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Each one was a memory, its very existence a reminder that it cannot be erased. For Anna, though, they were more than that. As she traced the faint pink lines crisscrossing her sister's back—her sister, her best friend, her girlfriend—she imagined how blind she had to have been to not have noticed this happening to the only person who had ever paid her any consistent attention in her childhood.

For the first time Anna realized the weight of the pain that Elsa carried. No, not carried—felt. As if its very gravity had imprinted itself into permanent lines on flesh, and Anna wondered how she was ever able to live with herself—skipping classes upstairs while her best friend withstood punishment that would have made adults scream in pain. How she ever had the shame to believe that she was entitled to Elsa, that Elsa was hers. That Elsa was her sister and therefore had to deal with her, play with her, console her.

Elsa was her own person. She should not have been accountable for anyone else but herself. Whomever she belonged to was her own decision, no one else's. And she should have only had to answer for her own actions.

Teeth clenched so hard that pain shot through Anna's jaw. How dare he. How dare he blame her for consequences that were not her fault. How dare he belittle her, control her, intimidate her, for his own gain. How dare he let her believe that she was less than she was. No matter who he was, he did not have the right to hurt her. Under any circumstance.

"Take care of your sister."

Those were the words her father had left them with. How could he have said that to them? To do to the other what he had been doing for neither? Where did he get the gall to look them in the eye and utter those words? To expect that a dented bread pan would still yield a perfect loaf? Where did he get the shame to connote love with what he told them?

But what could hating him do for them? Resentment would not magically erase the remembrance wrought by carved scars. The past might have already been engraved in jagged lines, but the drawing tools were in their hands and this time, they were ready, ready and willing, to change directions.

"Still okay?" Anna forced herself to murmur after what seemed like an eternity. An eternity in the blink of an eye, spent reliving memories and nightmares, dreams and adventures. She pressed one last kiss to the end of the map.

"Yes," she heard Elsa mumble into the pillow. "How about you?"

To say she was feeling fine would have been such a lie, and it most likely was not what Elsa wanted to hear. Anna was, at present, a tumultuous tangle of turmoil. No matter how much she hated, regretted, resented, the road map etched onto Elsa's back had been because of her, and she couldn't even begin to fathom the amount of suffering that her older sister had had to endure. The amount of suffering that remained, for much longer than these wounds had. Anna wondered if that was what Elsa did every night. Reliving each nightmare, knowing that she would never be rid of the solidity of their occurrence.

"I can't," Anna replied, barely managing, "even imagine," before her throat closed down with the weight of unanswered prayers.

"They're ugly, aren't they."

Abruptly, panic flared—partly because the statement wasn't a question and mostly because the statement wasn't a question—and she rested her forehead on the base of Elsa's neck, fine golden hair brushing her temples, deciding that she would have the rest of her life to convince her sister otherwise. "No. They're as beautiful as the rest of you."

"You haven't even seen the rest of me," Elsa bit back, stifling a laugh.

And, just like that, everything changed, because just as Elsa had decided to not let these invisible weights suppress her further, Anna had to drop them, so that they could both walk out of the shadows—together.

So Anna retorted, "I have an active imagination," before she realized that would be the equivalent of digging herself into a hole. Oh well.

Of course Elsa wouldn't just let that slide. "Oh, do you?" And turned her head, one cheek on the pillow. "And what happens in your active imagination?"

Anna drew back, face burning already. Sure, she had undressed Elsa several times with her mind already, but—wait, what? No no no no, ooooh no, she would never admit that. What? Who? That never happened. "I never said—we've never—I don't—I'm not—"

"Why don't you describe what happens in these imaginative scenarios of yours, dear sister?"

Elsa had thrown down the gauntlet with that question, Anna told herself. And this was just going to be like any other competition that they've ever had, except Elsa was half naked, and Anna was on top of her—nono, she needed to stop thinking about that—how the hell could she stop thinking about that? Okay, well, nonetheless she needed to win this little battle of the wits and turn Elsa just as red as she was. If this was going to end in embarrassment for Anna, then she was going to make damn sure she dragged Elsa down with her.

"If that's how you want to play it," Anna said, a grin spreading across her face. "Let's start with the setting, shall we?" She was not about to surrender a battle without trying.

"I gather you've imagined certain… situations on a variety of surfaces," Elsa stated evenly, and Anna conjectured that she was just as determined to win.

"Every surface, big sister," Anna corrected, feeling the urge to spontaneously combust on the spot with the heat that was building under her skin. "And since you're so, hm, perceptive, perhaps you could provide some insight as to exactly what sort of procedure is… conducted on said surfaces?"

