorry." Cass was telling Dean and Sam.

"I guess she see's me and Ellen and figures you could bring back Adam." Bobby was telling Cass to make him understand.

"Let me see what I can do." Cass said when he was then gone.

Lexi was then coming back into the room and she noticed Cass was gone.

"Dean, I'm sorry." She told her brother when he stopped her.

"Look, you have a right to be upset. He'll get over it." Dean said to her when he was joking.

"Question is how ya doing, really?" Sam was then coming by her to see.

"A mess I think." She told her brothers.

"I bet kiddo. But don't you worry, these idjits are here for ya so is me and Ellen." Bobby told her with a smile.

"Thank you." She told her brothers and everyone.

"Ok so what is for dinner, I am hungry?" Bobby asked.

"Lets get some pizza." Ellen suggested.

"Lexi come with me to get some." Sam suggested to her.

"Yeah sure." She told her brother.