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When they get home, Bree races to put Chase in his capsule, making sure to be gentle with him. She literally drags over, Mr. Davenport who is trying his best to keep up and failing.

Mr. Davenport tries his best to quickly check over Chase, hoping that Chase is physically alright. He sighs with relief when his tests show that Chase is alright just needed some rest.

"He is going to be OK. He just needs to recover from this...experience." Mr. Davenport informs the rest who all sigh with relief.

"While we are waiting, what are we going to do about the drunk driver?" Bree demands.

Mr. Davenport says,"I already sent the police a call while Tasha was driving as I was not being hysterical-"

"Donald! My reaction is perfectly reasonable! My son almost died RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" Tasha shrieks.

Leo grabs Tasha by her shoulder. "Mom! Calm down! Chase is ok and we got the the guy. Now all we have to do is go after him-"

"Alright! I call dibs on breaking his legs and arms!" Adam says.

"I want to drop him near an active volcano." Bree says folds her arms.

"What? Wait! Wait!" Mr. Davenport frantically waves his arms.

He is all for getting back at the guy but still he didn't want his kids going to jail for assault. He knows he is not the best parental figure in the world but still..getting his kids in jail? That was pretty low.

Besides it may cause him to grow more grey hair that he had been hiding for a while. Who knew it would be so stressful to have three bionic trouble making teens?, he thought to himself.

"If we do that then we are no better than the petty criminals we fight with. We need to be better than them. We will let the police handle this. We can't let emotions cloud our judgment. The important thing is that Chase is going to be alright." Mr. Davenport says. "I hope we don't have to talk about this since this talk is making me very uncomfortable. I am not used to being the voice of reason in this family."

Adam huffs. Tasha smiles at her husband for acting mature for a change. Leo wonders out loud, "Is there a chance that we can compromise?"

Bree grumbles but agrees. She couldn't bear the thought of leaving Chase for jail. Besides she will look bad in an orange jumpsuit.

She goes over to the capsule as she sees Chase stirring.

"Oh Chase!" Bree cries out . She hugs the groggy Chase as he steps out the capsule.

Chase blinks and smiles. "Oh wow. I had the strangest dream that I was yelling at everyone on my birthday and then I was almost run over by a truck-"

"Uh chase. That was real." Leo says.

Chase's grin vanishes and then looks nervously around them.

"Well-" Chase starts.

"Don't worry about it Chase. It is alright now. We forgive family. You just got upset." Tasha says gently. She hugs briefly Chase.

Chase smiles in relief seeing everyone smile.

Seeing his father's nervous face, "You have nothing to be sorry about Dad."

Tasha says, "But for now one you are not allowed to go off on your own like that. Just to to shake it off by doing exercise or something."

Chase is 100% sure he saw Adam's lips twitch but was surprised he kept quiet. But thene he would be to if he saw his sibling near death experience.

Mr. Davenport grins. When they were younger he insisted that they call him Mr. Davenport. He didn't want to feel old. Now he lets them thanks to Tasha getting him to see that since he is the role of a father that he should be called one. They rarely call him father now and only say it when they are being sincere. He did not mind of course. It made the everyday word father more precious in this family.


Chase blinks as he sees a dog run up to him.

"Uh did you guys pick a stray...?" Chase asks.

"No silly." Adam grins. "This is your new York dog, Sabrina. She is a present from Bree and Leo."

He tries hard not to cringe when she licks his face. His brain automatically starts spilling facts. A Yorkie dog, clearly a puppy. Dogs have pathogenic bacteria that can cause-Oh shut up, Chase says to himself. He cuts off the information. The dog clearly likes him and that was what mattered.

It was both a blessing and a curse. He sometimes couldn't help saying them out loud. He did not want to try to sound obnoxious but he wanted to share his knowledge to people that cared to listen.

Chase glances down at the small dog. Since he had a lot of free time, it wouldn't hurt to care for a pet. He liked how the puppy already was giving him an adoring look and licked his face. This could also be good practice to try to cool down his msyophobia (fear of germs).