Her words did their job; Elsa reddened to her ears and made a faint choking sound.

"You do have more… let's say, experience, with certain sorts of practices," Anna continued relentlessly, inexplicably smug at her petty victory.

"I wasn't aware that you were so desperate to be enlightened," Elsa replied smoothly, neutral with the slightest dash of forced, but not missing a step despite the colour on her cheeks.

Anna pressed a kiss to the side of Elsa's neck, pleasantly satisfied when she elicited a gasp of surprise from her older sister. "Then you haven't been paying attention."

"I pay too much attention," Elsa said, the response coming out more rushed than usual.

Encouraged momentarily by Elsa's transitory discomposure, Anna found the courage from somewhere inside her pounding chest to whisper into Elsa's ear, "Anywhere in particular?"

"There are," Elsa rasped, as if something were garroting her throat, "certain parts."

"Would you do me the pleasure of elaborating?" Anna asked, sweet and diplomatic as she beleaguered the limits of Elsa's control.

"Unfair," Elsa yelped abruptly. "I'm half-naked while you're still fully clothed!"

Anna felt a wicked smile replace her grin, spreading slowly like melted butter on hot toast. "I'm not even pressing my advantage though, if you haven't noticed." To fully illustrate her point, she slowly slid a finger down one porcelain side, finding the flesh pleasingly warm under her touch.

"You ch-cheater," Elsa groaned, much to Anna's satisfaction.

"Ah, but who was it who said she wanted all of me?" She pouted, even though she knew Elsa's face was too preoccupied with burying itself in the pillow to notice, "Yet here you are, not even looking at me."

Elsa immediately turned over, hip bone brushing against the fabric of her crotch as she did, which brought such an unexpected wave of friction that she shuddered and almost fell forward. Good thing Elsa's mouth was there to catch her.

But goodness, was Elsa ravenous. Elsa never resorted to physical force for winning arguments, but Anna supposed that she had pushed her… not that she minded the way Elsa's tongue was sliding firmly against hers or how a hand had slipped under her shirt and was moving up her ribcage— "Mmf!" No one had ever touched Anna there before, though the unfamiliarity was not unpleasant. She wondered briefly why the hand had halted just underneath her breast, burning like a branding iron, as if the mere heat of the touch itself was enough to mark her as Elsa's.

"Would you like me to look at you?" Elsa murmured when they parted for air, with Anna breathing noticeably harder.

Anna had forgotten what the conversation had been about, and found it increasingly difficult to reconcile the link between her mouth and her brain. Elsa's hand was still there, fingers lightly tracing the lines of her ribcage, which was not helping her breathing problem, which in turn was not helping her thinking problem. Her issues were amplified a quadrillionfold as soon as she looked down and realized that her girlfriend was indeed half-naked. "You're s-so damn b-beautifuller," she unwittingly said, to which Elsa raised an eyebrow.

"Was this not anticipated by your active imagination, baby sister?" Elsa asked as she moved in for another kiss.

Anna could feel the curve of Elsa's smiling lips, and it was infuriating how the elder could turn the tables so easily, so effortlessly. The hand near her chest was still halted, but the sensation was no less dizzying. She was fairly sure that it would leave an Elsa-shaped imprint on her skin with the heat that was pouring into her body.

"Anna," Elsa said when they parted, and the sound was so smoothly melodic that Anna nearly moaned in response. "Are you sure you want this?"

Perhaps to an outsider it would have seemed like Elsa was asking Anna if she wanted to proceed, but Anna knew Elsa was really asking for confirmation that she wanted her. That Anna was sure she really wanted a person so damaged, so incomplete, so fragmented. So imperfect. Elsa would never ask these things aloud, but Anna heard them all. And if she said no, Elsa would not hold it against her. No resentment, just acceptance. Because that was Elsa.

And that was what Elsa deserved.

Anna wrapped her arms around Elsa's neck and crushed herself against her sister, lips returning the kisses with more fervor and more vigor than she thought she could muster. The only thing she heard, louder than her heartbeat, louder than the gasps of desperation in between, was her wordless answer. An answer that transcended conflict, banished hesitation, and summoned courage better than any spoken utterance could have.

