Chapter 1: The Princess

"There she is, the mysterious girl with amazing prism talent. She's circling around the ring, getting ready for her jump... the crowd roars! The girl with bright red hair did a jump called the Fruit Basket! "

The girl had red hair which was up in a ponytail. Her face was covered up and you couldn't see her with very much detail, but the aura she gave off, even through the TV was incredible. She was wearing a cute light pink miniskirt, with a black shirt. On top of her black shirt, she was wearing a pink jacket, not zipped up. To top it off she had a black and pink ribbon in her hair. Her boots had the same ribbons on the side.

"It's amazing how a simple jump like that can be so amazing!"

"Say, how old is that girl?"

"She is I believe 13."

The TV went silent and dark. Aira was holding a basket of clothes when she accidentally dropped them on the remote.

"Onee-chama!" Uru and Eru said together. "We were watching that!"

"Sorry, you two!" Aira turned the tv back on,she started staring at the TV for a moment before saying,"I'm going to school before you guys, okay?."

Itsuki frowned, "Aira, you've been acting really strange lately. Every time you see a prism show poster."

Aira blushed, knowing that Itsuki was close to unraveling her great secret. "I'll be going now!"

Aira had darkish red hair, and golden colored eyes. She had pale white skin, and she easily blushed. She was 14, about to turn 15 in a few months, may I add. Aira wouldn't exactly be considered clumsy, but she wouldn't be considered athletic either. Uru and Eru were twins south light red hair, (Orange) Itsuki had very dark bluish green hair.

I change for me, jibun to, itsudemo mirikai, I don't give up, jibun ni. Aira hummed the song,"You may dream," while skipping towards her school. She looked towards the posters plastered everywhere, and began to have a few flashbacks.

One year Ago

"Kazu-kun!" Aira called.

Kazu ran up to meet Aira. Kazu had beautiful blue eyes, and perfect dark brown hair. He was about three inches taller than Aira, but Kazu will grow more. Kazu is 14, and a month older than Aira.

"Aira," Kazu answered, "trapping Aira with a bear hug."

"K-Kazu!" Aira stuttered weakly, "can't... breathe..."

Kazu let go of Aira quickly, "Sorry, I wanted to see you before you went off to school."

Aira studied Kazu for a moment, "but you go to the same school as me."

Kazu shook his head, "I'm going to America for a few months, or days... I don't know, really."

Kazu never came back in the end.

Aira turned the corner to reach the entrance of her school. It was a big school that specialized in talented actors, dancers, and designers. Aira heard a few rumors going around her school about five famous prism dancers were going to be coming to this school today.

What if one of them recognized me? Aira thought. She dismissed that possibility, she could play it off coolly, they'd never know.

Harune Aira was definitely popular in her school. She was known for the good grades and positive attitude that she had everyday. Not to mention her extracurricular talent in dancing, singing, and designing. Aira was repeatedly told that she had good looks, and was elegant. Aira had a few confessions each week, but she dismissed each one off.

Aira was about to open the door to her first class, Science, when a girl with bright orange hair bumped into her, causing Aira to fall to the ground.

"Sensei!" the orange haired girl whined, "You gave too much homework last night, you made it impossible for anyone to finish!"

Aira stared surprisingly at the orange haired girl. Aira had figured no one in the right mind would come to school this early in the morning, except for teachers.

The teacher of the science class simply smiled. And walked out the door.

"Rhythm-chan, your the only one who had trouble with it, it's not hard at all," Sensei assured gently.

Rhythm pouted, acknowledging she had already lost the fight- and it wasn't even a fight to begin with- but she held her ground in determination.

Rhythm, as idiotic as she was, was a good role model, in some ways.

Aira silently got up quickly, and strode to her seat in class, next to the window. She sat down and put her science textbook on her desk.

"Rhythm, if everybody thought like you, the world would be in total chaos." Mion joked.

"Aw, give her some credit," Wataru continued, "The world would be much worse if was Hibiki."

"I don't want to hear that from you," came Hibiki's reply.

Shou laughed and patted the two on their backs, "Hah, you guys sure are funny."

About four meters away, Aira smiled to herself, they are really good friends, she thought.

"Did you guys see the pretty rhythm channel on tv yesterday?" Mion asked.

"The legendary girl with the red hair? She's really pretty!" Hibiki said excitedly, slowly recalling memories.

Rhythm pouted, "Pretty," she scoffed, "what about me?"

Wataru raised an eyebrow, "What about you?"

Mion sighed, "Let me just get right to the point. Wouldn't it be nice if we found that girl?"

Aira smiled still at their conversation. She loves hearing people talk about her other "her."

"Listen to this song I downloaded on iTunes! I think it was the sing that that red hair girl wrote!" Mion exclaimed, taking out her mp3 player. She scrolled down her list of millions of songs and finally clicking the sing called, " You May Dream."

The group of friends stood there listening to their music for a long while, admiring the feelings behind the lyrics.

In the meantime, Aira was reading her science textbook. After a full minute of listening to the song, Aira began to sing along.

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