"Chase looks up at Bree. Really after what he did?!

He sees look at her adorable face. "A female dog...?"

Tasha explains, "We have enough males in this house."

Proudly, Adam presents his present in nicely wrapped box. Glancing at Adam, he cautiously removes the box and is overwhelmed by a strong odor. Finally peeking into the box, he sees Adam's rat, Raisins in a red bow. Trying not to squirm at it, he asks, "Uh thanks Adam. Why are you giving me your pet rat and more importantly why didn't you ever bath it?"

Adam blinks. "What you are supposed to?"
Chase shuts the lid. "Yes. Now I can't even tell if it is still alive."

Adam smiles. "Oh it is. I let it loose in the kitchen so it could find food like a real rat. I would eat lunch with him. He can keep Sabrina company. His name is Raisins."

Chase smiles tightly. "Gee thanks Adam but uh I think the rat er Raisins and I would prefer you to keep it. You really love that rat since it clearly likes you. Chase secretly adds and actually alive.

Adam looks upset. "Then I don't really have a present."

Chase smiles hopefully. "Maybe you could not make fun of me for two weeks."

Adam grins. "A week starting today. I can't make promises I can't keep."

Tasha was covering her mouth to avoiding screaming. Trying to keep an even voice she says, "Adam please don't ever do that again. Keep the rat in your room and just give it food." She held on to the slight hope that Adam was showing some responsibility on taking care of his rat.

She quickly got everyone out into the kitchen where Chase silently gaped for a minute at the cake size. Tasha had used apparently every flavor of cake that Chase liked.

She smiles proudly. "I know this can't make up for all the birthdays you missed but I hope this sort of does make up a bit for those years."

Tasha tried hard not to glare at her husband.

Chase grabbed a stool and stood. Chase had to try hard not to stick out his tongue at Adam. Everyone sang happy birthday, which Leo had taken to teaching Bree and Adam.

Adam was well behaved for once and said nothing when Chase had to get on the stool to blow out his candles. He did however take a picture with his phone to remind him for later.

After the cake, Mr. Davenport got his present to, much to everyone's surprise, bought Chase a camera who of course he had created. Chase was eager to have it.

Seeing everyone's confused faces, he explains, "I noticed Chase was into photography after seeing some nature shows. I know that he can take pictures with his mind and download them into our computers but I thought it would be better to use an actual camera. Since you know, you try to be normal teenagers."

Chase looks up surprised. "Wow. I didn't think you noticed after all the time you spend in mirrors." Apparently the immature Donald Davenport was gone for the day.

Mr. Davenports says, "Today Chase is all about you. Don't think I am that self centered but don't get used to me acting like this all the time. My awesomeness needs to be recognized." He quickly hides the mirror under his seat.

Chase rolls his eyes. And he is back.

When it was time to blow out the candles, Tasha got up to get a lighter. Adam stops her and says, "Wait I can do it."

He uses his laser eyes to light the candles and to everyone's relief didn't lit the entire cake on fire.

"Well thank you Adam." Mr. Davenport smiles, while trying to be discreet that he was ready to call 911 on his phone.

"Make a wish." Bree says excitedly.

Chase frowns a bit. "You do know that making a wish on your birthday doesn't necessary make it come-"

"Just make a wish!" Bree says. "I am starving. I had to rescue you and carry you and surprising that took a lot of work."

"You didn't let me finish Bree. Yes I don't really believe in that birthday wishing. But also that I have nothing to wish for. I am happy with what I have right now."

"Chase you have a super computer brain. You cannot tell us you can solve an AP Calculus question in 20 seconds but not know what to wish for your birthday." Leo complains.

"Wish for socks that don't smell even if you don't wash them for a month." Adam suggests.

"Uh no." Chase grins tightly.

Glancing from his family at his view from the chair, he see their hopeful and cheerful faces. Finally he knew what he wanted to wish for.

Turning around, he blows out the candle.

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