Elsa heard it, too. That much was evident in the way she shoved Anna backward, not urgently or forcefully, but instead with a sense of guidance, laced with confidence. Elsa drew a line down Anna's neck with her index finger, to the center of her breastbone and then pulled down the zipper of her hoodie, all the while maintaining eye contact. Anna saw no hesitation, and it was absolutely liberating—god, how long had it been since Elsa looked as free as this? As in control and natural and unafraid? She couldn't help it; she smiled. She still felt like spontaneously combusting, especially with Elsa in the process of undressing her, but nothing was more worth bursting into flames for than this moment.

Elsa smiled back, "Really?"

Anna let out a small scoff as she pulled off her hoodie and flung it somewhere. "What, really? Are you going to make me walk away from you while you're half-naked? Anything you look at would immediately be seduced by you."

"I'm looking at you."

"I'm not seduced," Anna retorted, trying to keep the apprehension out of her voice. She was nervous? Why was she nervous? This was Elsa, for gods' sake. She had been wanting this with Elsa for god knows how long. A tendril of moonlight stole into the room from between translucent curtains, illuminating loose curls of goddess-spun white-gold, and a stretch of flawless, ivory skin. It should have been illegal for a person to be this disarmingly attractive.

Elsa's hands were on Anna's waist, pushing up her shirt. They stilled, as her anxiety was tangible. "What's wrong?"

Anna traced the soft curve of Elsa's slender waist to just below the supple swell of her breasts. She heard Elsa's breath hitch, but that wasn't what her focus was on. "You're so beautiful, and I'm just… just me."

Elsa's nose was wrinkled in confusion. Like Anna had just asked a question with an answer so blatant and simple and glaring that she couldn't even believe that she had heard it. "I just told you the story of how I fell in love with you and you're still over there stewing in doubt?"

"I could look like a llama and you'd still call me beautiful, because that's who you are," Anna argued.

"You could look like a llama and still be beautiful, because that's who you are," Elsa countered softly, and then leaning down to whisper into Anna's ear, "I could be blind, and I'd still find you more attractive than anyone else on this planet." When Anna didn't respond, save for the fevered sprint of her pulse, Elsa continued, tone hushed and breath warm. "I'll just have to show you how much I mean what I say, won't I?" And without waiting for an answer, she left a tingling kiss on Anna's earlobe before locking eyes with her once again.

No one had ever looked at Anna the way Elsa was looking at her now. It was a song, a wordless melody, meant only for her, more lulling than ocean tides—all of the security but none of the danger. Greater than the tallest mountains, the ones that carried heaven in their embrace. It was broader than cloak of the galaxy, encompassing all the supernovas and black holes. Warmer than starlight, and safer than any artificial castle. It was Anna's sky.

"You're never 'just' you. You are the one who would chase me down whenever I forgot myself. You're the one who would show me wonder if I ever forgot to look. You can see me in a light that I thought never existed. You love me for who I am, not what I can do or how well I can do it. And now I want to teach you what you taught me. There are going to be a lot of people in your world, each with their own definition of who you are," Elsa paused, unveiling a playful grin. "You should know that the only one that matters—"

"Is my own?" Anna interrupted, feeling ready to explode with elation. "I didn't know you were into clichés, sis."

"Oh, I'm not. I was going to say the only opinion that matters is mine," Elsa said, eyes retaining a cheeky glint.

"How arrogant of you."

"Yes." Her hands reached under thin fabric and palmed the heated skin of Anna's waist, "And I'm going to take what I want."

Neither a thundering heartbeat nor a growing blush could deter Anna from asserting, "I'd like to see you try."

"Then are you ready?"

She grinned and lifted her arms. "Born ready."

"That's my girl."

Adrenaline rushed through Anna's veins at the same time as cold air hit her bare skin. It didn't help that Elsa turned out to be extremely disobliging in undressing Anna; instead of pulling the shirt right off, she had it halfway over Anna's face before her hand released the fabric and moved to her bra. Anna sputtered, caught completely off guard while Elsa giggled devilishly on top of her.

By the time Anna got her shirt off, Elsa had smoothly managed to undress Anna's top half completely.

"I love being right," Elsa was whispering, eyes soft as she canvassed Anna's star kissed shoulders down to the creamy expanse of skin just below her navel.

This time, Anna boldly returned the perusal, exploring every inch of exposed surface on Elsa's perfect body, from her celestial eyes and then to every elegant curve—shoulders, breasts, and then hips.

Anna reached for Elsa, and the blonde met her halfway. Bodies melted together in a tempestuous kiss that lit their souls on fire. It wasn't long before lips realized there was a whole new world to explore.

