Aira tied the shoelaces of her new ice skates. President Asechi had given her the suitcase full of prism stones and her partner, Rabbi.

"Oka, Aira! Let's start!" Screamed Rabbi with enthusiasm, "Let's see what you can do!"

Aira glided across the ice beautifully, with a dazzling aura but... she lost her balance when she tried to turn.

"Ouch..." Aira wailed, "I totally forgot how to ice skate."

"Maybe we can help you with that."

Aira turned around to face four boys. She recognized three of them as Shou, Hibiki, and Wataru. The other was was unfamiliar to Aira, but at the same time peculiarly familiar.

Who was he?

Chapter 7

Aira blushed in embarrassment and looked down at the ice. She didn't think there were any people watching her except for her new trainer, Rabbi. She got up quickly almost tripping again.

"When did you come in?" Aira asked curiously, not daring to make any eye contact with the boys.

"We were here the entire time," A voice, Shou answered.

Aira blushed even more red at the thought that Shou saw her trip and fall. Aira took a mental note to bang her head on the next wall she happened to see.

"President Asechi thought you would learn more quickly if you had people your own size to direct you." Hibiki laughed and looked at Rabbi-chi.

Rabbi-chi took offense, "Excuse me, but I was created for Prism shows." He crossed his arms and stuck his tongue out. "I am far superior compared to your kind."

The guys all started laughing at the same time. Hibiki, with the loudest laugh would make a few jokes about rabbi, which would cause the four to go into another round of laughter. Aira took this chance to inspect the newer guy.

The newer guy was slightly taller than Shou. He had shaggy dark brown hair with with dazzling blue eyes that met Aira's and almost made her gasp in surprise. His hair wasn't like SUPER shaggy, it looked almost identical to Shou's.

"Ah," Shou began, this is my cousin. He's come back from America. He's also a new recruitment to pretty top just like you.

"Nice to meet you," he had a deep but sweet and melodic voice that seemed to leave echos in Aira's ears. He grinned after saying that as if he were keeping a secret to himself.

"Nice to meet you as well, I am Harune Aira," Aira blushed and bowed the perfect 90 degree angle like her father had taught her. Her hands began to feel clammy as it always did when she was nervous. She held her bow for a few seconds with her hang hanging down for her head. She then stood up and brushed her red hair to the side before flashing a smile.

"Kazuto Ueno," Kazuto mirrored Aira and bowed politely. He stood straight and combed a hand through his hair, and flashed a smile back at Aira.

Kazuto Ueno... That named seemed familiar somehow, but Aira didn't bother to dwell on it.

"You two look similar," noted Aira, looking from Shou to Kazuto and comparing them to each other.

Shou slightly chuckled and shook his head, "observant aren't you?"

"They're siblings," said Hibiki, and after pausing he continued, "They're twins."

Shou smiled at Aira dumbfounded reaction and the Kazuto dude threw back his head laughing.

Aira blushed from the embarrassment, even though she didn't know what was funny. Why didn't she notice it before? Shou and Kazuto had identicle eyes, except Kazuto's hair was darker than Shou's by a few shades.

"We were going to practice ice skating, weren't we?" Aira asked the boys in an annoyed tone even though she felt extremely flustered inside.

"Of course," said Shou, skating towards Aira and grabbing her by the hand. "Let's start with something simple." He let go Aira's hands and skated a few meters away,"Skate over to me."

Aira's wobbly legs listened to her and slowly made her way towards Shou. She ignored the whispering she could hear from behind her from the three boys left behind. In fact, she could even hear Mion yelling at Rhythm somewhere. She pushed this to the back of her brain and concentrated solely on skating to Shou. Once Aira was at the least two feet away from Shou, she tripped over a small crack in the ice. Dismayed, she started hurtling into Shou. Shou caught her as Aira tumbled into his arms. The two ended up in a pose normally a couple would get into.

Aira was on her knees looking at Shou, and Shou was propped up by his elbows and staring straight at Aira.

Aira gasped lightly at the sight of Shou's eyes. Those dark brown eyes made her get the chills all over her body and sent butterflies whirling through her stomach.

"Ssorry!" Aira stuttered as she stood and stumbled again, falling down on her but. "Ouch."

Hibiki grinned, "We have a lot of work to do on you."

The guys laughed at Aira again, but Aira could not help join in at the happy atmosphere.

Aira had already practiced skating for a hour now. There were still three hours before the performance that President Asechi had scheduled.

Aira had gotten used to skating again as she could now twirl and jump on ice as she used to. She was not entirely sure she could do a prism jump, but she didn't want the guys to worry about her.

Other than Aira who was on skates, Hibiki, Kazuto, and Wataru were having skating competitions. Shou ended up isolated from the group; he was scribbling stuff into his notebook. Aira had the urge to go and ask Shou what he was doing, but she didn't want to be a bother to Shou.

"Hey, Aira!" Hibiki waved to her,"I think we should make sure you can do a prism jump!"

Prism jump... Aira could feel the blood rushing to her head; a failed prism jump could end fatally. She also didn't want to mess up on her jump in front of him. What was the last time she had done a prism jump? It was the last time Kazu was in America. It felt like ages to her. Kazu...

"Aira here," Kazuto held out a hand in front of Aira. "We'll do a duet jump."

Kazuto eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and confidence. Hibiki and Wataru looked curious to see what jump they could make, and Shou actually looked up from his sketch book, but he went back to drawing.

Reluctantly, Aira took Kazuto's hand. Kazuto sped off quickly, dragging Aira behind him. Aira kept up easily and let her mind and heart get carried away in the jump. Kazuto still had hold of Aira's hand, so they jumped around the same time. Aira had expected Kazuto to do a simple jump, like a splash, but Kazuto suddenly had a star aura around him as he led Aira into his prism jump.

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