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warning there are mentions of sickness and some details but not that specific.

Chase opens his eyes to see the lab empty which meant it was quiet. Hoping to go back to sleep to enjoy this rare moment of peace, he sadly realizes that he cannot go back to sleep. Sighing he opens his capsule to upstairs to get breakfast.

His sadness over the loss was soon forgotten when he remembers that today is the day he was born! He is now sixteen and now old enough to obtain a permit however he won't be allowed to get one unfortunately till he turns 18. Mr. Davenport seemed to be very scared of the idea of them driving from the look on his face when Adam asked to get a permit when he was 16.

He heard Mr. Davenport mutter something and thanks to his enhanced hearing he managed to hear, "Oh Lord, letting the world's most destructive teenagers behind the wheel will be absolutely-" before Mr. Davenport caught himself perhaps remembering that Chase has super hearing.

Eager to see his family for his first birthday party (silently hoping that his goes better than the first one that Leo had with them), he goes to the elevator to greet them.

As he comes out the door, he hears the most loudest sneeze he had ever heard (99.99% sure that it would break the Guinness world record for loudest sneeze if such a thing existed)

Running over to the kitchen he sees his family minus Adam hiding behind the couch. In a second he realizes the reason why when he saw Adam.

Adam looked terrible, with sullen eyes and dark rings around his eyes. He could tell that Adam had vomited recently from smelling a strong smell as well as seeing some on his lips. Adam quickly sneezed again which caused him to shoot lasers out of his eyes onto a vase, shattering it to smithereens.

Oh dear.

Chase quickly creates a shield around Adam to contain him. A quick scan helps him feel better that at least they are unharmed though Leo is still shaking up a bit. He sees a sheepish Mr. Davenport as he sees Tasha glaring with sharp daggers. He has classified all the expressions of his family into his brain to help him tell if they are lying, trying to hide something, or in this case how long Mr. Davenport will be on the couch. Seeing her expression right now, he calculated that he would become BFFs with the couch for the next two weeks.

Mr. Davenport shudders a bit from seeing Tasha's glares as he faces a curious and slightly worried Chase.

"I was trying out a new mechanism that will help boost your immune system to prevent you people from having to use vaccines by using microscopic robots as white bllod cells to identify foreign substances such as viruses. It would make me a lot-"

"Donald!" Tasha screeched at him, effectively damping his excitement.

"Unfortunately, Mr Davenport continued, they have malfunctioned and now are attacking his white blood cells instead..."

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