She had meant to be defiant earlier, but Anna was slowly losing her definition of the word with each open-mouthed kiss Elsa applied to her neckline. Elsa had barely touched her, hands situated precariously on Anna's flanks, so stubbornly still that Anna was on the verge of pleading that they move. If she could find her motor functions, she would probably have moved them for Elsa. It was so unfair, since Elsa had the advantage of experience, but the tongue that was tracing lines in the valley between her breasts was beginning to make Anna forget about even that.

"Ah… E-Elsa…"

Darkened blue eyes smiled possessively back at her. "Hmm?"

Words aside from Elsa's name refused to be formed, and Anna found another involuntary moan escaping from her lips, her legs wrapping around Elsa's slim waist and arching her back as she struggled to deal with the growing heat at her core. "Nngh…"

"You know me, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to things like this, so you're going to have to help me out, Anna," Elsa whispered, moving back up. Before Anna could reply, she slid one finger from the inside of Anna's wrist, lightly up her arm to her shoulder, and then down the side of one breast, circling the soft flesh and moving ever closer to the sensitive nub with each revolution. Her coy voice was as smooth as velvet. "Does this feel good?"

Did she even need to ask? Within seconds, Anna was gasping a mix of whines and moans, arching her back to maximize contact and sate the growing ache between her thighs.

"Then how about this…?"

A hand grasped her other breast, fingers gently kneading the fleshy mound in a rhythm that made Anna want to do more than squirm. She was already so lost in the cloud of ecstasy that she didn't notice Elsa repositioning herself until a knee pressed at her entrance. She cried out, already so close, and ground herself against the welcome friction.

"Nnnn… E-Elsa," she managed between shudders, with no idea what came next.

While waiting for a response, Elsa had begun lavishing scorching kisses on her neck, in tune with the pulse her heartbeat. "Yes?" Anna heard her reply innocently. Which, at any other time, would have been infuriating, but right now, Anna could barely register the inflection.

"I c-can't… ahh…"

"Hmm, I thought you were going to be difficult about this," Elsa remarked tenderly with no trace of sarcasm, hands ghosting further down to undo the button of Anna's jeans, then peeling them off creamy skin and tossing the discarded clothing aside. Two fingers passed over the remaining fabric between Anna's legs, and she unwillingly pressed her thighs closer together to keep them there. "Don't worry," Elsa murmured into her ear, "I won't hurt you."

Anna found it within herself to roll her eyes and pull Elsa back up for another kiss. "I know that."

Now that she'd gotten Elsa to pause her ministrations, Anna could finally put together a coherent sentence. "I want you to feel this way, too."

"No doubt you're going to get me back for this later." Elsa muttered, and leaned in again. "But before I continue, I need to make absolute certain. Do you really want this?"

"You have made me—and were still planning to make me—wait god-knows how long, and you're still asking that? You can't make me feel so good and then just stop! That's just—that's just rude."

Elsa looked at her with martyred eyes, and Anna caught the impression that she was not the only one who had been waiting. "I have to be sure."

Anna put her hands on either side of Elsa's face, locking eyes resolutely, and wished she could stay in this moment forever. "My answer is yes." Never had she been as certain about anything as she was now. And although she hadn't really known what to expect when they did make love for the first time, she had realized long ago that no matter what situation she found herself in, it would always be okay, if they were together. Because she had never loved, nor would she ever love, anyone as much as she loved Elsa. It was as simple as that.

Apparently even Elsa did not need a second confirmation. "Well, then. Where are my manners?"

"Not in your pants, so take them off."

"I see you've got your sass back. Now how come you wouldn't tell me what you liked?"

Anna's face was hot enough to light the sheets on fire. "How am I supposed to focus when I want to feel you everywhere?"

"Everywhere? Oh my," Elsa repeated, parading fabricated diffidence. "You're going to have to be more specific than that."

"Now you're just flaunting your endless reserve of experience to tease me," Anna protested. To emphasize her disapproval, she leaned forward, pushed, and flipped them over. Her sister did not seem at all surprised, so she formed a half-circle with her arms over Elsa's head as their fronts pressed together and tried to look indignant.

"Don't be like that," Elsa replied. "I wasn't kidding when I said I'm an idiot when it comes to things like this. I don't want to screw this up. You need to tell me if I'm hurting you, or if I'm doing something you don't like."

"I'm flattered that you would think I'm a good enough actress to feign pleasure when there isn't any," Anna retorted. "For example, if you did this—" She drew one finger down the middle of Elsa's body down to just below her navel, rousing a soft gasp out of the blonde, "that I would need to pretend it feels good."

Elsa's response came out in a stutter, "I g-get what you mean," and Anna made a mental note.

"And now," she whispered, "how would you feel if I asked you if you wanted to continue?"

"Absolutely unimpressed."

"See. And you said you would take what you wanted. Stop holding back."

"I'm not."

"You've barely touched me."

"So that's what you like," Elsa observed thoughtfully, like she had just found the key to unlocking all the mysteries of the world, and Anna felt as if she had been led like a mouse into a trap.

Whatever sarcastic remark Anna was going to make vaporized into thin air, because Elsa had moved like a car shifting gears, and Anna found herself on her back again. This time, though, she barely had time to register where she was. Or even who she was.

Elsa's lips found Anna's neck first—warm, wet, and addicting—before slowly, almost painfully slowly, drifting further down to trace every contour of her neckline. One kiss was probably all it would have taken to work Anna back to the state she was in before their impromptu interlude, but Elsa had always gone above and beyond. Anna had new appreciation for the synchronous skills that Elsa had honed from a piano's alabaster keys; she barely had time to breathe in between moans, gasps, and whines—anything to tell Elsa to keep going.

Anna's fingers fisted in the sheets beneath her just as Elsa proceeded with her descent, hot mouth enveloping one erect nipple, while her hand migrated to tease the other. Completely overwhelmed by sensory overload, Anna had not even noticed when Elsa had managed to removed her last article of clothing—it was just gone, like her thoughts, awareness, and recognition, all of it replaced by raw, burning need.

But of course Elsa had known that as well. She painted a treasure map of kisses down Anna's midriff, lips and tongue hungrily tasting every inch of dappled skin, and then lower still, travelling along the length of one trembling thigh. Anna swallowed another moan; Elsa was absurdly good at this. She could smell her own arousal in the air, and it would have been embarrassing but she was so ensconced by the feeling of Elsa's tongue and hands tracing the insides of her thighs that she did not have the brain capacity to care.

And of course Elsa noticed it too. "So this is the effect I have on you," she said, mouth returning to Anna's, like two magnets that have been apart for too long.

"Why did you stop?" Anna asked desperately.

"Because I wanted to watch you when I make you mine."

Tentatively she slipped one finger along Anna's folds, thumb experimentally rubbing circles around the nub at the apex until Anna's wordless cries told her that it was more than okay. Anna's hand found Elsa's other one beside her on the pillow, and they slipped seamlessly together, an age-old custom, running deeper than the veins of molten rock beneath the Earth's ancient crust itself.

"Tell me if I hurt you," Elsa whispered, head dipped beside Anna's ear.

Anna turned to smile, and breathed, "I trust you," because those words had never required consideration, thought or deliberation. As true as moonlight, clear as daylight, and as real as starlight. "You would never hurt me."

Then Elsa slipped one finger inside her, and Anna moaned aloud, squeezing Elsa's hand and the sheets and arching her back higher than the Arc de Triomphe in those Parisian romance novels that she used to read. They had nothing on Elsa. Nothing at all. A lifetime of knowledge couldn't have prepared her for this. Pleasure unlike anything she'd felt before exploded behind her eyelids in a fireworks display of passion and euphoria, growing with each curve of Elsa's digit, every orbit of her thumb.

It developed into a rhythm, in tune with each sound of desperation that escaped Anna's lips. Shuddering, her cries grew in a crescendo of pleasure at Elsa's quickening strokes, until she finally exploded in a cloud of ecstasy. Spasms racked her body as Elsa slowed, quivering when Elsa withdrew one glistening finger and—

"What are you—"

—Licked it clean. "Are you okay?"

"That was… wow. Give me a second," she breathed. "That was amazing. You're amazing."

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that."

Anna tried to ignore that and the new wave of arousal that struck as her imagination went wild, choosing to focus instead on, "Your turn." And then she rolled them over, hovering over Elsa.

"Are you sure? That was more than enough for me."

She made a face. "I learned today that you are in dire need of exercise, and I feel it's my job to give you an… incentive. Besides, I can't resist a challenge from you."

"Sex is not a competition, Anna."

"Maybe not. But I need to make you feel like I did."

What she was going to add was I need to make you mine like you did, but decided otherwise. After all, if she really thought about it, they had always belonged to one another some way or another. And they always would. In one way or another.

The question was, how would she go about this in a way that would make Elsa want to spontaneously combust? Or rather, how would she go about this in a way that would not result in making a total fool of herself. Wait, what if she screwed it up, or wasn't good enough? Suddenly struck by a bout of insecurity, Anna stared blankly at her sister's perfect body.

As if reading her mind, Elsa reached up to caress her face and mumbled, "You can ask, you know."

"I'm trying not to be awkward. Because, you know, it'll just make it awkward for you, which makes it weird for me, and then I'll be stuck here wishing that I could blend in with the sheets instead of—"


"I'm not saying you're awkward! Oh god no, I'm awkward; you're gorgeou—"

Elsa's hands clamped on either side of Anna's head and then Anna was yanked down for a scorching kiss. "You're adorable when you ramble, did I tell you that?"

"I also ramble when I'm nervous; are you saying I'm adorable when I'm nervous? How perverse of you," Anna bit back.

"Apparently you've already established that I'm a pervert," Elsa said.

"Don't worry. I am too."

Elsa smiled. "I know."

Anna looked down. "Can I…?"

"You can do whatever you want."

"But what if—"

"I trust you."

Anna blinked, as if Elsa had just told her, after countless years of thinking the sky was blue, that it was actually a rainbow spectrum of colours.

It was the first time anyone had said that to her, it seemed that in the span of only one night, Elsa was refuting everything that Anna had ever believed. Like a cripple being able to walk again. Instead of the bleeding self-doubt that she had to hide behind a crutch of smiles and laughter, she felt empowered, strong, like… like… like she could really be Elsa's hero.

A smile skated across her face. A real one, like it always was with Elsa. "I can do whatever I want?"

Elsa nodded. "Show me how long you've waited."

A different mood overtook Anna, insecurity and uncertainty melted away by carnal desire in crystal cyan eyes that told her Elsa was indisputably and irrevocably hers, and she was no less struck by the intensity of her sister's beauty than the first time she had noticed it. This exquisite creature was hers, hers, and hers alone.

So she did what she had wanted to do for a long time.

She leaned forward, laid a light kiss on willing lips, and drew a trail downward with her eyes closed, guided only by her mouth and hands. Her smile widened as she brushed the sprinting beat of Elsa's pulse point, fingers tracing a taught tendon, just barely letting her teeth graze soft skin. Anna never had much restraint, but she could do this forever if it meant staying in this moment. If it meant Elsa would keep rewarding her with airy moans and barely audible gasps.

Anna had indeed been waiting for this, but never in any of her fantasies had she imagined it would be this good to finally taste the salty-sweetness of her girlfriend's hot skin, to finally be unbridled in her passion, to at long last have a place where she belonged. No more lies, no more guilt; there were no laws here. They could build as many as they wanted, but this here was their eternal infinity. Where they belonged. Both of them.

Adrenaline rippled through Anna's body at the sensation of Elsa's hand threading through her hair. Empowered, she opened her mouth and nipped at the heated flesh of Elsa's neck, sucking, and then smoothing over the bite mark with a sweep of her tongue.


Anna had decided long ago that hearing Elsa say her name was one of the best things the world had to offer, but this was its own caliber of amazing. "Unfair? You made me wait. I think that's unfair." She found Elsa's jugular and made another mark. Then a wicked idea occurred to her.

Well… Elsa did say anything.

Where had it gone? Perched from her spot on top of Elsa, Anna found it, a glint of silver foil in the moonlight-steeped room. Ah, she would find a use for her gluttony after all. After a couple of ruffles from disgruntled wrapper, Anna produced a piece of chocolate, and perched it at the base of Elsa's neck.

"What are you d—uhn!"

Sweetness washed across her tongue like a soft autumn breeze—warm, but with just a hint of the cool flavours of a wonderful white winter. Her lips found Elsa's again, mouth parting to share the saccharine confection with her eager sister, while she unwrapped some more and placed them in a trail down the center of Elsa's body, like the buttons on the snowmen that they used to make.

"You said these were to share," Anna answered innocently when they parted.

Elsa smiled, "Which tastes better?"

Anna did not have to hear the choices to know what Elsa was referring to. Chocolate was the treasure of her childhood; she took every chance that she could to plunder it. But…"You," she said decidedly, returning Elsa's smile with a grin and leaning in for a second, point-driving kiss to get her fill of buried treasure.

Her lips did not leave Elsa's skin even after oxygen became necessary, instead travelling downward to pick up the treat her roaming hands had left at the crest of Elsa's cleavage, tongue sweeping across fair skin, not missing a single speck of sugar. Elsa may have been more experienced, but Anna was a quick learner. And nothing could spark faster learning than the prospect bringing her girlfriend to the edge of ecstasy.

Exploring further, it did not take long for her mouth to find the soft swell of Elsa's breasts, tasting the creamy flesh with more fervor than she had with the chocolates. Spurred by the needy moans coming out of her sister, her tongue moved to tease a pert, pink bud, finding the supple warmth even more succulent than she'd ever imagined.

She wanted more. A blazing desire was consuming her, hotter than the hunger that overcame her so many times before, yet, at the same time, slower, filling her like the rays of light from a barely-awake sun just crawling over the horizon—steady, illuminating everything touched by the night.

Her hand encountered the pesky texture of fabric as it wandered lower, and she let out an impatient growl at the barrier between her and her destination. Elsa lifted her hips willingly though, and Anna could not quell the surge of satisfaction at the display of compliance that underlined the indisputable possession between them. Invisible—but so were rainbows in the absence of water—and nonetheless thicker than steel beams, lighter than oxygen. She stripped away the offending article of clothing, while her eyes sought those of her lover's. "Is this okay?" She asked, vaguely recalling Elsa's emphasis on consent only moments earlier, barely managing through the thick thirst in her mind.

"If okays were candy, this would be chocolate."

Anna stole another drop of heaven off Elsa's body, one that was right above her navel. The scent of her girlfriend's arousal was intoxicating in itself, but add that to her next favourite thing in the world? Even Elsa's voice sounded velvety, ingratiating. Words could not describe the amount of bliss Anna was finding herself, and she would be damned if she could not bring the same to her sister.

Her hands were drawn to the warmth radiating from Elsa's core, and lingered over fine blond curls. Anna had never been one to prefer procedure, instead electing to let her senses take over; she was an explorer, and her world's most valuable treasure was before her. She wanted to find every crevice, taste every inch. With emphasis on the tasting part.

She let her tongue sweep across a taut, flat stomach, and made another mark as Elsa groaned. Smirking, she gravitated toward the source of the engaging sound, and her lips found their home, pouring out secrets and legends as if they had just returned from a journey. Her fingers, however, did not wait for her mouth to finish telling it silent story, and took it upon themselves to eagerly probe the mysteries before her, and upon finding pleasantly saturated heat, she traced soft contours, committing each reaction to memory.

Elsa was gripping at her hair, hands that had exercised so much control and restraint before were now fiercely embedded within copper locks, clutching with more desperate abandon every time Anna's fingers passed over a sensitive spot, thumb pressing lightly against the apex.


And Anna loved that sound. Of all the ways Elsa had called her name, she decided gleefully that she preferred this one to all others. Her lips returned to Elsa's, her hands continuing downward to map the smooth insides of Elsa's thighs, committing every inch of skin to memory. The chocolate was sweet on her tongue, but the moans escaping into the air between their mouths was sweeter still.

"Anna," Elsa growled, hands clutching at Anna's back, shuddering every time Anna traced a finger upward.

There was an ironic satisfaction in the notion that she'd managed to make Elsa impatient—since her sister was usually the face of ultimate discipline, and that just made her smile even wider.

"Sorry," she whispered, leaning forward for another long, slow kiss. She traced Elsa's fair jawline when they parted, lips resting against the racing beat of Elsa's pulse. "Tell me what you want," she said, echoing Elsa's instructions earlier.

"I need you."



So she obeyed this time, fingers slipping easily between Elsa's wet folds. She pressed another kiss to Elsa's neck as she started a slow stroke, mirroring what Elsa had done for her earlier.

Hands clutched the back of her neck, gripping at her shoulders. "Faster," Elsa whined, hips arching upward, and Anna happily obliged.

She set an experimental rhythm, timing her movements with the cadence of Elsa's cries, until Elsa's pleas dissolved into incoherent moans.

She managed to catch Elsa's lips in a searing kiss just as she came, walls clamping around her fingers. When Elsa shuddered at another tentative wiggle, Anna slowly pulled them out, tasting the essence of her sister's arousal.

When she was done, she flopped down beside Elsa and threw the covers over them, snuggling into the crook of her sister's neck, pulling herself in close. "There will never come a day where I would regret doing that."

"I can't disagree there," Elsa said, and Anna could hear the smile in her voice.

"So you agree that your notion of me not being sure I wanted this is completely irrational and unnecessary?"

Elsa pouted, and Anna thought it was the cutest thing in the world. "There's never harm in waiting."

"Except you get all this needless sexual tension between us that ignites like fire on gasoline." She could stay here forever, Anna decided, even if the world outside came to an end, even if the heavens imploded onto the earth and the galaxy disappeared, it wouldn't be enough to disrupt the absolute contentedness that was flooding her entire being.

Elsa ignored her. "You look happy," she remarked. "If I'd known you would be this happy about it, I…" She paused, and then grinned. "No, I still would have made you wait."

"You're horrible," Anna retorted, "But you're right. I'm in much too good a mood to let that bother me now."

"Then I suppose now is the best time to tell you that thirteen years ago, it was I who stole your chocolate bar, not the snowman."

"I knew Olaf wouldn't do such a thing! You sneaky…"

"I think the sneaky one is you; you let me think that you didn't know what you were doing when you were obviously so… so… creative."

"Told you I had an active imagination."

"I didn't doubt it one bit."

"That was amazing," Anna said again.

"Yeah," Elsa agreed, smiling.

"… Wanna go again?"

Laughter resounded across the room, as buoyant as moonlight.

"Don't sleep just yet," Anna implored.

"Why? I've had an exhausting day," Elsa reminded her, eyes already half-closed. "If you'll recall, this was more exercise than I've gotten in about a year."

"That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," Anna remarked, wrapping her arms around Elsa's waist. "I just want this moment to last a little longer."

Elsa turned to face her, and Anna brushed the stray tendrils of platinum blonde hair out of her eyes. "I'll still be here when you wake up."

"Are you sure? This all seems so surreal. I feel like I'm seeing the world in colour for the first time and if I close my eyes it'll be black and white again."

Elsa pressed a lazy kiss to Anna's forehead. "I promise. The world will still be in colour when you wake up."

"How do you know?"

"Because mine has been in colour since I got back."

The moment was just so perfect that Anna didn't have a better response than, "I love you."

"You know how much I love you, too."

While it wasn't rare for Anna to wake up to a face full of afternoon sunlight, it was for Elsa to still be in bed in the afternoon. And still sleeping soundly. God, Elsa usually went to bed so late and woke so early that if Anna didn't know better, she would've sworn Elsa didn't need sleep.

It was good, though. She got a chance to see her sister in her truest form—she was beautiful, even with her eye makeup smudged and gold-spun hair in a mess around her face. If Elsa was still sleeping, then she really needed it.

Well, to be fair, they did engage in particularly strenuous activity last night. She smiled at the memories that came flooding back.

And Anna wasn't about to disturb that if it meant she could stare a little bit longer. Even if they were both royally screwed for their appointments today. She was too content to care.

Elsa had been right. Her world was still in colour. And if it were possible, it was as if every second that passed by flooded her vision with even more light.

Elsa stirred ever-so-slightly, and Anna brushed a few tendrils of stray hair from her opening eyes.

"Good morning, Sleepyhead."

"'Morning," Elsa muttered. "How did you wake up before me?"

"I definitely tired you out last night," Anna said with a smirk. "How did you put it? 'That was the most exercise I've gotten all year'?"

She watched as Elsa turned slightly pink, and there was no question as to what they were both thinking about. "Aren't you glad I thwarted your heinous and utterly pointless plan to make us wait?"

"You win this round," Elsa conceded with a stifled yawn. She squinted at the sun. "What time is it?"

Anna looked at her phone. "Ummm… Three in the afternoon. Technically, I'm not even late for babysitting anymore. I've just missed it entirely."

"Shit," Elsa yelped.

"Did you miss an appointment? Should we have set an alarm?"

"No, I was supposed to look over a contract this morning." She blinked thoughtfully. "But I guess it was worth it. I'd much rather be here than the office."

"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?"

Elsa feigned innocence. "What do you mean?"

"Since when did you become such a slacker, President Arendelle?"

Anna watched with an amused smile as Elsa covered her face with a pillow. She muttered something unintelligible.

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

Anna did, however, catch a pillow in the face.

"Sometimes I hate the way you make me feel."

It was Anna's turn to say, "What do you mean?" She held onto the plushy weapon, lest Elsa assault her with it again.

"Well, I can't help but notice that we're both still naked."



She was discovering an entirely new side of Elsa, and Anna was loving every moment of it.

"Well, you could do something about that if you want," Anna murmured with a wicked grin. "Preferably with your hands. And tongue."

Elsa turned a deep shade of scarlet and for a second Anna feared she might implode.

"I've created a monster," Elsa lamented, hands covering her face.

"Are you complaining, girlfriend?"

"Do I look stupid?"

Anna was about to answer when Elsa assaulted her again, this time with soft lips instead of a pillow. She giggled when they parted, wrapping her arms around Elsa's neck.

"Come here, girlfriend. You're wasting precious time."